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  1. Move on, man. That **** is 4 years ago. Let the past be the past.
  2. Fowler and Takk. We took care of one of the problems. We'll wait and see what happens on the next.
  3. Yep, Quinn was the hot candidate that year.
  4. I wasn't aware the Parsons was considered a Pass Rusher. Thought he was viewed as more of a WLB or MLB. Coverage and tackling...🤔
  5. Pretty sure Ito got rocked on that drive earlier, so he probably wasn't available. But yeah, Gurley messed up badly by not going down and taking the short loss.
  6. I was trying to post this same topic. Did he lose the game by running backwards for a 7 yard loss instead of taking the 1 or 2 yard loss, thereby costing us a chance at a reasonable 4th down conversion? I definitely think he did. Another bone headed play IMO.
  7. Why not? No draft capital needed. He has looked rough in his rookie year, so the price should be low. If he's not completely brain dead, he should realize that his career is teetering on the edge (it may or may not be his fault) and give it his best shot. If it doesn't work put, cut him and no big loss.
  8. The dude has no desire to play or win. Doesn't matter how much physical talent you have if you don't have any fire inside.
  9. If it's true that McKay talked him down from firing Quinn, then yes. Fire McKay and Quinn. Maybe even TD. What has he really done successfully other than trade up?
  10. His team doesn't even know the special team rules. If that's not a sign of terrible coaching, I don't know what is.
  11. What was that? Does our hands team even know what the rules are? Fire Dan Quinn. There are no excuses for losing this game. None.
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