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  1. Should be a similar defensive scheme that we ran against Dallas. Hopefully AC and the defense come to play again.
  2. Get what you're saying but the way I see it this team should be 6-3. I still think we got completely f'n robbed in that Buffalo game.
  3. Don't care. Wouldn't have seen many if any snaps. Terron Ward can get it done behind Coleman if given the opportunity.
  4. I can't give us a 6 ranking right now but if we get this thing going and play like we all know we can then yeah I could def. see a 6th rank by the time the playoffs start. I know I know... uphill battle coming but I still think we can do it.
  5. Didn't hear that but I was at the game and it was packed. Lots of Cowboys fans but packed.
  6. Place I work has waterless urinals. Not sure if MBS gets the same deal but I know my work place got some huge tax cut for the place being green.
  7. Me too. After last season we all thought he was ready to break out. Had a good game today, we need him to do the same week in and out if we're gonna get back in the playoffs.
  8. Exactly why I haven't been too tough on him, well at least on here lol. I still think he's gonna be a good one even though I've been incredibly disappointed with how he's played this season. BTW, As far as blocking goes Tony G couldn't block for **** either.
  9. $. That's why. If someone is willing to give you over twice what you paid for tickets then people who could use the $ will give up the tickets. Especially when the Falcons aren't playing well. If you count the $ you'll save by not driving, beer, food, Marta, etc. it really adds up for those that just don't have big bucks.
  10. Cowboys aren't that good. We can def. beat them. Will we? Idk... But to think they are some juggernaut is silly.
  11. 20-17 win over the Cowgirls in OT coming.
  12. If he's more comfortable on the sideline then put him on the sideline. It's not like they don't get the over the field shots on a tablet these days anyway.
  13. Can't disagree...