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  1. Not judging you at all....as you have said, each and every one of us has something that we have regretted doing at one time or another. I in all fairness you you, I was referring to many people who have made similar comments with out ever once thinking of their own wrong doing, and I owe you an apology for that assumption. I am of the belief that there is no such thing as varying degrees of sin; wrong is wrong regardless of how one looks at it. we are good...slight misunderstanding!
  2. Regarding setting our team back....you may want to add Eugene Robinson to that list.
  3. While the public shaming is going on, why don't we look in your closet to see what skeletons are there? There are people who do far worse to defenseless childeren everyday...where is the outrage for them? But let it happen to a dog, (which I may add, is a food source in other countries, mind you), and people with your line of reasoning go bat-**** crazy! Do I condone what the man did? Definitely not. However, he has moved on with his life, while you and some others have remained stuck judging someone for past mistakes. I am very fond of pets, but I also have the clarity of mind to see that there are bigger fish to fry than what happened in this case. You're free to do whatever you want to do, feel anyway that you want to feel, and that's fine. You do need to be aware, that you give others the very same opportunity to look at you with the same scrutiny that you used when you created your post. Just food for thought.
  4. All kidding aside, congrats Panthers...now go out and do the NFCS proud, and shut up the laughfests of the talking heads (No David Byrne reference)
  5. Team is playing with no fire...as if they left it all on the field in New Orleans...which could very much be the case!
  6. That's the positive thing about this game so far!
  7. Collapsed lung, if I remember correctly...in addition to the busted ribs.
  8. If this prison rape gets Mike Smith fired, I say keep bending over team!
  9. Eagles have a shot at scoring the most points against an opponent this season!
  10. Wow!!!! They're really pounding that kitty!!!
  11. And regarding the franchise as a whole from a lifelong fan.... http://youtu.be/9e1Lz829grk
  12. This loss is on Mike Smith....2nd and short, and you call a run play with Steven Jackson on a bounce?!?!? That call was the catalyst for losing the game along with non adjustments in the second half.... Unfreakingreal!!!! Confiscate his passport and don't allow his azz back in the US!
  13. Congrats....we on the other hand, let one slip through our fingers with some of the most unimaginative playcalling I have ever seen....
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