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  1. We’ll see. If not Daniels I’m sure they’ll be another QB or 2 in the mix besides Howell and Rattler.
  2. I don’t think so man. Howell and Rattler could be better than all of them except Lawrence. Add Daniels to that list as well. It’s a crap shoot but I’d bet money one or two of these guys would go before Lance for sure.
  3. That’s what I’m thinking too and hope we’re right cause I might lose my **** if we take Lance or Jones at 4.n I could at least understand Fields or Wilson even though I don’t want a QB at all at 4 not named Trevor Lawrence.
  4. Hard pass on Lance for me. Too much of a project at that high of a pick. If we really want a QB project go with Trask or Mond in the later rounds IMO.
  5. Ok I gotcha and yeah I think we’d have to give up more than # 4 and even more than the # 4 and 3rd rounder. They MIGHT think about it if it were # 4 and next years 1st but that is too much for us to give up but he’d be worth it.
  6. No way they would give up Young for the # 4 pick straight up. They just spent a # 2 on the guy last draft. Rookie contract and defensive rookie of the year on top of it. Dude looks to be the real deal. With that said... **** yeah if I’m the Falcons I’d do it. I’d even throw in a 3rd.
  7. Najee... 6’2 230. Give me one or multiple trade downs to the 15-20 range and take our starting RB for the next 5 years.
  8. Agreed. Was a fan of both and Spoon is who I wanted in the draft. While Spoon and Beasley may not be considered busts they def. didn’t live up to the potential they had @falcons007
  9. Beasley and Spoon for me. Still think Sean would’ve had a solid career if he could’ve stayed healthy.
  10. It would have to be a great deal to do it before 4/22. If there are in fact teams wanting # 4 the best thing to do is keep it a bidding war. I’d tell all the teams interested this and that we’ll pull the trigger 4/22 - 4/25. That gives the FO 4-7 days to lock in on who they want at whatever pick we drop to.
  11. I haven’t seen him go in any mocks before the 20s but you could be right.
  12. I understand why you’d say that. I’ll explain why I would. I want Najee Harris in a Falcon uni. He’s that guy for me in this draft. Obviously can’t take him at 4 and unless you are trading away future picks you’re not coming back up in the 1st to get him. Also, we need the extra picks to rebuild the defense and that 2nd this year and 1st would really help in doing so.
  13. Well I always thought TD was better than he was given credit for but if he would draft a QB then I’m glad he’s gone. I’m sorry but just because you’re drafting at 4 and don’t expect to be that high anytime soon is not the right reason to draft one, especially when 3 QBs have already come off the board.
  14. I’d take the trade but don’t like the pick. Give me Najee at 15 and use the majority of the rest of the draft to address the defense.
  15. Yep. I’d def. take Harris at 19 if he’s there. With the NE trade mock I’d take him at 15.
  16. I know a lot here are saying no to this trade, same picks that were mentioned in the Schraeger mock I think, but I’d be very tempted to do it. Might have to change those 2 4ths to a 2nd this year though. 1,2 this year and 1st next and they can have 4.
  17. RIP DMX. Was a big fan back in the late 90s and early 2000s. One of my favorite rappers of all time.
  18. I don’t think so man. Give me Najee Harris at 19 and let the offense ground and pound until the defense can stop it and then PA their a$$ to death.
  19. I agree. I’d even take him at 15 with the latest mock that Schaeger did on NFL.com. BTW, I’d love for this mock to happen. It would set us up for years.
  20. End thread lol. Pretty much what I’ve been saying all along. Build through the draft this year without drafting a QB before round 5, need one for a backup anyways. Hopefully we get a trade down from 4 and get an extra 1st next year. If Matt had a bad season, he won’t, then you use both 1sts next year to trade up to get the QB of the future.
  21. Meh... I think we can stay at 35 and get a pass rusher.
  22. Yes sir. The running game and eating clock could really help the defense until we can build a better one.
  23. I wouldn’t be mad with Chase or Sewell. Sorry but taking a QB at 4 that won’t see the field for 2 seasons at the least doesn’t seem like a good move to me. There is a laundry list of players I’d take at 4 before a QB not named Trevor Lawrence.
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