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  1. Too soon for me. If he didn’t request the trade it would be different. Probably gonna be after he retires before I’ll forgive him TBH. Falcons don’t retire numbers but if they did it should be Matt Ryan before Julio.
  2. I was with you until the comment about Sheffield. I still think he has promise and is too young to give up on.
  3. Worst signing? That’s silly man. I think he can easily be RB1 if the oline does their job and he stays healthy. Like others have said I’m more worried about the depth behind him if he were to get injured.
  4. Didn’t listen to all of it but still better than listening to Stephen A
  5. Yeah was saying the same about Hurst. Surprised they didn’t pick up his 5th year knowing Julio was gonna be traded.
  6. Can’t say I disagree, does seem that way.
  7. I say they work it out and he stays in the ATL. Grady restructures and all is good in the neighborhood
  8. Wasn’t talking about Tru on the 2 mil cap hit, was referring to the other guys you mentioned. You could be correct on the bold part. My guess all along is that if he did ask for a trade it could have been because the FO asked him to take a pay cut. Pure speculation on my part though but the whole story will come out eventually. Oh well... like I’ve said I know he’s gonna get traded. I just hope they are able to get a team to take some of that dead cap hit like it’s been reported, read where someone said they wanted the other team to take 2 mil of the cap hit on 2022. Didn’t
  9. Well minus Tru getting hurt, no way of knowing that would happen, we should have kept him for one more season. I’m fully aware that sometimes you have to cut bait because a guy doesn’t live up to his contract and that dead cap will happen but you have to minimize it and the point is that the only reason we’re trading Julio is cause he wants out, not because the Falcons want out. Big difference in eating 2 mil in cap compared to 7 +. It’s all good, we aren’t gonna agree on this and Julio is good as gone but it doesn’t mean I have to like it and it doesn’t mean that we should.
  10. If Julio doesn’t want to be here then I don’t really want him here. If we weren’t talking 7 1/2 mil in dead cap in 2022 and 2023 then trading him wouldn’t be a problem for me other than that we are a better team with him than without him unless we get a player in the trade. We shouldn’t have extended his contract in 2019 and we wouldn’t be in this predicament, he’d be a FA right now or already signed with another team.
  11. I have actually in the threads where people wanted to trade Ryan back before his extension. Julio’s dead cap is more than any of those players and let’s be real, it was time for all of those players to go...especially Carpenter.
  12. I disagree with you and will just leave it at that. Using net gain is just ignoring the 7 1/2 mil or so the next 2 seasons we are going to be paying Julio not to be a Falcon.
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