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  1. You got ref help on both sides of the ball all of last year....enjoy your giftwrapped superbowl season; your reality comes next week when breesus and his birthmark gets carted off the field with season ending injury! Madden Curse..... Voodoo that !
  2. An aint's fan talking about officiating???!!!?? To quote Chad Ochocinco "CHILD PLEASE! !!!!!"
  3. Yep! Urine gets to be that color when you don't drink enough water! Looking for our D-Line to have a great day! Go FALCONS!!!!!!
  4. Great job guys! I laughed so hard that I think I wet myself! Somebody pass me a towel.......
  5. Just hope those AINT'S aren't a one and done team! Keep your players away from the clubs and streets of Miami....We Falcons fans know that nothing good comes from those areas, unless you are a Broncos fan!
  6. May God bless you for your charitable act of kindness......
  7. Speaking of average, when we had the easy schedule you had this year last season, you said we had it easy.... We had one of the toughest schedule in the league this year, and even with the season ending injuries to key players finished a game or two out of the playoffs, plus posted a winning year. Let's see how well you do if they give you the type of schedule we played this year...my guess is not as well. Being a life long Falcons fan since 68' I may be able to put my rival hatred aside and "gulp" root for you to win if you make it to the SB, but dropping those last 3 games after looking like world beaters all season isn't how you want to enter the playoffs. And if you should make it to Miami........TELL YOUR PLAYERS TO STAY AWAY FROM THE HOOKERS ON THE STREET!!! (SEE EUGENE ROBINSON)!!!!!
  8. As REV put it earlier, you have to account for 35 years of bufoons for owners who never cared for competitive team, only the prestige of being Team Owners....had to weed out the trash in the front office then find coaches with some intestinal fortitude. I think we finally have the gm we need and it is a matter of getting the right personnel in place...don't sleep on us....we're coming!
  9. Been there already.....just had a problem with one of our defensive leaders buying a little poontang pie before the big game.......
  10. Just do us a favor and wear the creamsicle unis! That may give us the edge we need! Go Falcons! Good luck to Tampa on gameday!
  11. The Falcons were the media darlings the year we went to the superbowl too....until somebody with the initials Eugene Robinson decided to buy some nookie!!! Should you make it that far, tell your players to stay away from the clubs and street corners until AFTER the game! Tell Reggie that I'll be glazing that ham called Kim for him during the playoffs!
  12. Sorry Rev, but this homer bleeds Red n Black and can't root for the ain'ts at all. It seems that all those phantom penalties in both games against ATL and all the other bs benefit calls you got from the refs have finally come back to chomp them on that cajun butt! P.S. To all Aint's fans...Tell Reggie that Kim let me hit it too!
  13. Since you guys just picked up Joey, I wanted to let you know that we are done with Joe Horn. You can have him back for peanuts...er, ummm...in your case make that Andoullie Sausage and some Crawdads!!!! I guaronnnnnnteeeee!!!!
  14. In all seriousness, the main problem that I see him displaying is his lack of commitment to hit the holes as quickly as he did in college....A lot of it has to do with the speed of the linebackers and linemen at the pro level.... I understand that his game is a finesse one, but there are sometimes as a running back where you have to lower that shoulder and punish the defensive player that attempts to tackle you.....And his hesitation to do that at times may be his undoing.
  15. Some people like to take the road less traveled; Seems Mr. Bush prefers the FREEWAY, I you know what I mean. Actually it's more like a toll bridge; you have to pay in order to ride on it! :P .
  16. She's hot alright....She'll cook your hotdog faster than an industrial strength microwave! That ham as been baked, glazed, and sliced so many times that the only thing left is the bone.. good for dogs to chew on or used as a stock base for soup!!!
  17. I've watched the AINTS so far and I have discovered what the problem is.....Reggie keeps hitting the wrong hole....he's so focused on hitting that grand canyon of a hole that is KIM KARDASHIAN that he can't find the ones his OLine opens for him!! :P
  18. I've watched the AINTS so far and I have discovered what the problem is.....Reggie keeps hitting the wrong hole....he's so focused on hitting that grand canyon of a hole that is KIM KARDASHIAN that he can't find the ones his OLine opens for him!! :P
  19. Jake's gonna be wearing a new uniform called John Abraham for the game if he does play!!!
  20. Partner, I think you've had one too many Hurricanes (No Pun Intended)
  21. I wouldn't be so confident with that suspect secondary of the kittens!
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