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  1. Not Sanu. Next year he’ll be traded or cut more than likely.
  2. This
  3. FO has already stated they are high on Senat. Hopefully Hageman contributes too.
  4. Agreed... Hope he does well this season and lots of folks eat some serious crow.
  5. You think so? I don’t see Hoop going anywhere...
  6. You’ve lost your mind. Mahomes was great last season but let’s see him do it again. Wentz and Luck... please
  7. Exactly what we should do and I’m a Vic fan. I was really surprised he didn’t play better last season but felt like he came on at the end. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, outside of Matt Ryan I’ve never wanted to see a player succeed more.
  8. This. Rico is much better than people give him credit for.
  9. McNasty looks like a good one to me. Time will tell
  10. Lee makes a lot of sense. I haven’t kept up with him but recall some folks on here wanting him in the draft.
  11. Would love it
  12. Nope, we’ll sign Grady and free up some $.
  13. My thinking as well when we took him. Haven’t looked to see if he’s played any center but makes too much sense.
  14. Like him even more now.
  15. I think it is. Getting back all the guys that were injured is huge. I think we get the deal signed within Grady and use that money to pickup a player or two on the defensive side to help too.