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  1. dude, june 1st is a sunday. no one cuts players on sunday. today there's a better chance of cuts happening
  2. Please TD, Please draft one!! Thanks!! I'm surprised kevin ellison isn't on the list but Vontae Davis is. dude, we better draft vontae davis (even though we don't really need him). He's Vernon Davis's brother and is a beast!!
  3. So yep, Mario Williams was still the best pick of the draft! link: ESPN Pressure almost pushed Young out of NFL after one season ESPN.com news services Updated: May 27, 2008, 10:57 AM ET Vince Young is known for escaping pressure. The quarterback almost took that to extremes. The Tennessee Titans 2006 Rookie of the Year told NFL.com in an interview posted on Monday that he considered retirement after his first season. Young "I really thought long and hard about it," Young told the Web site. "There was so much going on with my family. It was crazy being an NFL quarterback. It wasn't fun anymo
  4. I really hope the coaches don't rush Matt Ryan into things because I have a feeling Redman will succeed and prove to be a decent quarterback. I'm thinking he definitely has potential to be a top 20 QB. Why? The chips on his shoulders. Not many players have had the opportunity to understand the fact that they can't just take football for granted. After leaving the NFL, Redman was able to see how much football meant to him. Now that he's been given a second chance, I'm positive that he'll do his best at playing the position. Even he himself said that this time around he saw how valuable pla
  5. Speaking of Jason Webster and Lewis Sanders. If Belichick turns them into Pro Bowlers, I will have all the proof I need that Belichick is the devil. I am VERY interested to see how the Pats do with those guys.
  6. Well if we don't draft a hard hitting first round safety that can be our Sean Taylor, Bob Sanders, LaRon Landry, etc... my second wish is to get a huge DT like they have in Jacksonville. My wish: Demonte Bolden He's from Tennessee, where Albert Haynesworth, John Henderson, and Tony McDaniel (all 6'6 300+lb) DTs came from. They are all beasts!
  7. So yeah, I was watching football highlights and one thing came to mind after watching them - please draft a safety in the first round next year. The safety is my favorite position and I love premier safeties. They can be 4th linebackers and cover WRs. They are the most versatile and athletic position in football. So my request is please draft a safety I can cheer for. Thanks! I want a big hitter and one that walks with swagger. We've never had one before so let's get one!! Names to consider: Taylor Mays - USC - 6'4, 225 Williams Moore - Missouri - 6'1, 220 Myron Rolle - Florida State - 6-
  8. Wow, talk about blind faith. We haven't even played a game under TD and Smith yet and you are already praising them.
  9. Jenkins is the man! Keep him!
  10. Cut him. No room for that many WRs.
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