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  1. pretty sure falling down is the easiest thing a human being can do
  2. Well doing some double checking, it looks like the HOPE is that, like other, similar viruses, the warmer weather and a strong Sun during spring and summer will slow or completely halt the spread of the virus. There are only a couple sources I read saying this could be different and not be effected by the weather so I'll make this an addendum to that last post and say there is the hope that, like other viral infections, the weather change from cold to warm will slow or outright stop the spread.
  3. Is this even possible to achieve, not just for the birds but for any team outside of Foxborough?
  4. not sure if mentioned here, but they've discovered that the virus wilts and dies in warmer/hotter temps, so the summer should, SHOULD, take care of it. We will see.
  5. Oline/Dline with a BALANCED offensive attack
  6. I think 2016 proved that it's been sub-par coaching, at least when it comes to MR. He's proved time and again he can preform so long as the team has a line to protect him.
  7. what's the point of tanking when your talent evaluation is poop?
  8. I've heard dude speak before and all I gotta say is I want what he smokes
  9. they will lose by 7, but only because they injure CMC and tank my 1st place fantasy team
  10. Article is bunk, Joker is decidedly NOT an anti-hero. Sympathy for the devil... I'll pass
  11. and in only 1 of those seasons did Ryan have what can be designated as a "real offensive line"
  12. Trubisky is a poor standard quarterback, when the pocket is clean and he is making reads he is bad (this is not a good thing for any qb) When the play breaks down and he can scramble or run for yards then he is good. Basically, he is not an NFL quarterback, but a **** fine Canadian league qb! Can't wait for Sunday, go Falcons!
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