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  1. Just now, FalconinPA said:

    Julio looked fine too me. One question, anybody know any of our other receivers?

    Except for:

    1. the dropped pass on the double move that would have been touchdown ifnhe caught it clean

    2. the terrible effort on the route that resulted in an interception inside the 5. 

    So yeah, you could argue he took 14 points off the board. That's fine to you?

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  2. 17 minutes ago, The Vent King said:

    I rewatched that play this morning and you are so right. The whole time Crowell was crossing in front of him it’s like he didn’t even see him coming cause he was like a deer in headlights staring at the QB. Then when he did see him AFTER he caught the ball, instead of cutting back and taking the angle to run him down he tries to go str8 after him and chase him down. Really? It’s like he’s trying to rely on some ability he doesn’t realize he doesn’t even have. Duke just seems to be lost out there a lot not knowing where he is supposed to be. 

    That angle was straight garbage. Worst defensive play I can remember in quite some time. 

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