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  1. ****, Julio almost put 2 iggles on the IR with that block. Dude looked like he got knocked out.
  2. Im not going to lie, I have no idea how to embed the table I found. Biggest comeback was last year vs Tampa (down 17). Table is interesting to see, ill include the link i guess https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/atl/comebacks.htm#comebacks::none
  3. Just read an article (link below) that mentioned kicking in the preseason: " Kicker concerns Anxious fan bases across the league get stressed when their kicker misses anything during the preseason. The Vikings were so worried about Dan Bailey that they traded a fifth-round pick to the Ravens for Kaare Vedvik, who might profile as a kicker, a punter, or both. The Jets, who let Pro Bowl kicker Jason Myers leave for the Seahawks in free agency, were so anxious about Chandler Catanzaro that the veteran chose to retire after missing two extra points. Let's not even start with the Bears. The reality, though, is that it's foolish to base significant decisions about kickers on one regular-season's worth of data when that might amount to 30 field goals and 35 extra points. When you factor in the degree of difficulty for those extra points and some of the shorter kicks, we might be looking at only 20 kicks per year where the league average dips below 90%. It would be like judging a baseball player on 20 at-bats per year or a shooting guard on 20 shots. Now, imagine making the same judgments about the preseason when a kicker might attempt only six field goals and a similar number of extra points over a four-game stretch. Plenty of teams carry a second kicker and give them a scoring try or two as well. Last preseason, Justin Tucker was 4-of-8 on field goal attempts. Of course, all of the misses were from 50 or more yards out. Once the season began, Tucker was his usual self, going 35-of-39 on field goals, including 5-of-7 on kicks of 50 yards or more. Don't get stressed about what a kicker does on six or eight attempts in August. The Verdict: Doesn't matter" Just adding some fuel to the fire. Which preseason storylines matter? Barnwell's verdict on 11 big ones https://es.pn/2U5rUfG via @ESPN App http://espn.com/app
  4. I really thought this was a rumor that we were one of 3 teams in the running. They're really saying we would be a good landing spot, no kidding!
  5. While I like DQ and the FO somewhat admitting they made mistakes, there isn't much any team could have done with the amount of star power lost last year. Stud players don't grow on trees, I will say one thing that is a positive is that there were some players being over shadowed previous year that got their names called to step up (biggest I can think of is Kazee and Campbell). That'll help us in the long haul, plus those players that needed plays got them last year. Im personally very confident in the defense this year and the above is one reason why.
  6. Good thing he's still unsigned even with all these teams having kicker issues...I wonder why that is?
  7. I can't find the clip but I thought of that clip with the kid running down field and all the players "blocking" for him and that dude comes out of nowhere and levels him. It's a fake clip but hilarious
  8. Did no one else laugh at the fact that the abbreviated form of position was changed to "piece of poop"?
  9. Didn't realize Wentz and Ajayi played for the Colts... And actually, alot of team have been leaning on rookie deals to round out the rest of their teams, Rams and Browns are prime examples (also fun tidbit Wentz is on his rookie deal still).
  10. This...I just went through and looked at well, they have 22 players in reserve/IR NOT ON IR. They only really have 3 starters out for the year,Doyle being one of them but they have Ebron so that's a wash... As someone else mentioned earlier, the timing of the injuries hurt as well. GJ, Neal, Debo, Freeman were all hurt week one, than came the line guys and Rico. Not that it could ever be proven but I bet if those guys were getting hurt now our record wouldn't be the same. This doesn't absolve coaching from blame at all, but it's alot harder to pin point it on that when so many key guys were out from weeks 1-4.
  11. Three major holes with your post 1) You said 90% of injuries are on defense, may be true. However, 2 starting o-line are out for the season and Freeman has been out most of the season. That makes a major difference. 2) O-line hasn't done anything in the rushing game, when the other team knows you can't run the ball (see #1) they can tee off on passes. 3) Since you like data I did some digging of my own, 12-10 +11, 9-2 -2. That's the difference between our give/take from 2016 to this year. That's 13 less opportunities the offense has had with the ball. Also, 64.56%-65.71% that'd redzone TD % between 2016 and this year. Some other stats I looked at but don't have time to fully post, 1st down % is up this year compared to 2016, T.O.P is about the same between both years... Not saying Sark isn't a problem but when the same stuff happens year after year (except 2016 obviously) with different coaches, the players have to be looked at too
  12. It's crazy just how quietly great he has been. He's on any "media loved" team he would talked about every week.
  13. A couple of weeks ago I was going through MR2 career stats and found some interesting numbers going against current players: He ranks: 7th in Tds with 274 (Aaron Rodgers is ahead of him with 323) 6th in passing yards with 43,751 (Philip Rivers is ahead of him with 52,050.) 10th in passer rating with 94.2 (Cousins ahead of him at 94.7) 4th in PYG with 266.8 (Luck ahead of him at 274.6) 3rd in Comp % at 65.1 (Cousins ahead at 66.1%) And tied for 4th (with Eli) in 4th quarter comebacks at 26 He ranks up there with some of the current greats on alot of other stats. He does rank 8th in INTs thrown however.
  14. Except our hangover was from blowing that lead, little different scensrio.