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  1. This ^^^ and the whole contract talk at the SB.
  2. Oline was horrible versus the Steelers but the coaching staff has a lot of blame too for not adjusting to all of the blitzes. They should have known it was coming, the one Steelers game I watched they did the exact same thing because they knew they couldn’t just sit back, they’d get picked apart. It’s actually the same thing I’ve bern saying our defense should be doing.
  3. Yep. Not much else to say other than that the defense is complete garbage.
  4. That’s only because the defense has mostly players still on rookie contracts and 2 of the best are on IR right now.
  5. Yep! I don’t know how everyone isn’t seeing this. Beasley has gotten decent pressure. Pretty sure one of Takks sacks was due to Beasley getting pressure and forcing the QB Takks way. We are getting no pressure up the middle. IMO we need to blitz Duke more. He sucks in coverageso might as well use his speed to disrupt the pass.
  6. Same we have been on offense the last 2 games, hopefully running the ball better in the process. Imo we need to be really aggressive on defense going forward, blitz like **** like the Steelers did to the Bucs last week.
  7. No and this season isn’t over by any means either. All we need is for our offense to keep rolling and have a couple of guys on defense step up. I hope DQ and Manuel know that we need to swap up strategies on defense and go for broke more, more blitzing hopefully creates more turnovers.
  8. 30-27 Falcons win with a FG with 30 seconds left. Bengals drive and miss long FG with time expiring.
  9. Yep! The NFL and all the rules have caused players to start going lower which is causing all of these lower extremity injuries. I get the rules, well most, but it’s either head injuries or torn acls etc. It is what it is really and it’s not going to stop.
  10. Sicks that he got hurt, even though he is a Taint, but I’m 100 % sure Matthews wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt him. Also, that is not a cut block.
  11. I don’t know why they hate on Vic so much. Like you said, only one on the d-line that did anything against the Saints. Folks here seem to love Takk. I do too but he ain’t doing ish either being hurt all the time.
  12. DQ seems to see something in Richards so I say let him get another half under his belt. If he’s still garbage then yeah I’m all for seeing Ish get a shot. Always liked him but afraid the extra weight he’s out on for LB will show he’s a liability in coverage.
  13. True but I just ignore them.
  14. He’s been solid since day 1. I think he’s completely healthy now and it’s showing.
  15. I’ve heard of them. Basically Dragonforce with Japanese girls. Metallica, Godsmack, Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Bury Tomorrow, Light The Torch, Nonpoint, Parkway Drive, etc. is more of the sound I go for. I listen to mainly heavy rock and metal but like a little of everything, little bit of rap and country at times too.