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  1. Yeah I think we should have drafted him. Hope I’m wrong and Terrell balls out though.
  2. Based on his stats he should. You have no argument other than just to disagree
  3. Agree but think he’s gonna need that SB win to get in... imo just because he plays in the ATL
  4. Yeah I think so. If they stay healthy and make it to the playoffs with that schedule then they will def. be worthy of making the SB. I think the defense will be much improved and I think the offense will at least be a little better than last season.
  5. Same and when I met him at TC years ago he was extremely nice and humble. I’ll say that I was never for paying him those $ though, especially when it was a distraction during the SB. With all that said I wish him the best but it was def. time to move on.
  6. Well it should def. be better than it has been with the addition of Fowler with the $ we shelled out for him. Hopefully with all of these former # 1 picks one of them will provide some help as well, not to mention Davidson coming up the middle with Grady.
  7. I don’t know if we’ll be forcing any QB into retirement but I’m confident that our pass rush will be the best it’s been since Abe left.
  8. Wondered what happened to him. Was dead to me when he went to the Aints. Glad to hear he’s doing well.
  9. Haha that’s true. I say it’s worth a gamble. Folks forget that Clayborn came here and turned it around, this dude could do the same.
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