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  1. And all the attention is on Psl's while everyone continues to pay $8 or more for a beer, $20-50 parking and $70+ for a game ticket! Sounded too me there is more than just those 1% er's filling up the stadium that have the money to spend NOW. Probably $125 -$200 a person spent over a 3 hour game that's not chump change in my books! Everyone of these items and more are going up in cost as well (can't have a high cost stadium without higher prices to go with it). I go to ALL sporting events in the ATL, BUT the Atlanta Falcons are the ONLY one's I have season tickets for! I CARE LESS of having season tickets to 80 Braves games or 40 Hawks games and I get good or great tickets to the games I attend ( no worries or thoughts of having the same seat for each game)I can care less. MY 23 yr season tix to the Birdz may come to individual seats real soon but, not giving up yet. For all that's bashing the ones that are buying - why ya'll being haters? Do I work for the psl sales team , too funny.
  2. I wish everything stayed the same price too, but it isn't . The only thing that is staying the same is my pay. Cars and houses are going up and I cant afford to buy a new one and not trying to keep up with the JONES either. Lets all go to the gas companies, car makers, job owners and lets tell they what they can and cant do , that we live and America and we are all not taking it! right lol If you can't afford PSL's thats the least of your problems and mine too. There no since crying over it .Go watch the kids movie Frozen... and let it go !! If anyone here gets were they can control the cost of items in America you have my vote. And I am 120% against PSL's myself I do not have to get them and probably want depending on what my none club section will cost. I definitely would not have them if I sat in the club sections. Just last year I was in the same type of situation when the Chickfila Bowl moved to part of the playoff system bowls. I had 11 tickets for 12 years . The tickets were $90 each row 4 sec. 138. But when this change happened they moved my sitting section to the corning of the endzone row 28 AND the new price per ticket was $210 each. Loyality yeah right not in this time or error. Guess what I did, Walked away from it and don't give a dame about it any more. I can still go to the Chickfila Bowl any time I want . I'm not stupid and made the best choice according to my OWN situation and I can live with that! Everyone on here can continue to agree to disagree and that fine. But the only control you have is your own actions.
  3. If your as passionate as you say you are ..then I don't see why you wouldn't put your money were your mouth is!! If you were ALL IN on football just maybe you would give up your leisure activities and so on for the right to see all games from the same seat. I haven't seen anyone pull your teeth in any decision making calls. There are options of how to view games : at home, individual games , seasons tickets best seats in the house , season tickets not best seats in the house or none of the above. Your choice. PSL's are not for everyone (( the DOC has been saying that from day one)). He may have sounded arrogant from the beginning but I do respect his decision making. Guess he's ALL IN. I a 23 yr. STH have not made that choice yet but I do say family & finances before FOOTBALL any day of the week , Rise Up from your wallet or Rise Up out of your seat !!!
  4. Again by NO means am I for psl's but I would think the Falcons will not lower the psl's prices any time soon for one it would cause a conflict with the one's paying the higher prices. I would guess they would stick to selling individual seats until they had a taker on psl's ( I think it would be years down the road before they discounted psl's). By them selling individual tickets in my section say at $110-120 a game were as me a season ticket holder get them for $88-96 they would get more revenue until seat license are sold and still make psl cost. Yes they most likely will go down if not sold, BUT we do not know for sure. It's totally up to the individual buyers and the Falcons winning. A cat and mouse game if you must.
  5. People are going to live the way they want and spend there money the way they want!! It's not my or your concern if someone drives a new Cadillac and lives in an apartment or lives in a 250,000 house and drives a used clunker. It's America and you can choice to do what ever you want to do as long as you pay taxes and obey the law!! IF whoever buys a PSL, car or house can't afford it , it will be taken away. If someone choices to buy Psl's with there government money so be it, it's not effecting or hurting me only them. So when my none club section is up I will decide If I can afford PSL's or not and If I can't I will walk that's all there is too it. Not hoping that everyone doesn't pay it WILL NOT HELP MY SITUATION IN ANYWAY. life... take it or leave it end of story . Peace
  6. Season ticket holders are not worms, everyone including myself have opinions! We have that right to voice our opinion BUT it doens't mean we are going to change a thing. The majority have always ruled!!! You, I , them can all wait to see if everyone else pays PSL's (hoping and wishing NOT) but it's not in our control. If NO ONE pays just maybe the pricing falls or goes away , good for the waiter.But if not take the chance and get the worst seat or watch at home(the game of chance..(life)). EX. If I was to say I WOULD NEVER PAY $8 FOR A BEER AT A SPORTING EVENT AND EITHER SHOULD NOONE ELSE I guess I wouldn't be drinking ever again at a game while everyone else does LIFE does go on with or with you. I'm not jabbing this at you personally just saying in reality. I enjoy going to the games live and think they show cut out the cost of the ((joking )) preseason games and that would be a 20% savings ... a start!
