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  1. I believe this is defined as "taking one for the team".
  2. I've got the OP on ignore. The element of mystery makes the whole thread better. LOL.
  3. Go back and re-watch the game. On the replay of the return, it's clearly holding as Sherman is grabbing up near the shoulder pads and pulling on him blatantly.
  4. That's nice. So he'll only end up playing 2 games in hia first 3 seasons.
  5. UGA, Class of '04. I wanted Beasley. Didn't think he'd actually drop to us at 8. Estatic that he did.
  6. Choosing to go for 2 earlier and the 4th down where we were stopped left 4 points on the field forced the 2 point attempt at the end of the game. If we hadn't chased the points starting so early, we would have won. That was the real bad decision.
  7. Let's look at this from a Risk Management stand-point. Per the article above, Weems is currently 9th in the NFL in return yards per kickoff return and 7th in return yards per punt return. So, according to the statistics, we're top 10 in return yard averages currently. Seems pretty good to me. There is room for improvement, however. On Offense, Gabriel has scored 5 TDs in the last 4 games and is cementing himself as a major weapon on Offense. He also has missed more than one game due to concussion (games we both ended up losing). So it would seem that durability is a concern and it could be argued that him being out has directly affected our W-L record. So, in order to facilitate this theoretical return game improvement, many of you are advocating placing our small stature receiver in a returner position that would likely expose him to more hard hits for what could be argued would be an incremental improvement on ST (since we're already in the top 9 on both). And for this incremental improvement, you're willing to risk his production on Offense which has been phenomenal the last handful of games. Based upon the estimated value of gain versus the potential risk, this would be a terrible move.
  8. The Saints being terrible is on their front office. Loomis kept signing big name free agents to terrible contracts because he could feel Brees' window closing. He was trying to buy a second Superbowl and it put the team in a terrible cap situation the last 3 years or so. Combine that with the terrible drafts they've had for the last few years and you have a team that has no defense and no depth on offense.
  9. They had our number for sure on defense and their OL was beating our DL almost all day.
  10. I am sick and tired of 3:00 (Central) starts. Messes with my Sunday nap schedule.
  11. Honestly, with the improvement that Beasley has shown so far, and that Freeney has 3 sacks of his own so far this year, I'd be up for signing Freeney for another year as a Designated Pass Rusher and tutor. I personally believe that Joe Horn had a huge influence on Roddy White the year we signed him and I think Freeney could be just as a valuable a mentor for Beasley. Plus the fact that he's still decently productive so far and I think the Freeney signing was excellent so far.
  12. I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer here, but I think we should slow down on crowning Vic as the savior of the Defense just yet. I mean, while he has 6.5 sacks, don't forget that's that all from 3 games. Currently he has more games without sacks then games with sacks this season. While it's obvious he's improving and performing far better, he still has a lot of room for improvement and I'm excited about what he'll become.
  13. I don't necessarily disagree with that. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think a lot of people are putting too much stock in the 3.5 sacks he had against that injured tackle in the Denver game. I was much more pleased with the 2 sacks versus SD. I don't think the switch has been completely flipped for him yet, but I think he's working in that direction now.
  14. He's not a 15 sack a year guy, yet. Seems like he feasts on the weaker OTs and then disappears against the better ones currently. He still has a lot of room to grow, though, and I think he'll end up being a consistently dangerous pass-rusher.
  15. Your English and your trolling both suck.
  16. I'd like to reiterate this. We only scored 3 points after the first half. That's why we lost.
  17. I liked the jerseys, but was disappointed with our 2nd half and OT play. Do you all realize we only scored 3 points after the first half?
  18. Personally, I'll be at the house doing laundry, so I'll be wearing whatever color of shirt I have still clean.
  19. Seattle knows they squeaked by today. We'll get our rematch in the playoffs.
  20. I give no ****s about Bennett being injured, seeing as many times as he and the other Seahawks repeatedly have driven Matt Ryan into the ground after he had already released the ball. Consider it Karma for all the un-called late hits.
  21. Schraeder is a top level RT. We should pay him. We let Clabo walk and look how long it took us to find a suitable replacement for him. We had terrible RT play for years. Do we really want to go through that again?
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