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  1. I try not to really read much about what DK has to say as I typically end up smashing my head into the nearest solid object, but has he ever once come out and say "I need to do better"? It always seems like its everyone elses fault?
  2. Brad Holmes sounds intriguing but I havent read up on most of these. Is this a list of candidates that can be contacted now or after the season?
  3. Not only was RM a benefactor of the "bounce back" games, he was also a huge benefactor of the level of talent we played. Everyone saying he deserves a shot because of what he did jumped the gun for sure. The end of this season will be very telling. And so far, it's not looking good.
  4. I agree. At this rate, they may not win again. They looked awful
  5. Well, yeah. But pushes my thought on it even more. RM beat the bad teams, this back end of the schedule will be telling and it doesn't look good so far. They looked horrid today. Almost like DQ was back.
  6. This is what I had been saying for a while. The schedule is only getting harder, and as the saying goes...you are what your record says your are. Can't put lipstick on a pig....unless you're in New Orleans I guess...
  7. I think it's just due diligence at this point. Some say he is ready again and has done well in the league office, I think it's just more that he's available to speak with already.
  8. Falcons considering Rick Smith for general manager, Raheem Morris making a push to retain head coaching status By Jason La Canfora 1h ago 2 min read The Atlanta Falcons are continuing internal discussions about potential general manager replacements, while interim head coach Raheem Morris continues to impress ownership and the front office with his performance replacing Dan Quinn. Morris, who has deep ties to team president Rich McKay and is also well regarded by McKay confidant Tony Dungy, has the Falcons playing good football since Quinn was let go following
  9. Mobile qb doesnt mean an inaccurate QB, its such a misconception....
  10. It’s time once again for the most-heated and most-underrated rivalry in the NFL. The Falcons and Saints first met on Nov. 20, 1967 (a 27-24 Saints win), and the rivalry has been close ever since. The Falcons lead the all-time series 53-49, although the Saints have the lead in three of the past four decades, and they won the most recent meeting last year. The two teams have played twice every season since 1970, except for 1987, so yeah, the Falcons and Saints know a lot about each other. To break down the first meeting of 2020 and this decade, our beat writers, Tori McElhaney for the
  11. It's not just random people talking out their A's though, people around the league agree that he is going to be a great coach. Just like I think Quinn brought some of our players down, I think EB may bring them up. I've done an awful lot of reading on him and have been swayed (I didn't originally want him for the same reasons you say). I also like the idea of Brady after reading what the league says about him too
  12. There is no "factual" information one can give on coaches, its an opinion. Failure somewhere else does not mean failure here, I just dont believe he has what it takes to right the ship. He was part of a staff that was known to blow leads, he did it as HC against the Lions (along with TERRIBLE decisions) and he sat back and watched the lead shrink against DEN. This team has not 'turned the corner' under RM. The talent of teams we have played has dropped (when we played them) and players no longer are in a scheme that doesnt fit them. You think the major turn around was because RM is the i
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