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  1. I'm asking this since it's not listed on the roster/depth chart... This website kinda blows at times...
  2. Guys, how the state of the economy is, I'm surprised that some people are trying to sell tickets for $1500+ each when there were just 100K jobs lost this past week... It's ridiculous! I've also heard that if you waited outside Raymond James Stadium right before kickoff, you may be able to get tix @ face value... From the stubhub count, I'm assuming that there will be a good deal of empty seats in RJS. I guess you can't blame a capitalist economy working its finest... Oh well, I'm pulling for AZ, 31-27.
  3. TB's been chillin' in IR... We'll see when OTAs begin to see if he's ok, but I'd like to spend at least a 2nd rounder on a KR/PK like Devin Hester was!
  4. Got that right! TP's worth as much as used TP at this point...
  5. I'd take him if he lost 30-40 lbs and he'll take 10-12MM for .270/30/95 to play a corner outfield position since our OF's are weak as near beer.
  6. He's suffering the Leonard Davis syndrome... Get drafted high in the first round as a franchise LT and end up being an overpriced guard...
  7. also, i've never seen MJ catch either 100+ yards or 9 receptions and the Burner only having 10 carries... John Madden must be smoking crack! We are a running team!
  8. 3 to be exact... To our 0-1 record in the SB... Let's start slow and just hope for back-to-back winning seasons within 50 years of existence...
  9. I swear but Oden's gotta have a 44 year old's body not just a 44 year old's face (he could be LBJ's dad for all we know)! He's played one half out of 166 possible halves. He's the reincarnation of Sam Bowie/Bill Walton, a stiff big man who's career will be shortened due to injuries.
  10. If they remind me of the '91 Braves, then the following will happen: Carlos Pena (1B) will judo throw a Philie off the bag. BJ Upton (CF) will hit a decisive HR off of a Philie reliever and make a HR-saving catch against the wall at the Trop (with air vents) in game 6. 2 smoking aces will pitch a 1-0 shutout for 10 innings where the Rays ace will pitch a 10 inning game of a game 7... Other than that, I dont know! It's funny that for the 125 years that the Phils existed, they've won only 1 WS... and accumulated over 10,000 losses! The loveable losers, Cubbies, have been in existence for 7 mor
  11. I'll tell you one thing, that if profits sink for the owners, the Principal, Roger Goddell, will let the kids out of detention and think about the dearth of NFL-caliber QB's right now... Who'd you rather have, Vick or O'Sullivan, a former NFL-Europe player. Brodie Croyle? Tavaris Jackson?
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