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  1. I don't see anyone who is close to HD regarding explosiveness. I'd like to see us go to him more. His YAK ability is undeniable. I think we need to go to him in the the brady goes to his slot......often.
  2. Hopefully, the time for letting teams hang around is over. We need to go full throttle and I hope we do
  3. Sorry, I meant on offense. Should have said WR....and yes..... i wish all our potential pass catchers could hold the ball on offense and defense.
  4. I know the team talked about being more explosive in the off-season. Who is the most explosive pass catcher on the team and how can we get the ball in his hands. Ive got my opinion....wanted to hear yours
  5. papi


    Would like to see him get a few more touches. I'm starting to believe he is the most explosive player on offense....not saying he is the best, but when I think "explosive", he comes to mind. (minus a dropped pass every now and then)
  6. If he's able, we should get that effort every game...
  7. To be honest, I think he was "indirectly called out" by Gonzales for not being able to get that inch in the Saints game to keep us alive.....and I agree whole heartedly even if he didn't mean it that way. If he had run that way on 4th and inches in OT, we might have had a chance. Didn't see any tip toeing or studder stepping. Just my thoughts
  8. Like the post but I am also concerned about: Ryans accuracy and strength throwing the deep ball (every time he threw one I was worried about an INT. With brees, worried about a big play) Secondary's inability to cover deep...don't know why they stopped throwing to graham as well as the deep ball. All receivers dropping clutch balls (Roddy, HD, and JJ. Thought JJ could have shielded porter to make the 3rd down catch) I want to see Ryan have the ability to take the team on his back and "will" us to victory. Don't see it yet like I saw some years ago against Chicago in the last seconds to Jenkins
  9. papi

    Aj Green

    My point is that there should never be any discussion about a 1a and 1b with AJ and JJ. We got the best available, not problem with it and glad he's on our team.....but all that discussion about 1a and 1b is obsolete based on the play on the field. They aren't in the same category. That's my point.
  10. No disrespect but JJ has had some clutch drops. He's only a rookie; however, the argument of 1a and 1b with AJ is obsolete. I wish he could have used his body to shield Porter on that third down play he wasn't able to hang on to.
  11. JJ hasnt been all that clutch either in big games. Great against the o-fer colts though. No AJ Green...thats for sure. Not even 1a and 1b.
  12. That HD drop was huge Wish JJ hands were more NFL ready in big games. Great against the colts but we needed it against the aints
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