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  1. Thanks, I'll have to set a reminder on my Outlook!
  2. I agree. Even though I'd like to know what is happening, I'd rather him keep a low profile and not give too much of our draft information away.
  3. I really, really hope this doesn't happen. It's not that I don't think players should be rewarded financially for the effort and toll on their body that is associated with football, but I can't imagine how expensive tickets would be if running backs were making 20 million a year instead of 5 mil.
  4. McFadden ran the 40 yd dash in the same time as Jerrious Norwood. He's more physical and would be a better runner between the tackles. He catches decently, but is a very good route runner. Marion Barber is a power runner. DMAC could turn out to be a Marshall Faulk type player with proper work and coaching.
  5. I agree. Ryan has way too many questions, and without the OL to protect him, it could adversely affect his development. We are weak in the trenches. OL or DT all the way.
  6. I just don't see Colt having what it takes to step up into the NFL. Shockley at least has the upside of his arm and his mobility. Colt has a weak arm, a bad delivery, and hasn't played against NFL quality players. Where is the upside?
  7. Well, he's averaged 50 tackles a year over his career, which is pretty good numbers for a run stuffer. I think he could help us free up Jamaal Anderson to rush the passer a bit more. If we get him, though we would still need an under tackle, as Trey Lewis looks more like a NT than a UT to me.
  8. I'd like Shaun Rogers, but only if we can draft Jake Long or trade down to grab Clady. Othersie, I don't know if its work getting Rogers if we're going to draft Ellis or Dorsey.
  9. Back to the original topic, I think this article is based around trying to lower the value of Hall. By making Atlanta look desparate to move him, they might be able to get him for less. On the other hand, the article on the AJC site today looks like a shoddy attempt to raise DHall's value by making it look like the team and him are coming to some sort of a compromise. Or I could be all wrong on this.
  10. I'm going to back away from labeling Jamaal as a bust just yet. Zimmer's scheme combined with a lack of experience and no decent under tackle most of the season was also a part of Anderson's issues. We'll see how he shapes up this year. Then we should decide.
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