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  1. KK Glazed, purchased while hot doughnuts now sign is on! Even have an app on my phone for it!
  2. Don't blow a circuit board Tom! I think the majority of everyone here in RC is intelligent and enlightened enough to handle conversing about different subjects at the same time!
  3. Best ribs in the south? I used to love Fat Matt's in ATL before I found DBA BBQ in the Virginia Highlands/Five Points area! Could OD on those! Southern Soul BBQ on ST. Simons Island off the gold coast of GA is no slouch either!
  4. Fat Burger that used to be on Piedmont/Sidney Marcus Blvd in ATL was soooo good..I can't figure out why they left other than the high rent district they were in.....
  5. Speaking as a person who grew up with Krystal in Atlanta. I have tried White Castle in NY......White Castle wins hands down!
  6. Used to be Samoas...now that Keebler sells the same cookies, I won't be getting pimped by Girl Scouts anymore!
  7. Lemon Oreos Pepperidge Farms Sausalito with milk chocolate chunks and macadamia nuts Pepperidge Farms Tahoe with white chocolate chunks and macadamia nuts Blue Chip Cookie Company milk chocolate macadamia nuts Gallon of milk, and an open window
  8. Always good to get that first W of the season under your belt!
  9. Now that is how you rape, loot, pillage, and plunder a division rival! That was painful to watch!
  10. Fralic was a hoss for sure! Made Dahl look like a boy scout!
  11. Will have to try Costco's.....wife will have to move me from the beef counter though!
  12. I can't be sure, but you can also add the year the Patriots had a shot for the perfect season and ended up laying an egg in the big game...everybody just knew they were going to take Shula's Dolphins out of that top spot in history.
  13. There used to be a pizza chain called Donato's in GA a few years back, but for some reason they were all shut down in GA.
  14. Numero Uno.....That is a great tasting pie! I could only manage 2 slices before I was full though!
  15. Of course, I reached this enlightened state after having to repair a few walls that got deep penetration from my fist....(Stucco and plaster is expensive as @#$%!)
  16. My wife and I loved Nancy's when we lived in Atl...now that we're in Orlando, We have Pizzeria Uno
  17. And the new commish needs to be someone who played in the NFL, not some jock sniffing waterboy wannabe!
  18. IT was a joke! Omega is my Legacy...the problem was where I went to school, They weren't allowed on the yard, and no FA was available.
  19. Joe, one of my frat brothers just made his son give the up the flatscreen, PS4 console, games, controllers, and accessories to the kid he was notified his son had been picking on in school in front of the school!.....I think my boy better sleep with one eye open....gaming consoles is serious bidnezz!
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