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  1. I put a fresh coat of paint on my Julio thread. People like shiny new things😬
  2. Who is getting Julio, or will he be a falcon at the start of the season?
  3. I like it, but I'm not cutting Dante Fowler. I think he will have a bounce back year.
  4. I thought he was good at Georgia, and probably better than we have had in a while, but not elite.
  5. Just curious, what did you find out about Lance?
  6. Are Cam Newton's days as a starter finished? Could you see him in Atlanta as a back up? Flame away 😁
  7. I'm not a Ryan hater, but I see decline. Matt has been really un-clutch the past couple seasons. I am talking about the second half of games for the past couple years. Is it all on coaching as some would say on these boards, or is it decline?
  8. I don't disagree with that, but Ryan is not athletic enough to get outside the pocket at times, and takes quick sacks. Maybe that's the key to his longevity, which is going down quick before he gets hammered. I personally would like to see him on more roll outs and quick throws.
  9. Get rid of the seven step drop backs. Hopefully Arthur Smith can scheme getting the ball out of Ryan's hands quicker.
  10. Awesome. He's on my radar now. We could use a good return man. Its been a while.
  11. This is my 3 round mock with a trade to Chicago for picks. 20. Travis Etienne RB Clemson 35. Christian Barmore DT Alabama 52. Jevon Holland S Oregon 68. Carlos Basham Jr. EDGE Wake Forest 83.
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