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  1. Posted before I saw these 2 posts. Forgot about Hunt... not sure how cause he was on my fantasy team. Kamara and Hunt both deserve to be mentioned but still wanna see how they look this season before saying they are better. Barkley is going to be a beast and Guice could be too.
  2. I agree. I’d put Free at # 4 coming into this season. Got a couple of rookies and Kamara who could enter the discussion soon though.
  3. Idk man if Watson stays healthy they could surprise some folks. Obviously no guarantee he does or even has the production he had last season. Watson, Watt, and Clooney staying healthy is key for them.
  4. True. Watson could be a nightmare too.
  5. I’d love for it to go down that way. Chargers were my afc team for year. Falcons vs. Chargers or Texans in the SB would be my personal choice.
  6. You mean his $ go up to let’s say $1 over the highest paid WR every season? That would put us in cap **** but hey if that got us 1 Lombardi I’d take it. I just want one... lol.
  7. I agree. It’d be nice to add individual stats but then we might start seeing Matt force the ball to him in the endzone more. I have a feeling if he’ll get his arse to camp that he could see his TDS go way up this year anyways. After Hoop and Ridley get some TDS early teams will be forced to stop doubling Julio.
  8. Hope you’re right cause I still hate them from the beat downs we took back in the day. They looked like they could be legit at the end of last season and we all know what year 2 of the Shanny offense can look like.
  9. Didn’t pay him what we did to sit him.
  10. Nice read. Fusco not starting at RG would be a huge shocker. Hope Levitre is ready to go by the season opener.
  11. Lots of players to pay coming up though. Sounds like you’ve done more research than me though... hope you’re right!
  12. I think Quinn is top 10. Gruden being on the list is stupid. I’ll be surprised if Oakland makes the playoffs. I don’t like the moves Gruden has made since he took over, team looks worse on paper IMO.
  13. I’ll be pretty surprised if Coleman is with the Falcons after next season. Same goes for Sanu.
  14. 4 mil a year adds up though man. That’s a player like Rico that we’d lose.
  15. Yeah man, pretty sure Mack will retire here.