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  1. Great to see you back Rave! Missed you around here!
  2. No...I live in FL...they may not carry it here
  3. Dude! you could start a new ogrish site on your own!
  4. Yeah....I have to budget to shop at Williams and Sonoma....I don't shop there often, but I do make it worthwhile when I go!
  5. King of sausages in my opinion! Flavor profile is unmatched!
  6. Because I am the better cook, and i shudder every time she touches my expensive cookware and cutlery!
  7. I've had a fracture myself.....used to scare my wife by hitting things...then one day she asked me if she would be the target of my anger if a wall wasn't near by...that was my clue to get a handle on that anger asap!
  8. Yeah...some of her family members were recruited to help dispose of the bodies. Although Guyana is still a 3rd world country, they do export a lot of gold, and you can get higher quality gold for far less than you can in the states...they do a lot of 18, 22, and 24k jewelry there, and that is due to the large population of Indians there....wish I could get my hands on a mine or two over there!
  9. No. But she was born in the next town over to where they were located. Came to the states in 73...She has relatives going back to 4 generations there.
  10. Great game played, Van....I'll man up and say it.........How Bout Dem Cowboys! Oh God....I'm gonna be sick......where's the castor oil???? Ugh......
  11. Heck...I just shrugged my shoulders, and went in the kitchen to make colossal Pan seared shrimp with andoullie sausage in a white wine, smoked gouda, and garlic cream sauce.....I did have to stop listening to the voices in my head suggesting I do horrible things while mincing garlic, dicing sausage, and chopping the scallions.....
  12. Ray, I usually don't laugh at the Jim Jones jokes out of respect for my wife; but I dropped my toaster strudel laughing at that comment!
  13. Congrats Vikings! You won the game straight up!
  14. i find it at select Publix or Winn-Dixie locations in Orlando. Also, call and check with the gift store in Cracker Barrel Restaurants. They sell it in a 4 pack bottle there for 3.99. IF that fails, then you have this! http://www.cheerwine.com/catalog/category/view/id/3
  15. Nehi Grape and Nehi Peach...from the bottle!
  16. always get it in the bottle, never the can! Also in DC about 2 years ago, 7-11 had Tahitian Treat icees......almost locked myself in the store!
  17. This has replaced my affinity for Red Rock Ginger-ale!
  18. Right before I moved to Florida, the QuickTrip near me carried Fanta Grape Icees.....hit those sobs up till they stopped selling them!
  19. everytime I go to Racetrac, WAWA, or QuickTrip, the friggin cola freeze is never working! I have to opt for cherry icee or pina colada icee instead!
  20. You just revealed your ignorance of SW Atlanta. You need to drive further south into SW Atlanta and look at the Cascade, Guilford Forest, Loch Lomond Estates, Niskey Lake, Enon RD, and Butner RD areas...they have homes and estates that rival the ones in Buckhead, Sandy Springs, West Cobb, or Alpharhetta; we are talking 300k up to well over 3 million in price...definitely upscale. Again, every neighborhood in SW Atlanta does not look like a drug infested public housing area.
  21. I actually doubled my money invested in real estate in SW Atlanta...not all of it looks like Vine City, you know!
  22. Dem doughnuts be callin' me man....I try to kick it, but I can't!
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