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  1. If only we had drafts prior to this year so that 1/3 of our defense wasn't rookies. Oh wait...
  2. I can't describe the frustration when I see the D finally put pressure on the QB or make a play in the backfield only to have it nullified by a WR or TE just sitting in an empty zone.
  3. I fail to see in any way how this draft indicates Mike Smith was a problem or that TD was not. Unless I missed the 2016 season already and these guys have already suited up?
  4. Anyone with common sense would be able to infer that a good GM would get players that fit the system the coaches have in place. Ultimately, its the GMs responsibility to get the talent and the coaches responsibility to get them to perform. To be frank, we haven't seen either of those of late. I'm not saying TD is terrible and needs to go. But given the track record, I'm not confident he is the man for the job.
  5. "seem TD preferred to get the DE"... where are you extrapolating this info from? "But TDs presence suggests that Smitty was deemed to be more culpable."... actually, all it suggests is that Arthur Blank is not confident that Smith could lead this team. It says nothing about TDs performance, or lack thereof. "If TD is in effect Smitty's boss, Smitty/ Nolan should not have won that argument. "... Which is why I don't think there was an argument to win. TD and Smith both wanted to protect the franchise's 100M investment. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that. You're better off with one side of the ball being exceptional than with two sides being mediocre at best. It didn't work out.
  6. The chef does not shop for the cook. The cook cooks what the chef gives to him. If this ins't the way its done in flowery branch maybe there should be a much deeper look into management. Thomas was and is paid to sign talent. That's what GMs do. If you're saying the case is otherwise then yes, its an excuse.
  7. I don't see how you can say any of those signings are pluses. At best, they're inconclusive.
  8. You mean dominant and scary like that 12-7 win over Carolina last week?
  9. I don't see what was cheap about it. Far as I know, the ball was snapped meaning its a live play. I think its ridiculous that an offense would expect a defense to lay down.
  10. The oline is definitely an area of concern. Seems like this has been a recurring theme for the last decade or two. The did a good job of masking it the last few years, but everyone knows it was smoke and mirrors. Those guys play their hearts out, but they are nowhere near a dominant line. Now we're staring down the barrel at Joe Hawley at center.
  11. We are on the same wavelength here man. Except for Smitty. Great coach. Don't think he has a worry in the world. With respect to his job anyway.
  12. Well, lets be real. The only thing that "backs it up" is on the field play. College stats don't mean jack. Just that they were good in college.
  13. Brees has been in the league for how many more years than Ryan? And Brees lost his job with the team that drafted him right? Why was that? By the way... nice loss to a team with a losing record last week.
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