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  1. Oh I get it man lol. What I’d do for another winning season. Was supposed to go to the Saints game on Thanksgiving but I’m not doing that to myself now!
  2. B2B2B winning seasons was Smitty man.
  3. I may be the only one who agrees with you on this. I don’t understand the hate for TD. Still think this team has a lot of talent. Should we have given Free and Tru large contracts, nope but hindsight is 20/20.
  4. Same cause I like DQ but this defense is the worst I’ve ever seen.
  5. Uh no and Jalen Hurts is not gonna be a good NFL QB.
  6. I agree. TD gets a lot of blame for no reason IMO. The only signing he’s had recently that looks really bad now is Freeman. The draft... most on here just pointed to DQ if the pick turned out to be good and if the sucked then it was TDS guy. I don’t claim to have the answers either. I don’t know what it is but I’m not blaming TD or DQ for going heavy o-line in FA and the draft. Sucks that Lindstrom is hurt and these guys aren’t getting it done yet but I think they will. I guess I just thought they’d play better than they have and that the defense would be a lot better. I’ve been a huge defender of DQ but so far it appears to be more on coaching. I hope we at least see them try SOMETHING different on defense this weekend. That soft zone is awful to watch. Play some man and blitz, F it if we get burnt.
  7. Yep. It would have worked if someone would have just made the tackle. With this said, I still think we played it too soft.
  8. I see TATF is on the hate MR train again lol. So much wrong with this team... MR played well yesterday. How bout the perfectly thrown ball to Sanu that was dropped in the endzone? How bout the defense looking like hot garbage? The OL looking like ish? Matt isn’t excused... he didn’t play well in the first 2 games, yes I know we won 1 of those, but if you think he’s anywhere close to the main problem the last 2 games then you’re blind.
  9. Exactly. He played pretty well yesterday... I don’t know what some people see when they are watching the game.
  10. Totally agree and yeah made me like Rison even more lol.
  11. Deion was my first but really despised him after he left and still not a fan anymore.
  12. Not Sanu. Next year he’ll be traded or cut more than likely.
  13. This
  14. FO has already stated they are high on Senat. Hopefully Hageman contributes too.
  15. Agreed... Hope he does well this season and lots of folks eat some serious crow.
  16. You think so? I don’t see Hoop going anywhere...
  17. You’ve lost your mind. Mahomes was great last season but let’s see him do it again. Wentz and Luck... please
  18. Exactly what we should do and I’m a Vic fan. I was really surprised he didn’t play better last season but felt like he came on at the end. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, outside of Matt Ryan I’ve never wanted to see a player succeed more.
  19. This. Rico is much better than people give him credit for.
  20. McNasty looks like a good one to me. Time will tell
  21. Lee makes a lot of sense. I haven’t kept up with him but recall some folks on here wanting him in the draft.
  22. Would love it
  23. Nope, we’ll sign Grady and free up some $.
  24. My thinking as well when we took him. Haven’t looked to see if he’s played any center but makes too much sense.
  25. Like him even more now.