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  1. I found that I got tired of being attacked everytime I posted something. Didn't matter if it was because I misspelled something.
  2. Or because they haven't been born yet. Y'all always leave that one out.
  3. Also, no one should die before being born.
  4. Fake news spreads like wild fire
  5. I loved the color rush jersey. I thought it popped.
  6. You cherry picked 4 games in falcons history and say we were outscored by so many points in the forth quarter. Tell me you can't do that with all NFL teams?
  7. I'd love to sit beside this guy on game day
  8. Need to worry about catching something because you've been cut off from the world not building immunity to anything. Hate to see what flu and cold season will be like or who knows what else.
  9. People have been correct in saying that they grow on you. I like em more each time I look at them.
  10. Definitely look better worn by the players
  11. The faded red and black is the worst. The others I can deal with.
  12. I like the color on the left and the design on the right.
  13. Just think if Shanahan would had run the ball like he is doing now in our Superbowl.
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