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  1. Brock is easily one of the best tight ends in the country. Dawgs are stacked at tight end. Washington is really good as well.
  2. They showed Ridley and zacheus on the sidelines today, and I couldn't help saying to myself "those are two of the skinniest NFL recievers that I've ever seen. They needs to beef up.
  3. Cameron Nizialeks injury and complete lack of effort on that kick return should be the last we we him this year. We get an experienced guy waiting in Dustin.
  4. Ridley needs to have that juggs machine following him around at practice next week. Live fire from all directions😁
  5. Ridley needs to stop moving backwards. Just get up the field.
  6. Two years?? I'm not comfortable saying that until we get our future QB. Matt is going to struggle behind this garbage O-line.
  7. I put a fresh coat of paint on my Julio thread. People like shiny new things😬
  8. Who is getting Julio, or will he be a falcon at the start of the season?
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