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  1. Ditto
  2. For what it's worth, I agree with you Larry. I'd take Jake over several that are listed above him in this draft redo
  3. Well I was interested but I'm not interested enough to read 27 pages of what seems like bu**** lol.
  4. People forgetting about all of those strip sacks too. With the addition of Duke I think we'll see Beasley dropping into coverage less and getting more chances at the QB. Might not make his sack numbers jump up, may not have as many, but I bet his pressures go up.
  5. I've been a Free fan from ththe beginning when most on TATF were saying Coleman was our future bell cow. With that said he needs to shut it and let his play do the talking. I don't disagree that we should have ran the ball more but there isn't a **** thing he can say that's going to change what happened. As far as the posters in here go with the talk that Matt Ryan should have changed the calls... sure is easy to talk and play the hindsight game. He isn't the OC or the HC. You have to allow the guys who make the calls to make them. His job was to play and focus on what is taking place on the field. If your boss at work told you to do something one way would you purposely do it another way? Nope... you wouldn't. All in all it's really **** easy to say what we would have done afterwards or sitting on the couch.
  6. Guessig you've already checked out If not they have some there from about $25 to $60. They don't look as good as the one you have above. Ive thought about getting some Falcons boards for awhile now but just can't bring myself to pay $200 for them.
  7. Agree with OP. I still think Winston is a mediocre QB so the Sucs will go 9-7 or 10-6 at best. I see us going anywhere from 11-5 to 14-2, winning the south.
  8. ****... someone is balling. What do you do for a living?
  9. No dog in the fight, barely even watch the NBA unless the Hawks are in the playoffs, but what KD was no different then what LeBron did when he went to the Heat or when Rodman went to the Bulls.
  10. Would be sad but cool to watch the dome implode. 28-3 comments don't even bother me anymore. Loss is a loss at this point. Go win the whole **** thing this year and it'll be a sweet end to the story.
  11. Seems like Madison is going to be the chick version of Rick. Same here on Travis... and he's dead.
  12. It's gotten better. It really started picking up the 2nd half of last season and the season premiere was pretty good. Still not 'The Walking Dead' but it's much better than it was. Great read on Sark. I'm ready for some football...
  13. Good post. Oh I agree that FS was in our sights but it didn't surprise me at all that Quinn was ok rolling with Rico for another year. I just don't see Kazee coming in and taking Rico's job year 1.
  14. Same here although I don't know much about Crawford. At this point it would be not to sign Freeney or cut Crawford. That could certainly change based on preseason and if injuries come into play. I wouldn't cut Reed... he played very well for us at the end of the season and in the playoffs.