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  1. Again my name is Josh Robinson and I am the head football coach and athletic director at Northwest Whitfield High School which is right around the corner from Coahulla Creek where the Falcons and Titans scrimmaged. I would like to personally thank all that attended. It was a huge success. The titans and falcons head coach both talked to me personally about how great, organized, and well ran the entire thing was. I would also like to thank all that not only bought water, drinks, food, etc....BUT at the same time supported struggling athletic programs in the county. I know the prices were mo
  2. Almost forgot...I will also have 28 preseason tickets to each game and a parking pass to each that can be bought at $15.00 per ticket. Proceeds all go to athletics.
  3. My name is Josh Robinson and I'm the Athletic Director and Head football coach at Northwest Whitfield High School (same county as the location of the scrimmage at Coahulla Creek high school). ALL local programs are suffering because of the economy. The money will be sent to 1300-1500 student athletes in the county. Entrance and parking is FREE but the school system is doing 3 things to raise money. 1) ALL concessions at the game will go to the 3 schools in the county. We will have a local restaurant catering in pizza. We will have standard concession stand food (hamburger, hotdogs, nachos a
  4. Text me and tell me how many you need and make an offer. They are in the 12th row of the upper deck, but in most preseason games you can move down extremely close. Text 706-280-0982
  5. Dear Mr. Chacos, I know this is a common e-mail because I have talked to about 50 other season ticket holders since the event and I talked to around 50 down at the "VIP" tour of training camp. I know I will sound brash at times, but please understand my frustrations. I will list several things about the tour that needs to be shared: 1. I didn't even get the e-mail to ask me to attend. I had to find out from other season ticket holders and e-mail you about it. 2. At least I got the tickets and was excited when I read VIP tour and special seating area. Of course with the special seating area
  6. Go to yahoo fantasy football and go to the private/custom league and put the following information: League name is: Falcons Message board Password is: falcons
  7. Can't make the game because I'm a high school football coach and I will be scouting our next opponent. Seats are 4 from the aisle in the 4TH ROW of section 332. Please call or text 706-280-0982, or e-mail one of the following: josh_robinson@whitfield.k12.ga.us jjrobi7@yahoo.com
  8. yahoo fantasy football League Name: Falcons Message Board Password: falcons
  9. bumping this we now only need 1. Great players and great fun...even better all falcons fans. E-mail me if you are a message board member and a falcon fan at jjrobi7@yahoo.com for the Falcons message board fantasy football league.
  10. E-mail me at jjrobi7@yahoo.com and I will give you the information to get to the league (It's a private league for falcons message board members only) Very competitive. 6 back from last year. Even the lower places kept playing. Draft tomorrow is live at 11:00. jjrobi7@yahoo.com Thanks, Josh
  11. My name is Josh and I'm a high school football coach and we have pictures that morning, but my wife is going ahead of me to make sure we get the autographs. I'm starting a collection of autographs that I'm hoping my son will enjoy. He is 7 months old and has LCHAD (rare genetic metabolic disorder). Hoping as he gets older we can enjoy the autographs and tickets together, because of his disease he is not able to play football. Interceptor was nice enough to commit to giving me 1 ticket. Is there anyone else that would give/sell me a couple to my wife and myself to start this collection for my
  12. I have an infant son that has a rare disease known as LCHAD (can't metabolize fats). I'm a season ticket holder (going on my 4th year) and I'm hoping my son will love the Falcons as much as I do. He is 7 months old and was in the hospital for 10 days after a near death experience before we found out what was wrong with him. One of the downfalls to the disease is that he can't play energy demanding sports like football. I'm a defensive coordinator for a high school football team in north georgia, so my son will be around football a lot. I have a lot of autographs for him to enjoy as he grow
  13. I got 4 in row 4 of the Upper Deck. Seats went up $100 per season ticket, but since I'm renewing early it won't go up at all. Good deal for me. However, I'm assuming next year I will have to pay the $35 per season ticket instead of $25 I paid this past season and for the 2009 season I wish they would offer fans the opportunity to renew from here on out at the price we pay THIS year. That would mean in 10 years I would still be paying $250 for a season ticket. That woud be awesome....not going to happen though. You think they will do better at Roam the Dome??? Instead of letting Joe
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