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  1. Article is bunk, Joker is decidedly NOT an anti-hero. Sympathy for the devil... I'll pass
  2. and in only 1 of those seasons did Ryan have what can be designated as a "real offensive line"
  3. Trubisky is a poor standard quarterback, when the pocket is clean and he is making reads he is bad (this is not a good thing for any qb) When the play breaks down and he can scramble or run for yards then he is good. Basically, he is not an NFL quarterback, but a **** fine Canadian league qb! Can't wait for Sunday, go Falcons!
  4. FWIW I have ATL vs. CHI for the NFC championship game... ATL wins of course
  5. I've seen plenty what he can do with a clear pocket
  6. I love the judges reaction to, "I find it to be stupid!" "oh..." lol
  7. Pshh, if I had that kinda money I'd have my jetpack. These billionaires are so predictable!
  8. I'm closest to Michael Turner. He was 5'10" 247lb. at his playing weight I'm 5'10" 260Ib.
  9. Quinn hired a time-outs/clock management coach (Bob Sutton)
  10. The Falcons have been a much better team across the board talent wise in that time period as well.
  11. This won't be popular but I don't see him as a starter, maybe a decent number 2 but last season he benefited from being a relative unknown so there likely was little tape or game-planning teams did for him. I kinda think that if he were put into a prominent role again he'd struggle and fade by the end of the season. That's also the reason I think Teco found a lot of success in previous years, because he has talent but also because teams prepped for Free. Last season Teco had to shoulder the load, there was plenty of tape on him by that point, and he faded towards the end of the season. Ito did well because he has talent but also because teams prepped for Teco. We need Free. He's a true stud running back and he makes this team better.... so long as he's not pass-blocking that is...
  12. Just fix the lines and stay healthy and this team will be fine, maybe not Superbowl but they are still talented enough to win the division and hit the playoffs. I think Quinn has been slowly losing this team since the Superbowl loss. That's why the injuries were so hard to overcome this season I think.