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  1. If you ask the announcers though, the pass interference was on Pitts 🙄 Did anyone else seem to notice how much the team got dogged by that one guy and he praised everything Miami did?
  2. Im not normally a Braves fan but I was rooting for them hard last night. Glad to see them put last year behind them and take it to the Dodgers. Would be nice to see some of y'all celebrate something. I feel like Atlanta is such a cursed sports town (maybe Georgia as a state is sports cursed). Go Braves!
  3. I honestly don't think we've seen it all, I think the Bye is happening at a great time for this team despite the fact it's early. The defense has t been using as many disguises or coverages that is expected with a DP playbook. With some of the younger guys stepping up and showing an understanding of the playbook, I think we will see a bit more open up as the weeks go on.
  4. So the offense has to bail out the defense? Sounds about right.
  5. I thought we already put this myth to bed? He has more passing yards in the 1st half of games. Next?
  6. Because "Lucy" could be telling the line to block left while "Larry" can be for the RB to run left. It's not as simple as saying "run this play left"
  7. Why are we acting like this is news? Every team has a call similar to this. The defense knows what "direction" is being called but they don't know for what. Both plays were a PA fake, not a run (could be wrong but pretty sure they were PA). Lucy could be a slide block left, a left run, a left PA, left blocking assignment.
  8. I think one of the night impressive things I saw yesterday was the fight this team has. Nothing was working on offense and it looked as if it would be another crushing loss. Good to see them come up with the W
  9. I've just been seeing this narrative a lot lately but havent seen anyone actually support it. I thought 2nd half would be more yards but not by much. Was not expecting the opposite what so ever.
  10. Thats nonsense. Its an easy and lazy shot at Ryan. Avg pass yards per quarter (13 full seasons): 1st- 1,002 2nd- 1,221 3rd- 948 4th- 1,108 1st half-2,224 2nd half- 2,056
  11. This has been a very weird year for me and being able to watch the Falcons. Live in NY and NEVER get the Atlanta games, this year I get 3 in a row (and 4/5 when we play the Jets)
  12. This is one of those seasons where "meaningless wins" dont exist for this team. I dont think we make the playoffs this year but I see the 2nd half being much more of a look into the future of this team once everyone is on the same page. If they make the playoffs, great. If they barely miss after racking up a few late season wins? Great Both of those show we have the talent and coaching to keep us on track, if they fall flat and land a top 5 pick? Great.
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