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  1. Good to have you back in the fold, Jedi! You were sorely missed!
  2. I hear what you are saying...and I am not opposed to the idea of a big bruising back. I just tend to look at things collectively as a team effort rather than an individual performance.
  3. My response was not meant to be taken in an aggressive manner. I was simply saying that even the elite backs all have games or plays where they couldn't get the job done. It isn't all on his shoulders, as the offensive line have their part to play as well. Does that make sense?
  4. He has power; not on those levels, but power nonetheless.
  5. Even Earl Campbell, William Andrews, Walter Payton, and other hall of fame backs all had games where they were stuffed...****, look at Christian Okoye!
  6. Freeman can move the chains, and he's not a big back...what's your point?
  7. I for one am very proud of this team and what they accomplished this year! None of us expected this team to do what they did at the start of the season. This team proved it can stand toe to toe with the best teams in the league, and can stand their ground against them. We are pretty much set at the skillset positions on the offensive side of the ball; a couple of linemen to shore up the Oline and 1-2 studs on the Dline, and I like our chances against anybody. Yeah, this one stings for Falcon nation, but I say we come back next year, bigger and badder, with one nasty ass chip on the shoulder!
  8. I sure can! lived right up the street from it! Also was one of my first jobs out of high school! But here is something that will really blow your mind....I can remember when Lenox Square mall was actually an outdoor open strip mall!
  9. Directed specifically to all of the Haters, sports writers, sportscasters, and pundits who refer and cast the Falcons in a negative or disrespectful light...
  10. Double cut pork chops pan seared then oven roasted, baby asparagus tips, and buttermilk ranch mashed potatoes.
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