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  1. I'm pretty sure that's photoshopped jerseys. If you look at Gurley he is still in the Rams uniform with the yellow stripe colored red.
  2. I'm all for signing Gurley to a friendly deal where we can release him without much dead cap...if healthy he's a top 5 RB in the league. If not we still have Hill Also, since he was released, him signing wouldn't negate a comp pick (I believe)
  3. *After spoon rips his knee
  4. Bet Makes sense so it doesn't get derailed.
  5. @AUTiger7222 awesome idea! Is this just for signings/cuts or is this a FA discussion (who we want, etc...)thread? I dont want to hijack it lol
  6. You sir....deserve a raise!
  7. Not only would he be an improvement, it also gives some flexibility in the draft. If we can get him and Fowler for the same price as Clowney im all in.
  8. Ahh, see i forgot about him....
  9. IDK if youre comparing him to VB but VB was horrible against the run. This would be an upgrade even if he generated the same amount of sacks/pressure but was solid in the run game.
  10. False, winning games is your first objective which is why the teams that have the best RECORD in each conference gets rewarded with home field throughout. The team with the worst RECORD gets the number 1 pick. But a team that goes 11-5 with a division winner who went 12-4 doesnt get rewarded over a team that wins the division with a 7-9 record. And again, the team that wins their division with a losing record is getting rewarded by getting into the playoffs while other teams with better records do not even make it to the playoffs. The way it currently stands, they get rewarded twice, one is getting into the playoffs and the second is getting home field advantage.
  11. So a team that has a better season and record should be penalized for playing in a tougher division? That doesnt make any sense. The team that wins their division still gets rewarded, they make the playoffs even if they have a worse record than everyone else in the conference, how is that fair to teams that end the year with a winning record?
  12. The biggest thing I think that needs to be fixed for the Playoffs isnt the amount of teams. It happens very rarely but needs to be addressed: If a team wins their division with an 8-8 or worse record, they should be forced to play on the road. A wild card team with a tougher division and better records should not be forced to play a road game. The teams should be re-seeded before the playoffs begin. JMO
  13. 16 Javon Kinlaw IDL South Carolina 47 J.K. Dobbins , RB Ohio State 55 Curtis Weaver , EDGE Boise State 78 Bryce Hall CB Virginia 109 K'Von Wallace , S Clemson 139 Albert Okwuegbunam TE Missouri
  14. Also those clamoring for Ryan to take less, there is a thing called the NFLPA (Players association) that wont allow for players to sign well below market value. Thats why when you see players take "a hometown discount" its only for a couple mil less. If a player takes a 50% pay cut, what happens to the players behind him that need to sign these contracts? Contracts arent just on the individual player. I may have worded this wrong but you get it....
  15. Absolutely not, we do not need more playmakers on offense right now. Let Hoop walk, draft his replacement late round and work on fixing this defense. Fowler is a much bigger need than Hopper right now.