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  1. Duh
  2. No, but that’s what your wife told me about you...
  3. Holiday Inn?
  4. Size matters...
  5. Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser...
  6. That pick Wilson threw at end of first half was terrible...
  7. Dead man walking...
  8. What is Falcons record since LI?
  9. Falcons could have won LI in large part to the incredible catch Julio made. It would be a replay shown for eternity and posts like this would not exist...
  10. I will be on my death bed, drool coming out of my mouth, and not able to remember my own name... Last words: "28 - 3"
  11. Embrace the sucking of the air out of the room...
  12. Who once threw it from one end zone to another... And Jamarcus Russell threw it 70 yards when on his knees... and no he wasn't puking cough syrup... yawn