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  1. With Free’s injuries the last couple of years I get it but Teco had a chance to show what he could do as the bell cow back and it’s not like he showed out. Can’t cut Free without a bunch of dead money anyways. Time to let Teco walk, draft a replacement for him, and it’ll more than likely be a replacement for Free in a season or two as well. Also, I think Ito will develop into a solid # 2 back.
  2. Hopefully you’re wrong but even with that being a possibility I still wouldn’t resign Teco for the $ that he’s going to get by another team. Just use a 3rd or 4th on one in the draft. I personally think Ito is going to be good....
  3. Restructure his deal and keep him.
  4. Hahahaha that’s true. I’ll just say that whatever the outcome is I hope it makes Saints fans cry some more. I really don’t care who wins.
  5. I just hope we put 1:47 or whatever it was all over MB when they come play. Better yet... have it flash during the SB with an upside down fluer de ish.
  6. I’m sure this has been said multiple times now but how is the Saints no calll any different than the no calls in the 2nd half of our SB loss or the no call on the raping of Roddy in the 2012 NFCCS? I mean seriously... bad calls and no calls happen. I don’t like them anymore than anyone else but it is what it is and I don’t know why this one in particular has gotten so much attention other than some lawyer in NO tried to sue the NFL just for his own personal gain, marketing. My one and only response to this. End rant lol
  7. They say “one play doesn’t decide the game” and it didn’t in this one either. Everyone seems to have forgotten The no call on the face mask against the Rams the previous drive.
  8. I like Koetter and think he’s gonna do a good job with all these weapons. Get some Oline help and we’re set.
  9. It might.. as much as I’ve always liked Free the injuries are concerning. IF he comes back like he was then we kept the right back though IMO. Doesn’t really matter, we can’t afford to keep both and can’t trade/release Free without a huge cap hit until 2020. Side note: Grady’s about to get paid big $.
  10. Same here. I don’t really have an issue with Koetter though.. just not my first choice.
  11. I’m glad he’s taking over the dc role. I bet he is even less involved with the offense going forward.
  12. We’ll probably take a RB in the 4th or 5th. Pretty slim chance Coleman is back.
  13. Don’t want us to hire Bevell anyway
  14. Good post. I think Alford, Levitre, and Coleman are gone. I really thought Beasley was going to have a better season. Can’t pay him 12 mil for next season so hope the FO figures out a way to lower his hit, I’d still like to keep him.
  15. No changes will be made until the season is over. My bet is Sark is the only one fired. Maybe Armstrong goes somewhere else as well.
  16. Lol I was just about to mention that play. It was the worst pass I’ve ever seen to this day. I don’t know why people equate a good QB to how far or fast they can throw a football. The best QBs that have ever played the game did not have the best of arms. Brady, Montana, Manning, Brees come to mind.
  17. Well it is the only one we almost won lol
  18. It’s not one thing. Injuries, bad play calling, and execution are all to blame. I will say that I was very frustrated that on 3rd and 1 we put Sanu at QB to throw a 25 yard pass though and I have been been puzzled all season that we run empty backfield formations inside the 10 yard line. Sark isn’t the whole problem but I’ve seen enough to say that I’m ready to move on.
  19. It was UGLY but it also hit him right in the hands.
  20. Same here. I think DQ just needs to go back to calling the defense. Armstrong should have been gone years ago.
  21. Sark will be out at the end of the season IMO.
  22. That’s just messed up but laughed
  23. Thinking Vic may go back to some snaps at LB. We’ll see...
  24. I like Beasley and think the hate is ridiculous. He hasn’t played as well as I’d like or hoped he would but he’s played much better than the majority on here give him credit for. Oh and I liked Kroy too, the hate for him was unreal considering he was a 5th round draft pick who always gave his all.