  7. I feel ya of thinking the Falcons owe you something for loyality and purchase tickets for multiple years but it's 2015 not 1980 any more! How about your employer do you think they have loyality for you for your 20+ years of service and dedication of labor? Maybe a few but most don't give a dam, it's a business and think of you as a number and would let you go for two people that total your salary after that long. Not taking it personal it's business now days, things have changed alot! The Atlanta Falcons and Mr. Blank are a business and after one thing... your money and making profits to pay for there luxuries.They don't care if you continue paying there fees they say if you don't someone else will.This is all about personal choices heck my house didn't cost me a $100,00 back in 1997 ,SO IF you ask me if I had the decision of making a loan for two seats on the 50 yd line that I have had for 20+ years for $90,000 for 10 yrs. and my house is still not paid for!!! MY wife will answer this tough question for ya .. and I'm still married . lol
  8. The whole tread is a touchy subject with alot of different opinions! Unfortunantly the mighty (($)) is about greed as the rich get richer and the poorer are suffering. PSL's are not going away like it or not! Especially that our 1.3 billion dollar stadium and growing cost is not all funded through taxes or by the NFL, has to be paid for one way or ANOTHER. There is no loyality In sports, work , or friendship these days . It sux to think the long time fan is getting punished (including myself) for PSL cost, but you can take it or leave it..and i'm one on the fence. I totally understand every side , the ones with money, ones without money and then the ones that may have the money but spite the reason of charging psl's are not paying.To me its no different than a theatre charging $8 for popcorn and $6 for a drink and at football games $8 a beer, WE can all complain about the cost BUT a heck of alot of people are paying it each and every game no matter what the cost.(( am I right.)) !!! I will leave with this ...the $45000 seats are NOT for everyone and I'm not in them myself, they do have lower and alot lower seating cost through out the stadium., fortunately I have enjoy my endzone seats for 23 years and hope the price is right if not hasta la vista!! I do think 45,000 is a bit high especially with the tickets doubling in price too!! Again my opinion...I'm not for it, but we'll see if theres more payers than none payers.
  9. obviously, you are not paying PSL's due to any Championships or wins. It's for Blank and his investors to recoupe there 800 million invested into the 1.4 billion $ stadium. The stadium was coming like it or not! Winning does put fans in seats and what has happened over the last two seasons isn't something Blank was banking on or expecting come psl sign ups . You have to make that tough decision BEFORE another game is played. A game of Texas Hold'em -- hold out and hope for the worse or ALL IN. Blank has showed you his cards now your turn! Again its not right but its the NEW era of seating of the NFL. Its a business $$$ talks and Bull**** walks ..just like any business owner today. Sad but true
  10. Jb, the owners have Goodell, the players have a union, sounds like you could lead up the season ticket holder!!!
  11. Hey Doc, I'm a season ticket holder 23+ years. It's not your opinion that is rubbing people wrong. It's the so called (cocky) side they hear. I asume you have money and love watching the Falcons live , and I totally agree with you and your support. But on the flip side current and long time season ticket holders are stating there opinions on why they are against paying these high fees for a product that hasn't accomplished anything but back to back winning season for 5 years after 40 + years and a losing trip to Super Bowl(Not a great resume). I do love my Birds and have enjoyed going to every home game, but buying the right to sit in a seat you also pay for, is up in the air(haven't quoted the price of my section yet!) I already know what I will pay and what I want pay, just waiting on the call. It's sad, years of ticket purchasing has no berring, that continuing year after year to faithful purchase tickets with Falcons win or lose...(more losses)over them 23 years! Falcons fan reguardless