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  1. think he's talking about Schraeder dude...the topic is about the online
  2. I actually just said the same thing, the Eagles look like we did last year, flying around the field, having fun, and making plays. They're exciting to watch... We are like watching paint dry right now, it sucks. If we played offense like we did last year or the Eagles are this year we would be the best team in the league. Our defense would be loads better.
  3. Not to stir the pot more but usually when a player hits a QB in the head, the refs would say that during the announcement...at least I thought they do? As far as the line about would it still have been a pick? Yeah,it would have since Cutler was hit after he threw. All Grady had to do was veer off or pull up...
  4. I don't think they are trying to stir anything up, I haven't heard anyone else mention it. It does seem likely though, it doesn't feel like they have the same "team" mentality this year, it's like the taste of greatness is in their heads. I'm waiting for something to come out of the locker room about the offense as well, I'm glad Julio is not a typical diva because 99% of the WRs in the league would have said something by now if they were in Julios cleats. 5 games and 0 TDs? Something has to give...
  5. Living in NY I rarely get to hear anything about Atlanta on the radio unless it's a passing mention. This morning however, 98.7s (which is ESPN radio here) Mike and Mike in the morning discussed the issue with Atlanta along with Booger McFarland. Golic mentioned the loss of Shanahan being one of the issues and Sark still trying to get comfortable with the play calling, with the biggest issue of not getting Julio involved more. Booger agreed but than said something I haven't heard/thought of but worries me if true. He said it seems like Atlanta doesn't seem to be playing as a team but are playing for themselves. He mentiones the roughing the passer on Grady when Jones made the pick. He (Booger) said it seemed as if Grady wanted to make sure his name was mentioned in the defensive meetings for a great hit instead of having the coach say something like "great pressure created there by the line, that Jarret should have been happy with the pressure forcing the turnover. I didn't think this would be an issue but I also heard during the game that Quinn mentioned that there was a lack of emotion in the Buffalo game. It seemed as if the team came out on fire in th3 first half but started to regress as far as intensity and unity in the second half. Has this been mentioned at all in Atlanta? Do you guys think it could be one of the issues?
  6. That would be a cool consolation prize, I was supposed to be at the game! Thanks for doing this!
  7. Peerless Price? Michael Jenkins?...wait neither of them could catch a cold let alone a bullet
  8. I have to say, the touchdowns in the NFCCG might be my all time favorites for Julio. They showed his best attributes, first his route running and awareness then his speed and power. Just flat out amazing. Also the point to the ref is awesome, he knew he was in and just waited for the ref.
  9. Rounding to the nearest 10th would still give you the same numbers, if you mean to the nearest whole number it wouldn't be 60/40 it would be 58/42. That's a 16 percent difference which is a lot different than 20 percent. As the article and another poster pointed out we had the 11th highest run percentage in the NFL. It's not the ground a pound era anymore, I'd say 58/42 is a pretty dang good split. It's the situations in which the offense decides to run that needs to be worked on, imo.
  10. My fellow Falcons fans, I could use your help! I'm a diehard Falcons fan living in the middle of Giants/Jets country and I'm hoping I can get some sympathy for that. Besides Falcons football my favorite way to pass the time is by watching/playing hockey. As hard as I root for Atlanta, I root just as hard for the New York Rangers. On May 5th I will be able to combine those two things into one, I was selected to play in a charity game with New York Rangers alumni. The reason for this charity game is to raise funds for the youth in my area. For those that don't know, hockey is an extremely expensive sport and it is one of the main reasons I wasn't able to play during my youth. While I understand this charity probably doesn't have any effect on 99.9% of you, I was hoping that being in the brotherhood might help. All I ask is for is a donation of any kind, as we all know any amount can help. Please help me to help these kids get to live their dream like I will get to live mine. Below is the link to my sponsor page, again, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for giving me your time and thank you in advance for any donations you may be able to make! https://benefitgames.com/profile/dennismoorehead/#elevent
  11. If it was former player, Boone Stutz and I'd have him lift the **** curse somehow. Current player? Either Tru or Neal
  12. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/cap/ I found this link to future cap space, it looks like we will have about 50 mil in cap space next year and 79 mil the following. I don't think it take into account the salary cap rising and it also has the players under contract (obviously). Most of the cap space comes from contracts coming off the books (39 players signed for 2018 and only 15 for 2019). We do seem to have some good space though
  13. I'm actually taking an hour drive tomorrow into Connecticut, it's the closest place to me that sells Sweetwater. Having never had it, which one do you guys recommend?