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  1. Hey guys, I'm Mike I am coming to the LSU/Florida game with my friends and it just so happens that this game landed on this Thursday. Can't miss it for anything. My friends aren't fans of either team so I will be taking this trip into hostile territory by myself... I would much rather prefer sitting by some friendly folk! If any of you have an extra ticket I could purchase or would like to meet up and get some together, shoot me a message.
  2. For sure. We will be a juggernaut as long as we have Deuce. KEEP THE FAITH. We need to play some defense. And we need a complete back.
  3. Willie has been so big for us. Hope he's around for a long long time. We need him Sunday for sure... No broken hand, thats BS.
  4. I can vouch for BCEagleATLFalcon I saw her at a couple games in Tampa! She was at Matt's first road game EVER! It's only fitting she should be at his first NFCCG. I'm flying in from Florida Saturday night! RISE UP!
  5. Muulah I'm sure you'll see me and my friends, we're also on the 40 OUR side. We're wearing Matt Ryan, Roddy and Julio! Went with "10-1 FAR FROM DONE" with a drawing of the lambardi trophy. LETS DO THIS! Props to cnasty! Great idea!
  6. Haha while awesome ideas... I'm more looking for something I can frame if I get a few signatures on it. I think the boys would be a little reluctant to sign these. :P
  7. Making a sign for the game tomorrow that I hope to get a few signatures on after the game. Its become a tradition for me and I'm looking for something witty (or not witty. but fitting) to throw on it this year. Give me some ideas! All are appreciated. I'll throw a picture of it on here afterwards.
  8. I can confirm that this show was god awful. :{ Unfortunate. But was the game was great!
  9. I'll be 100% honest. He has a pretty weak arm, but he has a sufficient arm. And the will of a warrior. And BRAINS. His intangibles are off the charts, and equally as important as the talent. Oddly enough, the problem has been OVERthrowing recievers this season, not underthrowing them. Arm-strength isn't really the issue. We like to run, we don't take deep shots... I'd say that is pretty much the biggest reason. If Turner is putting up over 100 yards... it's going to be hard for Matty to eclipse 300... unless we're scoring 50 pts a game.
  10. lol @ the ones saying they announce hes going to miss before every kick. CHEERS TO MATT BRYANT! Here's to him never missing another kick again. O_O
  11. Mattys ankle must definitely be made of rubber... just speechless at that.
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