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  1. Ask Dan Reeves. He knows everything - about losing Super Bowls. He took a big step down with the comment about the Falcons should have stood beside Vick. No team would have stood beside a convicted felon.
  2. Really? What more do you want? Go Falcons! No game is perfect. I"ll take the win any day.
  3. No picture but a bottle of Thunderbird and a Swisher Sweet seem about equal.
  4. But we are looking for so much more this season!
  5. I thought the same thing. Great catch and throw under pressure.
  6. Lat time I checked, a win is a win. I don't want the ESPN love because all they focus on is the drama of the NFL. F**k you for even bringing this up after one of the biggest wins for the Falcons in the last 5 years. You say that you are a Falcons fan but constantly bring **** on the Falcons when they win. Go find another team if you want. The '72 Dolphins went undefeated - go find Mercury Morris and hang out in his driveway every year and wait for the Champagne bottle to be popped.
  7. Going into 2008, the Falcons were considered on of your "crap teams" that no one expected to win more than a couple of games. How'd that work out that year? Pretty well if I remember correctly.
  8. I was going to pick up one of the white Ryan or white Roddy jerseys but they have no white Roddy jerseys and the only sizes they have in the white Ryan jerseys were medium and XXLarge.
  9. Heading down to Disney with the family tomorrow and I have to find somewhere that I can watch the game on Sunday. We are staying near Downtown Disney/Disney Village. Any help would be most appreciated as to a bar nearby that has all of the games on tv!
  10. Is Roddy White not good enough? Just wondering... Plus our front office values character (not that what he did was a REAL character concern). I blame Deion more than Dez for what happened. Still, you pretty much hav eto be squeaky clean to get drafted by this organization. I am fine with that. Not that everyone needs to be a choir boy but there cannot be any stray marks on your record to be a Falcon.
  11. After one year you cannot answer this question. Is a one year wonder really any better than the player who never really made an impact? Temporary gain at best.
  12. Holy crap people. Give him time. Until he has a 3rd & 16 moment in the playoffs, I will give him a bit of slack. It is his first preseason game as a pro. Too quick to judge. He should be fine.
  13. Does 20 leave us in a state of limbo? I think the team did just fine. Do I think they could have done better? Of course but I'll take a win like this any time pre or regular season.
  14. Falcons Polo, socks, shoes, and boxers on at work. Got my Jersey hanging beside the door for when I get home. Gonna be a long day!
  15. It sounds like you aren't a big fan of the classic that is "Falcons Fever"! :ph34r:
  16. I know it's only the preseason but I can't wait to watch the game tonight! Football is football and the Falcons are the Falcons! I don't care that the game doesn't count for anything I'm still stoked!
  17. In a word...no. In several words...Winning the opening preseason game often comes down to which 3rd string offense makes the fewest mistakes. JPW can really do whatever he wants and it wont affect the season either way.
  18. I grew up jsut outside of Augusta and we always got the Falcons games.
  19. Kind of looks like Chris Houston. But i bet the dog can turn its head better than he could.
  20. Completely different players at completely different positions. And yes, there will only ever be one Hammer and he didn't wear puffy pants. Pro-bowl potential but nothing yet.
  21. That's what I refer to as a Brooking - the 7 yard sheriff strikes again!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Got a Ryan red (sewn on # and name) towards the end of the season last year at ****'s for $59.99. The weird thing was the screen printed ones were the same price. It was the only one they had left and it was my size. Best deal I've seen on jerseys other than my black Ryan and Turner jerseys that I got for $12 at TJ Maxx.
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