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  1. Meh.....I'm a Commander's Palace kinda guy.......but I am a sucker for good red beans n rice with andouille sausage!
  2. I prefer to keep it lighthearted....serious posts here and there, but mostly light back and forth banter with the rivals!
  3. +1!!!! I was thinking to myself man, i have not seen that since elementary school! lolol!!!!
  4. My strict adherance to man-laws prevented me from standing in the immediate vincinity of another male with his bunz hanging out!!
  5. I have one better....Went to the restroom at work and saw this dude at the center urinal with his pants at his ankles...bare *** cheeks staring me in the face! I had to leave quickly for two reasons: 1. To keep from pissing on my self! 2. To keep from busting out laughing in his face! Everytime I pass him in the hallway I have to hold in the laughter til he gets out of earshot!
  6. I say we do it should we sweep the aints this year......If we win it all, I am going on any aints message board I can find with Kiss da Ring shouts!
  7. This day belonged to them all!! A am proud of each and every one of them. That's the problem with some of you youngsters; you want everything quick and in a hurry.
  8. And I am ready for football!!! I'm gonna pull a Terry Tate at the office tomorrow!
  9. Sorry, but the game was cancelled due to the lockout.
  10. I am still cursing Ted Turner for trading 'Nique!
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