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  1. Didn't realize Wentz and Ajayi played for the Colts... And actually, alot of team have been leaning on rookie deals to round out the rest of their teams, Rams and Browns are prime examples (also fun tidbit Wentz is on his rookie deal still).
  2. This...I just went through and looked at well, they have 22 players in reserve/IR NOT ON IR. They only really have 3 starters out for the year,Doyle being one of them but they have Ebron so that's a wash... As someone else mentioned earlier, the timing of the injuries hurt as well. GJ, Neal, Debo, Freeman were all hurt week one, than came the line guys and Rico. Not that it could ever be proven but I bet if those guys were getting hurt now our record wouldn't be the same. This doesn't absolve coaching from blame at all, but it's alot harder to pin point it on that when so many key guys were out from weeks 1-4.
  3. Three major holes with your post 1) You said 90% of injuries are on defense, may be true. However, 2 starting o-line are out for the season and Freeman has been out most of the season. That makes a major difference. 2) O-line hasn't done anything in the rushing game, when the other team knows you can't run the ball (see #1) they can tee off on passes. 3) Since you like data I did some digging of my own, 12-10 +11, 9-2 -2. That's the difference between our give/take from 2016 to this year. That's 13 less opportunities the offense has had with the ball. Also, 64.56%-65.71% that'd redzone TD % between 2016 and this year. Some other stats I looked at but don't have time to fully post, 1st down % is up this year compared to 2016, T.O.P is about the same between both years... Not saying Sark isn't a problem but when the same stuff happens year after year (except 2016 obviously) with different coaches, the players have to be looked at too
  4. It's crazy just how quietly great he has been. He's on any "media loved" team he would talked about every week.
  5. A couple of weeks ago I was going through MR2 career stats and found some interesting numbers going against current players: He ranks: 7th in Tds with 274 (Aaron Rodgers is ahead of him with 323) 6th in passing yards with 43,751 (Philip Rivers is ahead of him with 52,050.) 10th in passer rating with 94.2 (Cousins ahead of him at 94.7) 4th in PYG with 266.8 (Luck ahead of him at 274.6) 3rd in Comp % at 65.1 (Cousins ahead at 66.1%) And tied for 4th (with Eli) in 4th quarter comebacks at 26 He ranks up there with some of the current greats on alot of other stats. He does rank 8th in INTs thrown however.
  6. Except our hangover was from blowing that lead, little different scensrio.
  7. I may be wrong but hasnt Matt been one of the better QBs under pressure during his career? This whole game has been sloppy on offense, I still think itll come together. Its game one, plus the penalties have been outrageous. If the no catch for Julio would have been correctly called, who knows how this game would be right now
  8. If that's your logic, I guess everyone who has lost to Brady is garbage since he started as ....yes that's right, a backup QB
  9. Yeah, as long as Phi scores 12 or fewer points
  10. This is an amazing idea and kind of opposite of what I do with some of my friends. I live in NY so most of my friends are Giants/Jets fans but there are some that like other teams, so we each pick one game (usually a Sunday Night/MNF/Thursday) and make dishes from our teams state. For a New Yorker my wife makes a mean chicken and waffle...too bad shes a giants fan. I did notice you didnt have the NYG game listed here, is that because you have something already? If not you can never go wrong with a Reuben on rye! I've also came up with the ultimate breakfast sandwich, New Yorkers are known for making a bacon, egg, and cheese into one word (baconeggcheesesaltpepperketchup) but I like to add chicken cutlet to it, maybe you can do something with that? Good luck with this man, sounds like an awesome idea!
  11. Any time I read the *narrator voice* two different voices battle it out, it's either Morgan Freeman or a guy from a nature show...every time! Lmao (For the record this time it was Freeman) Caption would be "I love skipping! Everyone follow me!"
  12. Except last season the offense was the weak side, defense has come along real nice. Its a great pick and only makes the team better, can keep the offense on the field and the defense off to get them a rest.
  13. I hope for the Vikings that's not true, no matter how bad the result could be no NFL team should back out of a challenge. I hope the post is true and Atlanta wipes the floor with the Eagles.
  14. I could have swore I saw some reports stating the Eagles would be playing the Vikings to kick off the season. I cant seem to find a credible source but there are some reports out there that state the same thing... One post