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  1. No. He’s not fetching a 1st and he’s also not going to get WR1 $ the way he’s playing right now. Still a good WR though and think he’ll get it together.
  2. Glad to see Rid get that TD. People looking silly now with all the nonsense and hate that’s been throw at him since he dropped a few passes and missed a game. Glad to have him back…
  3. Beating the Jets in London does not mean Ridley is expendable or that we’re better off without him. Unless he doesn’t want to be here or something else strange has taken place that we’re not aware of it makes no sense to trade him at this time. Low $, his value is at an all time low, and he’s signed through next season at a decent price for a guy who’s put up the #s he has. Idk why people are so down on him. He’s dropped some balls but still our best WR by far.
  4. I agree. We got screwed in the WFT game. It was a fumble and I was pretty shocked they didn’t call it that way after the review.
  5. I like the optimism and anything is possible but there is a lot of football left to be played. Really taking this season game by game. If we can get a win against the Dolphins then that would be a huge confidence builder for the team and the fans.
  6. Same. I was not happy when we traded back lol
  7. Based on what I’ve read about Andrews it’s probably best just to ride with Mayfield as long as he continues to improve even when Andrews does come back
  8. I don’t watch a lot of college football outside of the Dawgs but caught the first half of the OU WV game last night. Didn’t come away impressed with Rattler at all.
  9. Hope Cam has a good game. He has another bad punt and they’ll probably cut or put him on the PS and put Colquitt on the 53.
  10. This will be the first game I can’t watch in years so yeah I’d bet the Falcons look good today and come away with the W. Going to Furnace Fest but I’ll be following on my phone.
  11. That’s completely BS. If anything it’s the other way around. Ryan is one of if not the most underrated QBs in the league. Btw, you and fans like you forget we went to the playoffs the year after the SB. If you’re gonna BS at least do it well.
  12. I’m amazed that people who know little to nothing about football take the time to post BS on a message board. I truly wonder if most of the people I see give Ryan so much crap actually watch the game or just highlights.
  13. Same. At least reminded me why I’ve loved watching them over the years.
  14. Was gonna say the same. I’m not as big on Fields as others, I think he will be decent starter in the NFL, but I don’t think he’ll be as good as Ryan has been. With that said, if we had drafted him and he played behind this OL it would have ruined him.
  15. I feel for you but I was at the game hearing that f’n E-A-G… you get it BS. Couldn’t even get the “fans” around me to make any noise when we were still in it
  16. Teddy had a good game Sunday but what he was dealing with in Carolina last year is a good litmus for what he’d be in for here. Ryan is a much better QB. Teddy isn’t what I’d call mobile, more mobile than Matt but that isn’t saying much lol. I’m gonna leave it at this. If a team wanted to field the best QB they could and Matt Ryan was available over half the league would sign him in a heartbeat. The only reason that would not be the case would be teams like Jacksonville, Jets, SF, etc. who want to develop the young promising QBs they have. Matt is still a top 10 QB in this league and if this season continues the way it is he might just land somewhere he can prove that before he hangs his cleats up. I really hope we get our **** together so he can prove it here.
  17. Was at the game as well. The thing about MBS is that people are all over the place and not in their seats but it was packed with Falcons fans, good bit of Eagles fans too. The Falcon fans were not loud or cheering at all though. I try when I’m there but they just don’t get into the game even when we were still in it.
  18. Built to win? That’s subjective and so is the as good as or better than Ryan part. Some would be out of the picture as far as a starter goes just because they have a young highly drafted QB, Miami for instance. If Ryan were cut then the team signing him would get him for pennies because we’d still be paying him. You don’t think Washington, Saints, Denver, Indy, Miami, etc. would jump on signing Ryan for low $ as insurance in the event their starter goes down? **** Washington and Denver would both jump on him and have him as their starter as quickly as he could learn the playbook.
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