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  1. Wouldn't hate that either. I think he could be used all over in Pees scheme tbh...
  2. My wife wont let me do that, she said only if he wins the SB....man was I close to laughing in her face lmao.... 😭😭😭
  3. As a die hard Notre Dame fan, Im pushing BIG TIME for JOK. His biggest issue is not wrapping up for the tackles. He is a little undersized but man can his athleticism make up for it. Got my credit card ready to buy his jersey immediately. This means he will be taken by the Jets 😪
  4. Does anyone actually have a definition of a Ryanite? I see it getting thrown around on Falcons FB page a lot... Im assuming I know what its supposed to mean but...im not trying to make an *** of u and me
  5. You got me there. I think (hope) they can find a fit for him but that could be a sign as to why there hasn't been any extensions in the works.
  6. Moving one player doesn't signal a rebuild. They aren't gutting the team. The assets/cap space they would have could easily make this a retool.
  7. That's one mans opinion. I think with the style Smith calls, Ridley would be more than capable as well as Gage. That would also only be for one year. If Julio is moved, they will have more cap to sign someone next year/draft his replacement.
  8. But Grady isnt on the wrong side of his career making a boatload of money WITH an injury history. Besides, we have depth at WR, we dont have ANY defensive depth
  9. I have no idea what I do wrong, copy and paste. I always get a **** link instead 🤣🤣
  10. There was a post going around that had the Braves PA announcer do the line up with the Cubes in it. No idea how to embed but I think it's on the Braves twitter https://twitter.com/sryan03/status/1385688963613138945?s=19
  11. Not sure I understand their maths, if Lawrence is a lock to go #1 how is Wilson getting 98.5% chance at going 2nd?
  12. As a ND fan, I would be more than fine with this. Dude was underutilized for whatever reason. When he got the ball he looked great and is a **** of a blocker. A lot of untapped potential (that could be said about a few guys from ND this year)
  13. Almost as good as someone saying we dont need to draft a RB because Patterson was listed as RB in Chi 🙄
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