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  1. Using nfldraftscout as a tool. Not all about placing body's in a position of needs. This year draft loaded with talent. No need for reaching. 1st pick- Desmond Trufaunt CB 2nd round - Cornellius Carradine (hopefully he does good at his workout just before Draft) or Margus Hunt...or Devin Taylor. DE's 3rd round - Jamie Collins or Corey Lemonier...They can rush and play in space. OLB 4th rounda - Travis Kelce TE 4th roundb - Alvin Bailey OG (check his profile and video...played both guard positions..on the regular...has long arms) 5th round - marcus Lattimore or Mike Gillislee RB 6th rou
  2. To me its more than just plugging a bodying in at a needed position. You want impact players at your draft spot or an impact player period. I don't see a J.J at DE, DT or CB worthy of trading up. Floyd maybe if he slip into 6-10 range. Trade compensation wont be that high.
  3. This is what I'm thinking.....game plan but not really show your playoff hand this last Qtr. I think the Giants game is alittle more personal than the PANTIES! Some what of a deeper game plan on defense. Just alittle. Think you will see max effort from our guys! We know the Giants are in the playoffs so this is our playoffs tune up!
  4. Rule of thumb...always move towards line of scrimmage. This goes for running backs and lineman. QB only exception I was taught!
  5. Thats what camp and preseason all about...its possible. He could show out and get a shot. Anyone can struggle. NFL baby...only a few players postitions are locked in. Franks second year in the system...you will see big improvements. Just saying I can see it. Not that it will happen. And I've played madden twice in my life time. Once when McNair was on the cover and Ray Lewis.
  6. Franks (5'11 192) and D.Rob as our starting CB's. Think Grimmes natural position is nickel back because of his quickness. He would need to be a good blitzer.
  7. We got lucky with Roddy in that draft. If we were up there picking in top 10, we may have pick Troy Williamson. He would've been the only 1 that fit the bill explosive Rec. Parrish maybe, but the knock on him was size. Clearly...clearly AJ & JJ fit the big explosive WR bill this year. JJ entire broad JUMPS @ the combine was something special to watch. The ones he couldn't stick the landing was great too. I'm excited!
  8. I'm just saying...posted lockout. Jones comes in immediately becomes a threat for #2. K.M a stud also. Now #12 becomes trade bait for picks. May not be 1st rounder or may not even be 2nd rounder, but picks for next year. I'm just saying! Or #12 becomes sign and trade deal for Edwards in Min. #12 is good, but I think his trade value could outweigh him at this point. I'm just saying. Scenario #2...and I'm just saying...JA comes into play if we land Edwards either threw my scenario or just plain O free agent signing. JA can be traded for picks next year. I'm just saying. JA to me is a stud...just
  9. Abe may have 1 more year here. Contract is up next season, if there is a season. Body for body. Last 3 years we've brought in starting FA. The tackling thing will take harding coaching.
  10. Charles Johnson?? after 1 year??. Being UGA fans may be clouding some thinking.
  11. Assuming we will not have 2 big money signing at the same position(CB, would luv N.A.). Next position in line in my opinion is D-end. With Abe going into his last year of his contract next season its time to look for an explosive replacement that can make an impact now. 2 I have in mind. Ray Edwards who may be a little cheaper and a little less explosive than Mathias Kiwanuka, but very durable. Kiwanuka injury may put him in our price range. He has to prove he's healthy. Besides Nnamdi Asomugha and Haloti Ngata, Chad Greenway is the best available Defensive player in free agency in my opinion.
  12. Int return TD took Tuner out of the game plan. THAT HURT BAD! 10 carries(only 1 in 2nd half) for 39 yards. 3.9 average is not bad. 25 carries with that average would be around 100 yards. But he must work on his pass catching skills and route running. A must! I can see a back out of college with all around skill set take carries from him. He may need that challenge.
  13. Smitty will be politically correct. When will we go from "we'll learned from this" to str8 up being mad were not going to be SB champion. Little frustrated. The comments "we'll learned from this" from coaching staff and players used thur the season getting old! School is over when you play your first game in the NFL. I wanna hear from 1 of the youngsters (84,2,23,50,33)...WE BLEW IT!! 2 wins from the SB, 3 to win...WE BLEW IT! We Blew it for the vets like 88, 62, 55, 53. WE WANTED TO WIN IT ALL FOR THE VETS ON THIS TEAM AND WE BLEW IT. Thats what big Ben did when he came into the league. He wa
  14. Say something wrong about my Falcons and see what happen. So I guess morally...some things speak louder than tickets. Whats your level of support?? The buddy I went with to Dallas only buy away tickets. He said cause he has our Falcons backs in hostile territories. Go figure. But thanks to him a saw a football game on the world largest TV I think.
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