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  1. Sorry I missed this gem. You still haven't read the transcripts obviously.
  2. It's fascinating isn't it? He's held out as the example of a moderate willing to work with both sides, but represents everything the left complains about the Republican Party and conservatives disdain about why the GOP is lost.
  3. This situation is much worse. The meme is popular that we funded bin Laden in Afghanistan, but we did not. Nor al Qaeda or the Taliban as they didn't exist until many years later, not to mention that our funding went via Pakistan primarily to the rebel tribes of the North, and the Taliban emerged from the Southern tribes. Sure there was probably surplus that we left behind that fell into the hands of the wrong folks, but that's different than what we're talking about now. In fact, just wait and see how much US weaponry ends up in the wrong hands after we depart Afghanistan in a year or so. Jabhat al-Nasra is one of the most effective rebel groups in Syria, and they were recently declared the official arm of al Qaeda by Zawahiri himself. There is little question that arms from the West will end up in their hands if we choose to go that route. It's time this Administration swallow its pride and walk back the "crossing a line" chemical weapons comment, and let this play out. And screw McCain and his pressing for our entry into this brutal fiasco.
  4. It isn't just about what or how a job impacts the bottom line, it's what is the marketplace willing to accept in payment for doing such a job, and the lower the skill, the easier to fill. People, like products have a demand and a price that follows that demand. And businesses, just like consumers, will gravitate toward the lowest possible cost, relative to quality of course, in order to fit that bill. EDIT: Also, why in the world do you want to subsidize the least skilled components of our economy? That is a death knell of complacency at a macro level.
  5. No, it is about leveraging efficiencies and specializing. The cost reduction came after the ability to do so. The biggest killer of middle class jobs and is at the heart of the oft mentioned productivity gains is technology. The problem is that our education and skill process hasn't kept up with this change, and now there is a skill and wage lag following it. And it's most pronounced when you have a downturn in the economy.
  6. Why be obtuse? WalMart needs custodians to keep their store area clean for improved customer service. That actually helps the bottom line. Delta Airlines has crews that clean planes. That helps the customer experience and bottom line. Wells Fargo uses cleaning services to clean their branches. Different businesses have different needs in order to impact the bottom line. A clean store or plane is a real time need for the customer service at WalMart and Delta. At Wells Fargo, their branches aren't as likely to get as messy, and it's non core. I'm fairly certain McDonald's outsources it's payroll processing, so I'm going to say no, they wouldn't have the same profits if they internalized it.
  7. It doesn't matter what I like, the facts are what they present. And they present nothing of value to answering why this targeting occurred, and who initiated the standards for which groups are chosen, and the criteria for which they had to meet the scrutiny of.
  8. I wasn't bringing up the "communism nonsense", I simply was acknowledging that Marx even recognized that people should be valued based upon their contribution, not some arbitrary number plucked from the air based upon some random sense of "living wage" nonsense. As to your other point, it's because companies that provide those services leverage efficiencies and are able to provide those services at a lower cost than doing so internally.
  9. I hope you realize that says more about inflation than the minimum wage, right?
  10. Actually, companies reacted to non core functions by outsourcing them to specialists, like janitorial companies, payroll companies, etc. who could do it better and cheaper and who had a vested interest in the performance of the job. And yes, they fired their internal employees who performed those functions.
  11. Great, let's codify the ability to earn more while doing the least skilled (skill scarcity) type of jobs. Even Marx recognized the necessity of "each according to their ability". Yet some of you even skew that by arbitrarily raising the cost of the least valuable. Minimum wage wasn't intended to be a career point. It wasn't intended to set you up for permanent employment at that role. Our entire economic system is based upon people's effort to actually improve themselves. And it's not the role of the government or the company to guarantee you do that. It's up to you. It's tough and requires a struggle. And it's the struggle that makes us better, not the entitlement to be granted compensation greater than your contributions to the business.
  12. Only if you ignore the law of numbers. The size of the workforce over 25 is tremendously larger than the workforce under 25. Therefore, the only demographic materially impacted by min wage increases is the under 25 group, thus challenging the myth that a large portion of producers are choosing careers or are stuck in min wage jobs. But the unions love this stuff, as many collective bargaining agreements have wages pegged to a ratio of the min wage.
  13. Don't parrot the talking points, read the actual testimony. The only thing that got people's attention was that he espoused to be a conservative Republican. He was very dodgy on the relevant points, something called a BOLO list (be on the lookout for) and didn't have any idea what happened with returns after they began being automatically forwarded to the 7822 department. The fact he said he had no reason to believe the President or White House had anything to do with this and his stated political position are the only nuggets that have been pulled and ignores the other 100 pages of testimony. I might have my suspicions, but in no way would I definitively state under oath I believe the President or White house was involved. This guy was most likely someone low on the totem pole looking to stay out of trouble. Meanwhile, Lois Lerner took the 5th.
  14. Inflation hedge isn't a good buy when they tell you they're going to stop priming the pump. Markets took a dive as well.
  15. Maybe they could spend time finishing up their homework since half of min wage workers are under 25, and about half of that group is teenagers (23% of all min wage workers).
  16. All that fairy tale economics, and not one comment about the impact to pricing that would proportionally occur and thus drain this new found purchasing power? If the panacea to the economy is a significant raise in the minimum wage that it will spur all this new demand, why not raise it to $50 an hour? Also, not one mention of the employer burdens on top of the wages, from FICA tax, to unemployment tax, to worker's compensation, etc that make this really a $17 - $20 an hour proposition.
  17. I found irony in the guy's Mother writing a check for $80,000 so he could get the best cancer treatment in the world, despite there being cancer treatment facilities all over the country, yet somehow they never went to her for help securing health insurance, a proposition I'm sure would have cost less. And yes I'm talking about before he was diagnosed with a life threatening illness.
  18. If that's paternalism, then so is telling someone they're killing themselves by drinking Drano.
  19. No. But I can read. For what it's worth, most other demographics have similar issues relative to single parent families (higher propensity for poverty, crime, etc.), it's just not as rampant within the other demographics.
  20. The decline of the black family has been the biggest impact to all the areas. Poverty, illiteracy, crime, etc. The rise in wedlock birth and single parent families has followed a subsequent increase in problems in the aforementioned areas. It's been some time since I last posted here, but if I can find the old post, there was a study that showed this very issue, beginning in the 70's and moving all the way until today.
  21. After watching the game again, this time on TV instead of in person, it's very clear. We did in fact win the game.
  22. Humpty-Dumpty was thrown at a bus Humpty-Dumpty created a fuss All the Saints players complained about class Whereas the Falcons stayed focused on kicking their @ss.
  23. 8% wage cut recovered in 4 years and a suspension of pension contributions for 3 years during one of the worse recessions in our history. Oh the horror and corporate greed!!!
  24. I'm sure they're thrilled about the better wages and benefits they have now. BTW, it was a bankruptcy judge that was forcing this issue, as he did with the Teamsters, who agreed to necessary cuts in order to retain viability. And you have a strange definition of "poor wages and next to no benefits", when the court knew given business realities these changes were necessary for the future of the company.
  25. Everyone knows real Super Bowl contenders lose to the Bengals 31-13........
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