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  1. Matt simply can't throw on the run yet OC continues to call such plays. I just don't get it.
  2. Thanks to a friend at work I have the First Game at GA Dome Program and Commemerative Pin but nothing signed from any of the old guys.
  3. 2007 is too easy and that was my lowest point until the GB Playoff Game last year.
  4. Jumped on the wagon in '98 became STH in 2002 and wouldn't have it any other way.
  5. I recall McKay speaking on it when asked back in '08 at the Town Hall Meeting they had at the Dome prior to that Season. I think he mentioned that if they were to do it, it would be in line with one season's worth for that particular seat. For ex: if you have two $79 seats then your PSL would be $1580...this ensures the Franchise that if you don't renew, those seats are covered for at least the next year. I could be mistaken in the details as it was over two years ago, but is was something like that.
  6. I heard him on 790 and most of it was about the Beat The Heat (paraphrased), link on the NFL Page for Coaches and Parents as it relates to practicing in the summer heat...staying hydrated and such.
  7. I am so looking forward to it! I've been there as a VIP before and that was cool but all it really was was complimentary BBQ lunch and we got to stand in the middle roped off section between the practice fields. This thing seems to include a tour so I can't wait to see what that entails.
  8. Exactly! You take away; Starting QB, Tailback, two O-linemen, #2 and 3 WRs, #1 Corner (Williams), oh and your #1 and #2 Draft Picks, ANY team wouuld be hard-pressed to be 500. So while I'm truly bumbed as we could have had at least 2 or 3 Ws before it all went to ****...we went toe-to-toe with the #1 Team in the league and had a chance to tie or go ahead late, I'm ok with where we are. I think we can win out and finish 9-7 if we play like we did last week for just three more games, we should.
  9. I'm in 346 Row 2 and mine went down as well...same thing, from $85 to $79 and it is a nice surprise. Although it does suck for those with increases. I know what it's like...my seats were $69 in '08 and that jump to $85 this year about blew me away. It took a while for me to calm down about it. Did it make any difference in the end? No I still shelled out the dollars :P
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