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  1. The Peterson thing is overrated. If he becomes too much trouble they can just cut him without much consequence. The major issue from this game is the injury to Streif. If he even misses a few games, that OL will be garbage for that time and the Saints could lose a lot of games early.
  2. I thought Takk was going against Villanueva, who is their starting LT. Can someone look at the film again, b/c I really thought it was the 1st string LT.
  3. I live out of state and have no other option for the pre-season games. I didn't notice they missing four minutes until i reached the 3rd quarter and realized i never saw schaub. NFLN can suck it for that.
  4. Tim Weaver can go eat an eggplant. There is no parallel between the way our team has faced that loss head on and the way that Cam Newton avoided his.
  5. Yes! I heard and Julio and jet ski and had visions of Rod Coleman dancing through my head.
  6. Thanks for your service. I'm actually a patient as well. I figured that trying to do my best to ensure that Veterans like us get the best possible care was great motivation to do my job the best I can every day.
  7. And a Shanahan and Lynch signing is #1. LoL
  8. Good stuff.
  9. @I Even Bleed Red Hey man! I live in Metairie. I only know 1 other Falcons fan down here. We both work at the VA Hospital and I run into him sometimes at work at we get to chat about the birds and UGA. It's nice to talk to someone that isn't freaking delusional when it comes to football. How long have you lived here? I've been here since '06.
  10. If you're scared, then say you're scared. The team isn't scared, however. They know what is coming. Every single game the announcers will mention the loss. It'll come in the interviews. It'll linger on social media. It is a shadow that will loom over this team the entire season and maybe longer if they let it. To get rid of it, they have to face it and they have to beat it. They know what is coming and they have been doing everything to prepare. This is just one more sign of that.
  11. Beasley's sack numbers were higher than his pressure numbers would indicate. I dont remember the exact number, be he converted a ridiculous % of his preasures into sacks and it statiscally seems unlikely that he can continue at that rate. Also, has had something like 7 sacks against Denver and the Rams combined. The RT for Denver was injured (or a back-up filling in for an injured starter?). The Rams line was terrible last year. That means than around 40% of his sacks came in two games against weak competition.
  12. Wonder what he means by "additions, but not new wrinkles". Any guesses?
  13. Thanks for the info. Sounds good to me. I think we wanted a safety and there was no value. I'm expecting a guard in the 3rd.