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  1. Sweet... hope he takes it. He was my pick from the start. Once the word came out on TF getting the GM position I didn’t think it would happen.
  2. Yes there are other backs besides Najee that could help us quickly but getting him might quiet the ones who want to draft a QB at # 4 and they don’t do so. Just a thought.. To answer OP: Smith Hackett Brady (Looks like he’ll be a solid HC some day but I’d like to see some more NFL experience)
  3. I'd like to see Neal stay but not sure he will considering someone will over pay.
  4. Agreed. I would rather we hired Holmes but I'll support TF if he gets the job. Well unless he jacks up our draft lol.
  5. Holmes would be my guess. I’m good with a Holmes/Smith hire.
  6. Was scrolling to see if anyone would point this out lol. Lot of false information in this thread. If the Falcons trade Matt and eat a bunch of dead cap it will be the dumbest thing they’ve ever done and that’s saying a lot.
  7. Think he would def. want to but wouldn’t be surprised if Raheem lands a DC job somewhere if he doesn’t get a HC gig which I think is doubtful outside of here which I also think is doubtful lol
  8. I like all of that except giving up Hurst. Liked what I saw out of him this season and think he will put up bigger numbers next year if the OC doesn’t forget about him like Dirk seemed to.
  9. All fair points man and I’d totally be down with picking up Sam Darnold, I’d even be willing to give up let’s say a 4th rounder to get him. Maybe even a 3rd if the new coach thinks he could be a starter down the road. I like that scenario a lot more than going QB at 4 this year.
  10. Guess I need to look into him. Haven’t given him much attention due to where we are picking. From what I’ve seen, I like Wilson more than Fields so that sounds like a mistake lol.
  11. Figured Lance is gonna go top 15? I haven’t watched much of him TBH. I do think we need to get a RB high though. Obviously can’t take Harris at 4 but I’d really like to see him in a Falcons uniform
  12. Agreed. Adding on to my post... I have no problem taking a QB in the 2nd or even in the late 1st if we were able to trade down and get some extra picks. **** if we were at 25-32 in the first and could snag Mac Jones... ok good pick.
  13. Nice well thought out response. At times I’ve seen what you are stating but other times, the last 2 games of the season for example, I’ve seen him make every throw that is needed. I just don’t see the regression that others see outside of some poor decisions that IMO is due to simply trying to make something happen when it’s not there and all QBs do that. I can’t say he’ll still be playing at a high level 2 seasons from now but just feel he can because he’s never been a QB that lived off his athleticism. He’s in the same mold as a Manning, Brady, and Brees who use their head more than thei
  14. Same. Like others I’d love to trade down and would be completely good with taking him at let’s say 15 though.
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