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  1. 17 hours ago, stizz said:

    I think the smart money would be to trade Julio. His age plus his body breaking down and the sound business decision would be to do so. That being said, it would take something like a solid defender, a first and midround selection. 

    So I'd call Vegas about Crosby, a first and a 4th. That's tough to turn down.

    That being said, Russinni was VERY wrong last year when she said Jax was parting ways with their coach and no one held her accountable for it.

    I agree that the smart money would be to trade him post June 1, but there is no way you're getting all of that. Julio is phenomenal when he is on the field. But staying on the field has been a problem recently. He's the greatest WR the franchise has ever had, but if we can get a decent offer we should move him and start the reallocation of resources more equitably between the O and D. 

  2. Why not? No draft capital needed. He has looked rough in his rookie year, so the price should be low. If he's not completely brain dead, he should realize that his career is teetering on the edge (it may or may not be his fault) and give it his best shot. If it doesn't work put, cut him and no big loss. 

  3. 2 hours ago, FalconFan13 said:

    Thats a shame the kid isn't that horrible.  He could still be a valuable piece on the right team as a situational pass rusher on 3rd downs.   He's for sure not a every down player but 5 to 10 Sacks a year added to your team is alot better than nothing and probably would be more than any player we got playing this year sack numbers wise.  If we could add him for say 3 mil a year and under i would gladly bring him back in to the team.  The only problem i feel he had was his massive cap hit for what he was giving.  But for a lower cap hit he provided more than enough for cheap depth.

    The dude has no desire to play or win. Doesn't matter how much physical talent you have if you don't have any fire inside. 

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