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  1. Julio would be a **** of a DB. 6' 3" 220. Runs with elite speed and hits like a truck.
  2. Something along the lines of "Dear Lord, please lay your healing hands upon John Abraham's groin".
  3. Ito is a freaking rookie in his 2nd game!!! So, when are you comparing to? Middle School?
  4. He's bad. Like really bad. Like giving the game away to the other team bad.
  5. Except for: 1. the dropped pass on the double move that would have been touchdown ifnhe caught it clean 2. the terrible effort on the route that resulted in an interception inside the 5. So yeah, you could argue he took 14 points off the board. That's fine to you?
  6. In all fairness, everybody on offense looked prettt bad tonight. Defense had a few players that looked bad as well (Riley and Vic).
  7. Yeah. Everyone is playing bad. I hope we can sneak out of philly with a win.
  8. He just gave up on that route. Looked extremely bad to me.
  9. That angle was straight garbage. Worst defensive play I can remember in quite some time.
  10. Not that we didn't have a 1st down until 10 seconds left in the 1st half, can we freak out for real? Asking for a friend.
  11. Really? He was joking with the fan. I'm pretty sure the FF was hoping for some kind of reaction.
  12. The Peterson thing is overrated. If he becomes too much trouble they can just cut him without much consequence. The major issue from this game is the injury to Streif. If he even misses a few games, that OL will be garbage for that time and the Saints could lose a lot of games early.
  13. I thought Takk was going against Villanueva, who is their starting LT. Can someone look at the film again, b/c I really thought it was the 1st string LT.
  14. I live out of state and have no other option for the pre-season games. I didn't notice they missing four minutes until i reached the 3rd quarter and realized i never saw schaub. NFLN can suck it for that.
  15. Tim Weaver can go eat an eggplant. There is no parallel between the way our team has faced that loss head on and the way that Cam Newton avoided his.
  16. Yes! I heard and Julio and jet ski and had visions of Rod Coleman dancing through my head.
  17. Thanks for your service. I'm actually a patient as well. I figured that trying to do my best to ensure that Veterans like us get the best possible care was great motivation to do my job the best I can every day.
  18. @I Even Bleed Red Hey man! I live in Metairie. I only know 1 other Falcons fan down here. We both work at the VA Hospital and I run into him sometimes at work at we get to chat about the birds and UGA. It's nice to talk to someone that isn't freaking delusional when it comes to football. How long have you lived here? I've been here since '06.
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