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  1. Very happy to have done this, what a year that was!! Looking forward to what this year holds too! Cheers, ~L
  2. Cautiously optimistic, with no expectations on the outcome of the season at this point... that is me. Thanks for the article Supes!
  3. I was actually considering using half velveeta and half cream cheese, I think I will now!
  4. Dirty Dip (heated- cream cheese, spicy Rotel Diced tomatoes with jalapeños, and Jimmy Dean extra hot sausage) with corn tortilla chips all day!! I've got a baguette to use up as well. Couple of buddies and some Shock Top will make for an excellent day of football watching.
  5. I can't get satellite TV in my area, so I piggy back on a friends account. I pay for the mobile upgrade, and watch it via ps3 (last season) or laptop this season. It's only $100 for the upgrade to his $200 DTV bill. The Madden game is also a good way to do it if you can't piggy back on a friend's account.
  6. If you're willing to get the mobile Sunday ticket package I believe you can run it on your laptop and use an HDMI cable to port it out to your TV. That's my plan, I'm in the same boat, paid for the mobile app on my buddy's account before getting the PS3 news. Haven't tried it yet but it should work.
  7. Yay! What Tandy said... NOW the season has officially started!! Well done as always m'friend!
  8. Exactly! Add to that I believe Manning's Colts went 0-4 the year they won the Super Bowl.
  9. I appreciate the romantic notion of flying under the radar and all that, but the reality is that if we are to be the team we want & believe we can be, then we must get used to more media attention and the notoriety that comes with it.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, didn't Peyton and the Colts go 0-4 in the pre-season of their Super Bowl year? Also, I think the Lions went 4-0 on their perfect 0-16 season, or the season prior. Pre-season records mean nothing, but still fun to bet on. I imagine it leaves a lot open to chance vs regular season betting.
  11. The Trotters absolutely had their own show for a season or two. They turned into super crime fighting heroes... one of which had a giant, magic Afro that he could pull any object he needed out of at any time. Another with springy coil legs, Curly I think had a giant basketball head...
  12. There are some great toons out now, but this is not one of them unfortunately
  13. That animation is no worse than The Gary Coleman Show, which really did enjoy time on air in the early 80's.
  14. I don't know if anyone else had the same thought, but it occurred to me the other day when reading one of Mash's camp reports and I'm finally getting around to putting out there after seeing him in last night's game.
  15. Massaquoiffed?? Sounds like someone got a really bad hair cut
  16. I agree... I'm excited to see how Osi helps the young guys step up! The M&M Defense, we smack you in your mouth, not in your hands!!!
  17. I like it! I'm also thinking if our defensive line works out with the young guys we can start calling them the M&M's... Mass, Mopanga, and 'Menyiora Thats great!
  18. Mr. Massaquoi looked like a beast last night!! I think opposing teams need to be prepared for SUNDAY MASS this season!! Hoping he steps up, looks to be off to a good start... but really, I just wanted to start the topic to get the Sunday Mass idea out there
  19. One more thing, make sure you have a good connection to the internet with your PS3. We have wifi in the house, hi-speed, but the room the PS3 in is pretty far from the modem/router and doesn't have an internet jack. We use a wifi booster in the room that plugs into the PS3 and it definitely helped. I also have large monitors, so watching on my computer was not a bad option for me either. I never noticed any lag there.
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