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  1. not at all! Happy wife, happy life!!!
  2. Congratulations Tuggle!!! I have the perfect name. ....Kick More Butt!!!!!
  3. Tell the truth and shame the devil. ....Magic City is why they want to play for Atlanta!!!
  4. I get what you are saying. ...I think the reason why the playbook wasn't dumbed down may have been due to possible pushback from Kyle. He has a history of not being very flexible with changes to his offensive plans.
  5. You can bounce your roody poo candy azz on out right along with him!!! (Was 3 times enough to make my self clear??? Good! Don't let the door knob hit your azz on the way out....on second thought...let it hit you...repeatedly then get stuck in it!!!! )
  6. You can bounce your roody poo candy azz on out right along with him!!!
  7. You can bounce your roody poo candy azz on out right along with him!!!
  8. How you respond in the face of adversity is indeed a good indicator of the character of the person who faces it. That being said, his perfomance on the field reflected positively for him, and there was no better way to honor the memory of his brother than to have a lights out performance on the national stage when it could have been all to easy to pack it in. Kudos to you, Alexander.
  9. Good read. Gives you a glimpse of the details and preparation that the athletes go through during game week.
  10. ****!!...There goes my childhood!! And Miss Pigggy is gonna whup that azz for this!!
  11. Not for long....Hef is removing the pictures of the girls....soooooooo I guess you really will be reading it for the articles!
  12. This goes to show you that on any given day, you can be beaten. Even though the loss stings, I think we will regroup, adjust, and keep moving forward. Good game Saints
  13. You guys played a good game tonight. See you in our house in a few weeks!
  14. Good to see you and Kevo back in the fold! Work keeps me busy, so I haven't had as much time to post as I'd like. Here's to a high spirited, hard fought game with no injuries!
  15. Way to man up, Torris! I knew you had a positive post in you!! I understand that what the Falcons are doing as a whole is a process. We didn't get bad overnight, and we are not going to completely turn things around overnight. What the team and organization has done so far is indeed a great step in the right direction, however I do realize that we have more work to do. For now, I will enjoy what the team is currently producing, and will look forward to bigger and better things from the Falcons as the process continues.
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