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  1. Will have to wait and see. Regardless of how it turns out for him in Cleveland he is a **** good TE and had great chemistry with Ryan. He did get more $ than I thought he would and we didn’t have the cap room to sign him and make the other moves we made.
  2. I’d rather have Ryan for the rest of his career. I do like Watson though so if he was available when Ryan hangs up his cleats then I’d be all for him coming to the A.
  3. Yes he is Debbie.... quote all you want but still doesn’t make you right.
  4. NFL won’t even be delayed. Just my 2 cents...
  5. Agreed. He is my pick at this point.
  6. 1 year at 5 mil is totally worth the gamble...
  7. Agreed. We all know he has a bum knee but I bet he gives all he has to stay healthy and helps us win some games.
  8. If Chaisson is there at 16 then I pull the trigger...
  9. Seems they closed the door on him completely but I’d personally be down for bringing him back at a good price. I read an article about best FA pass rushers available and he wasn’t even mentioned which was pretty surprising to me. If a team will use him strictly to get after the QB I think he’ll put up better numbers.
  10. Agreed! Still think letting Beasley and Hoop walk is gonna be a mistake
  11. Hoop is underrated around here for some reason. If he goes elsewhere we’re gonna miss that production. I get letting him walk for 11 mil a season but I also think he’s worth it too.
  12. Agreed. I don’t like the Cowboys so I hope they do pay him.
  13. Sensible post but I don’t let a 2 time pro bowl TE who’s only 25 walk.
  14. Sure he can but I wouldn’t bet on it, he can’t seem to stay healthy and didn’t look good this season. I didn’t even see the effort or dog in him that I have in the past. As much as people on here have dogged Beasley... Vic > Takk.
  15. This. ^^^ Most are ok with 7 mil a year. So you’re telling me you’d rather have some rotational piece for that other 3 mil it’s gonna take to keep a top 5 TE? We should keep Hoop and draft a DE, LB, CB, and guard or center.