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  1. Tears of the Sun 12 years a Slave No Country for Old Men Zero Dark Thirty The Hurt Locker Slumdog Millionaire Finding Nemo LOTR There Will Be Blood City Of God
  2. So her son and the other two fools underestimated their victims and it's the victim's fault. Pretty sure this mom is part of the reason he felt it was ok to rob people with guns in the first place. Criminal activity can be very pricey, this guy just happen to pay for it with his life. Here is a great opportunity for her to talk to others and let them know that real crime has real consequences and instead she chooses to uphold him in his wrong.
  3. Voted No The Political appointee basically will have free reign to hire, fire, and make any changes they choose! They can choose to work with the board or not. And there isn't a solid plan as to what steps will be taken to "repair" these schools.
  4. Ok, I went back and read your original post because it sort got lost on Page 2 of this thread. I don't feel there is a solution. This may just be one of the things that will always be this way. We are polarized by sex. Yet, it is still taboo. The only solution I see is to prosecute the claims and to also prosecute those who make false ones. The system is so varied. Compare the Duke Rape case to the Stanford Rape case. There is no common ground. And I don't see any way to clean up the system so that false accusations cease. We are a nation that wants to see the worse in people so we can feel better about ourselves or our guy. It's vain and it's disgusting, but it's true. Which goes back to your point, careers are destroyed because of allegations. As far as the phrase "rape culture", I'm not sure whether I agree with this or not. To me, it seems that we have raise a group of kids who cannot comprehend the word NO! And now that's a no in anything. They want it their way, and now. Life has taught them that there isn't too much they can't get out of without any serious consequences so why worry. Someone will always be there to pick up the pieces.
  5. Oh wait now I'm a fake!! GTFOH!!! Well, I never!!!
  6. Pretty much a given that most of the time rioters really have NOTHING to do with the actual incident. But it's easier to critique that then address the major problem. Look at the difference in the way Tulsa and Charlotte handle the shootings. Justifying the rioting no. But the powers that be in Tulsa, made an effort to work with the citizens, recognize the anger and frustration and do what needed to be done. Undercover cops were placed within the groups that did gather and were able to diffuse the situations with the help of community leaders. Are the protestors wrong no, are the rioters wrong most def. You get no argument from me on that. And I can't speak on what the relationship with the citizens and law enforcement. And to speak to the matter at hand, Statick commented on another poster comparing two completed differently situations and I was just concurring. The lopsidedness of how justice works in this country. Hard to trust a system that continues to fail you! And since I'm bored at work, let me speak on this too. The color of the officer in Charlotte is irrelevant. I know first hand. When people see my dad and brother, they don't see black cops. They see blue/black uniforms. I've been told thousands of times that my dad was one of them, one of the good ole boys, why else would he be a cop. People hate white cops, black cops, blue cops, green cops, JUST COPS! Nothing to do with their skin color, they just see a uniform! The animosity and the disrespect have zero to do with the color of the cop and more with the badge. As much work as he has put in, it is still a very fragile line of trust. You get a bad doctor or bad dentist, hopefully you got a good network and can pick another. Get a bad cop and you are stuck!
  7. QFT!! Most of the time, when violence that occurs, you see swift justice. The perps are arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced. What's to protest, when the system set in place does it's job?
  8. Tell the truth you love getting calls form your mamma And you don't have to apologize, in most cases, the anger has valid reason. Remember, not that long ago, my oldest had her car torn apart because the drug dog "alerted" on her car in 35mph wind after a rain storm
  9. Good cops have to be able to call bad cops out and not fear any retribution. And also know that something will be done. So many times, nothing is said. And I personally feel that complaints against cops should be handled differently. They shouldn't be allowed to just resign and move on to terrorize the next town. I couldn't get the hubby the first time I called yesterday and I was a wreck. He had just had a dust up with a new TSA agent the day before in the Dallas Airport, so my mind was everywhere. I have such an issue with the chopper guy! Mr. Crutcher resembled my hubby. So my hubby looks like a "real bad dude" because he's 6'3 and dark skin??? A preconceived misconception and it's disgusting. There has to be a dialogue and there has to be a change in the way things are done.
  10. GP, you know my dad and brother are cops and I will defend them to the death. They have a very difficult job. But they are some of the first to say that bad cops make the job that much more difficult. My dad has 30 years in, my brother is just shy of 20, so ready for them to get out. They sit on community boards, attend and even host community events. Never heard anyone that they have dealt with say anything other than positive things about the both of them. BUT waking up to that video yesterday, I called my husband who is in Texas working, and then proceeded to call all 3 of my stepsons and all 3 of my nephews. and then I called my dad and my brother. Now what does that say?
  11. It's his right not stand, whether we like it or not, he can do whatever he wants. And whether our military likes it or not, they fought and sacrifice for his right. Is it disrespectful, yeah? I just don't see what all the hullabaloo is about. Eliminate the attention and you eliminate his power.
  12. Apparently, they agreed to pay for the broken door (approx $50) and no harm, no foul! I can't for the life of me figure out why he would go public?? But for him, we would have never known about the incident.
  13. For clarity, my response was to Silentbob, that was who I quoted. But it's good to know who Steve Bartkowski is today!! Smdh!!!
  14. Fully aware of SB been here for years. Just have a lot going on!!
  15. Oh I am patiently waiting on Billz!!! I'll probably need a cigarette when he finishes!!!
  16. Think I would have made him get out the car! This is one of those cases where don't forget where you at, no matter how heated the argument!!
  17. Michelle was rock star, she can always get me as a mom. Loved Booker but I've always loved Booker and surprisingly liked Bernie! The young lady Anastasia Somoza was moving to me, liked the fact that she had interned with Hillary on two different occasions. Paul Simon was hard to watch and I am a fan, but I just couldn't. Gotta admit I am not crazy about Al Franken but I did laugh at some his jokes. (God help me)
  18. I lost focus after the Rosa Parks tweet! Rosa Parks, really?? Such arrogance and tomfoolery to even make the comparison.
  19. The left is out of control...??? Funniest thing I ready in a while.
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