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  1. Had to run a couple of sprints today. Im a jumper in track so I dont run much. Ran my 100m in 11.9, so Im pretty satisfied considering I havent run whatsoever since December, and Im still only a freshman.
  2. Thanks. Im a hardgainer trying a new protein diet. I lift twice a week for about an hour,although Im in track so Im thinking of stopping to avoid gaining weight.
  3. Can anyone help me get rid of late night cravings???? Lately I've had a lot of late night cravings, like for ice cream, chocolate, junk food like that. I hadn't gone to eat fast food since thanksgiving, so I'm guessing its just my conscience wanting some junk food after not having it for so long. Any ideas?
  4. Well ever since I found out that Noel Devine was able to bench press 315 as a freshman in high school, I declared I would be able to do 215 as a freshman. Since he was a beast but somewhat small, I decided I should be able to do around the same if I am a lot smaller than he is. At 5'8 120, I am almost getting there. PR is 205, and I stopped lifting because my grades started dropping. PR for squat has been 250, and dead lift 250. The real crazy thing is that ever since trying protein, my body has been real slow at developing it by itself, so I have not gained any muscle whatsoever. When football season started, I was benching only 135, but Ive added 70 pounds and not a single pound has been added. I actually went from 125 to 121, and since im doing track lost that last pound to go to 120. Im a real skinny kid, and some of the football coaches are saying I should try Linebacker or even Defensive End next season. Weird huh?