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  1. The Hick'ry Stick award has to be the coolest thing any board for any team has ever done!! So proud to be a fan and a member
  2. So was the bet "I'll eat crow if the Falcons win" or "I'll eat crow if the Falcons win, unless I don't agree with one of the calls a ref makes during the game?"
  3. "By this time a team is what it is. Whatever issues you have probably aren’t getting fixed until next year." "The good news is if I had to bet money on any of the Saints problems getting fixed this late it would be on Brees getting a handle on the turnovers." Soooo... which is it chooch?
  4. Wow, ya'll act like you've never seen a telivision show before ;P When they say 'Catch the interview tomorrow on NFL Gameday Live at 9am' they don't mean the interview is at 9am. They mean NFL Gameday Live STARTS at 9am. This is a big piece for them, they will tease it all morning long, talking about it before each commercial break to make sure you come back. They'll even say 'coming up in our next segment' and then not go to it for 3 more breaks... I would expect it to air sometime after 11. Get all the late comers to the party, and catch all the early leavers who are turning over to Fox &am
  5. I love him when he's healthy, but I'm ready to say goodbye to Mr. Glass.
  6. A proud day for me... I was moved to the point of emailing this guy to enlighten him on his mistake I usually couldn't give a rat's patootie about what anyone in the media thinks concerning our Falcons, but c'mon man... you're an 'award winning' national sports reporter, at least check your facts before putting them out there!
  7. Yay!! I get to see our boys on the boob-tube again!! A rarity here in VA
  8. Heh, later on he references this on the last page... at least he admits it! "2. I think this is what I didn't like about Week 5: d. My preseason prediction of the Panthers as a wild card team. I believe I have my bachelor's in football prognostication from Idiotic A&M."
  9. What a glorious Sunday!! I couldn't believe the score and updates as I kept up with the feed on nfl.com! In the eternal words of Nelson, "Haaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!"
  10. So very cool Looks like Roddy really enjoyed it! Great job Supes and everyone involved!! No other board has this kind of appreciation for their players! We rulz!
  11. Nice! Well done as always Supes Finally got caught up on the others... leaps & bounds this year! Looking forward to the next one and I can't wait to see today's footage of the first Hick'ry Stick ceremony!! That whole thing is just awesome! Cheers, ~L
  12. heh, that 'crack in the liberty bell' one is pretty good
  13. I like to think the 49r's game was a result of a NO hangover. Expect to see the Falcons re-focused this weekend, and while I'm not taking the Browns lightly, I do think we should be able to handle them on the road if we're really the team we believe we are.
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