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  1. you'll get your wish. Falcons won't make the playoffs, I think that's enough to clean house cause Author Blank is in a win KNOW mode.
  2. I was at the game, that ball was SO CLOSE to the 1st down marker. I just don't understand why you would hand the ball off.
  3. Someone please take the challenge flag away from Mike Smith. Can he at least get confirmation from his guys upstairs before he throws the flag? He challenges the most obvious plays.
  4. I don't have anything specific to vent about, just freakin upset we loss this game. I don't understand 4 and INCHES!!!!!! 4th & INCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't get a couple of inches? At the rate were going, we are NEVER going to make the playoff in the near future. This team is not elite! MIKE SMITH LOSS THIS GAME. CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I really think that our defense could be the difference maker in this game. This game is crucial. At this point in the season, I would say that this is a must win if we want to make a playoff push. WE GOTTA HAVE THIS GAME!!!
  6. On that long bomb to Julio yesterday, that was not a great pass. However, due to Julio's speed and athletic ability he was able to make a circus catch for a TD. Reminds me a lot of when Dunte Culpepper had so much success with Randy Moss. Most of those passes to Randy Moss were not good passes. Dunte simply just threw it up there for Randy to go and get the ball, which he usually did. The fact that after Randy left Vikings Culpepper started to decline shows it was more Randy that Dunte. As Randy would say, "just chunk it to me baby." Maybe Matt should just throw it out there for Julio to go a
  7. If the bucs had won, they would have tiebreaker over us and Saints, putting them solely in 1st place. you don't want that.
  8. I like hip hop, and i have to say that this is probably the ugliest dance i have ever seen.
  9. I'm not trying to be funny or make a joke. Honestly I've been watching Crisp Houston, I mean Chris Houston the past two weeks and I really do believe he is playing worse now than when he was in Atlanta. Been watching him play and he is getting straight abused. It was obvious that Tony Romo targeted him 2 weeks ago and Chris Houston looked really really bad. I think if we target Chris Houston all game, Matt Ryan is guaranteed to get at least 300 yards passing easy.
  10. Sometimes i have to read some of his quotes twice out of disbelief; because it's hard for me to believe he said some of the things he say in his interviews.
  11. Im currently on vacation in Mexico, and I actually stopped looking at the game when the Falcons were up 14-0 pts. I wanted to save myself the agony of watching the Falcons lose slowly and painfully. Somehow I just knew the Falcons would blow it which they did. Me and my buddies that usually have 1 big tailgate per year at the dome actually cancelled it this year. The reason, no one is motivated to go see the Falcons play like crap and the season isnt even halfway over. This is the first time in a while that I can remember losing interest in the Falcons this early in the season. Its hard to kee
  12. Tarvaris "No Action" Jackson, probably the worst Qb in the league makes our defense look ugly. Can you imagine what Aaron Rodgers gonna do to us next week? How are we gonna make it to the post season and we struggle against the bottom feeder teams? Gonna be a long season.
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