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  1. Whatever you say man, I legit asked a question and you decided to ignore it and be childish. Have a good one!
  2. Really looking forward to your next insightful answer! Thanks for clearing it up!
  3. Man, you sure do like to put words in other peoples mouths. Im asking a legit question, and as far as that last TD drive. What happens if Ryan doesnt throw that pick and gets a TD with time on the clock? How can a team who is losing have "garbage" time stats when the point of the game is to win...Do you want them to go into a chew clock and run offense when the game is "out of reach"? The games not over till the clock hits 00:00, as a Falcons fan you should fully understand that.
  4. Despite the mistakes across the secondary, I still really like this pick. Kid just needs some time.
  5. I see it being all fans and players. As fans, we always include ourselves when talking about the team by saying "We didnt play our best" or things along those lines. As a Falcons fan I consider myself an Atlanta Falcon even though the team couldnt pick me out of a lineup. Maybe?
  6. I can firmly say I did not receive one of them as I live in NY 🤬 However, if anyone gets an extra they dont want, I will gladly pay for shipping for it!
  7. What makes the game out of reach? Down 25 points with 2:12 left in the 3rd?
  8. Fair enough, being out of market I dont always get a chance to see the games and I know I missed that one.
  9. A coaching change definitely means we move on from Ryan, whether it be this season or next. His fate is sealed with DQ.
  10. I did forget about that game but I think that was more of a trap game than anything. I wouldnt say NO was outcoached but that they just assumed it would be a walk through. I guess it depends on the definition of outcoached?
  11. I hear ya, and im with you on the hypothesis. Im just hoping some kind of light switch gets turned on and Blank just does what needs to be done.
  12. On the flip side, if this team is 1-5 or 0-6 and virtually out of the playoffs, what does keeping DQ do for the team?
  13. Got me on defense, should have clarified and said offense. On paper this team has the potential of putting up more points than anyone before, yet we dont. The defense has enough talent to be a top 10-15 defense year in and year out, but they dont play that way.
  14. It definitely is a wildcard, no doubt about that. I just think (more so hope) that AB is on high alert for the same patterns we always seem to fall into. If there was a complete overhaul (like the previous season with new OC/DC) I think the leash is a little bit longer, but this is now (so far) 3 years straight of looking like moist garbage to start the season and I just hope AB nips it in the bud before its too late.
  15. If the last 2 years didnt play out the way they did, I would agree with you. But with the fan base on edge as it is and the coaches all walking on egg shells, I wouldnt be surprised at a mid-season firing. I hope that is the case as it gives us more time to view the HC landscape but that would mean a good decision for a team that doesnt really have those that often.
  16. Playoff game against the Rams I would say....wayyyy too long ago. I was all aboard this team being sneaky good, the only thing they are sneaky good at is getting our hopes up just to drop the same crap product year after year.
  17. I honestly think if this team goes 0-5 or 1-4 the first 5 games he will be gone. I dont think AB will let excuses get in the way this year. This team (on paper) may have more talent than anyone else in the league. The fact that we always look like a big ole piece of poopie is mind boggling.
  18. The fact that the Falcons lost their opening game doesn’t guarantee they’re going to miss the playoffs again this season, nor that owner Arthur Blank is going to clean house. They lost their season opener in 2016 (to Tampa Bay coaches Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith) and then went on to finish 11-5 and reached the Super Bowl in a year when they were expected to go 7-9. So as tormented Atlanta sports fans project an image of the future that hasn’t happened yet, there’s hope to cling to. The difference between 2016 and 2020 is Dan Quinn was in only his second season as head coach four years ago
  19. Really thought this was about the draft, got me thinking....if for some crazy reason the season ended today, who gets the #1 pick?
  20. It's gotta be an offensive minded hire. The last two were supposed defensive "gurus" and haven't elevated our defense at all while we lost the best OC the NFL had seen in a while. A DC is less likely to be taken from a team now-a-days as the league focuses on points. We just need a new minded DC and we have the pieces to compete. The 💩 we run for defense is way too archaic but we have athletes in place that can do well in multiple schemes
  21. Give me Bieniemy or Riley. I think they both bring different mindsets and Riley could be a huge gamble. I just have a feeling he has what it takes, especially if Kingsbury does well this year. However; if the Falcons have to hire a new HC, I expect Matt's predecessor to be drafted. Just sucks he might not get the championship he deserves for Atlanta. (Excuses if none of that is coherent, I may have taken some....uh...."Vitamins"
  22. Getting sick of the whole "Garbage time"crap. People act like we're the Saints with Brees trying to break records
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