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  1. Mike Smith is the best hc this franchise ever had and u want to run him off? This is the most efficient discipline falcon's team I've ever seen. I get frustrated with the playcalling time to time but I appreciate the fact that we have a hc who the players respect. Mike Smith is not the problem.....the problems are in the trenches.......Dimitroff does a poor job evaluating those big strong quality defensive and offensive linemen. Everything starts in the trenches.
  2. You're right....I meant to say that the offense need a rb more so than anything else but I doubt Lacy will be there in the 2nd rd when we select.....the only DTs I would touch in the 1st rd are Sheldon Richardson, Star Lotulelei, Jesse Williams, Sharrif Floyd but I doubt any of them will be there by time we make our selection. Check out Jordan Hill.....he's a BEAST! http://youtu.be/rWFZ2PKWJ8s
  3. There are only 2 rbs in this year's draft who can get you the tough yards behind our soft OL....Eddie Lacy and Le'Veon Bell. Sorry but we need Lacy more than you think. Our DL need a major overhaul or we will be watching another team in the super bowl in 2014
  4. I know you probably won't believe me but it never cross my mind.....my picks are impact players that's why I picked them
  5. you eliminate AB, Vance Walker and Michael Turner will give us some wiggle room.
  6. Free Agents Henry Melton-DT Osi Umenyiora-DE Jermon Bushrod-OT Draft 1st rd -- Eddie Lacy-rb (Best power back since William Andrews) 2nd rd - Jordan Hill-dt (Best tackling dt in this year's draft) 3rd rd - Jon Bostic-ilb (he will be a steal here) 4th rd - Philip Lutzenkirchen-te(could be the best TE in this draft) 5th rd - Xavier Nixon-ot 6th rd - Ace Sanders-wr(great punt returner) 7th rd- David Bass-de(this guy is a beast!) Super Bowl Baby!!
  7. 2nd round Orson Charles-TE(under used @uga) 3rd round Nate Potter-OT(good job protecting Kellen Moore) 5th round Kellen Moore-QB 6th round John Hughes-DT 7th round Julian Miller-DE (he might be undersize but so was Robert Mathis)
  8. This is the pick I was hoping the falcons would make. This young man will become the fans favorite.
  9. I hope this trade works out because I don't think I can take anymore disappointments from these teams.
  10. Atlanta will be better off without a sports team that way no one will ever be disappointed.
  11. Is there a particular impact defensive player that you have in mind? I believe Mr Blank want to win now so don't be surprise if he go out and sign a experience impact defensive player. I would be happy if that impact player is Charles Johnson.
  12. Would you guys be upset with TD if he takes Cobb in the 1st round? I wouldn't since we are picking late in the draft.
  13. Randall Cobb is the next Hines Ward. He's savvy, relentless, and he's a leader. This young man just make plays. I know we need to improve our pass defense but we also need a game changer on offense. We all know Matt Ryan doesn't have the strongest arm which is why we should take Randall Cobb in the 1st round. Cobb can turn a 5 yard play into a 20 yard play. You can use him in the "Wildcat" formation where he has the option to run or throw the football. He also can be used on special teams returning kicks. This is what I would like to see happen. Try to sign free agent Charles Johnson-DE Ta
  14. I agree. Charles Johnson-DE is a BEAST! I'm still shock why they didn't take Johnson in the 3rd round in 07.
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