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  1. at least roddy got credited as the "best tigh---, uhm wide receiver in the league"
  2. yea, otherwise we would be banned from the NFL - at least if you look at this MB
  3. wow turner and ryan will both start! "Adam_Schefter Better late than never. RT @Rachel__Nichols Both Matt Ryan and Michael Turner will play (and start) for the Falcons."
  4. the problem started when we entered the season with elam as kicker... I still believe we would be at 9 - 4 or at least 8 - 5 without him.. injuries are part of the game but if you can't score the most important field goal in the last 2 minutes, well... then I guess there's no way you can win.. (btw i'm not saying the falcons don't have any crucial problems the need to be fixed, especially on defense, but we're better than 6 - 7)
  5. completely agree... yea, alright, we lost but I felt like this was the defense we saw in the first regular season game... after all we played the Saints at home and yet managed to stop em plenty of times, create turnovers and capitalize... not to forget we scored 27 points against what is supposed to be one of the best defenses in the league
  6. wow, just looked it up, giants played: washington, dallas, tampa, kansas and oakland... now that explains A LOT
  7. alright I think we can all agree that the saints are for real this year... but boy, the giants suck BIG TIME... best defense in the league? gosh :x
  8. I think Saints will have at least 10 wins this season. They have one of the easiest schedules with TB x2, CAR x2, WAS and STL. With Brees at QB, I don't see any chance they'll be 8-8 or 9-7 with those opponents
  9. yep, I'm still positive. Brady's still not himself, there were a lot of throws where he wasn't on the same page as his receivers...
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