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  1. nice how he acknowledges that "the falcons played a good game, they outplayed us"...but yea, it's always the refs
  2. agreed mostly, except the "what i didnt like" part. I though svitek did a good job of protecting and runblocking... and three interceptions? did i miss something?
  3. sure, you got me. you want me to change the title to "ryan's injury"?
  4. was just showin triggerman that it;s his knee and not his ankle..
  5. not the best screenshot and you can see it more clearly in the actual footage, but his left knee was like twice as big as his right...
  6. well, he got stepped on his ankle but he was wearing some sort of bandage around his knee
  7. Didn't see anything about Matty's injury... I mean yea, he returned to play and finish the game, but it sure didn't look good, or am I the only one whose heart stopped for about 5 minutes there? Anyone hear anything about this?
  8. has anyone posted it yet? i really wanna see it
  9. well i guess you're right, since we're the best team we should win everything :P
  10. at least roddy got credited as the "best tigh---, uhm wide receiver in the league"
  11. yea, otherwise we would be banned from the NFL - at least if you look at this MB
  12. wow turner and ryan will both start! "Adam_Schefter Better late than never. RT @Rachel__Nichols Both Matt Ryan and Michael Turner will play (and start) for the Falcons."
  13. the problem started when we entered the season with elam as kicker... I still believe we would be at 9 - 4 or at least 8 - 5 without him.. injuries are part of the game but if you can't score the most important field goal in the last 2 minutes, well... then I guess there's no way you can win.. (btw i'm not saying the falcons don't have any crucial problems the need to be fixed, especially on defense, but we're better than 6 - 7)
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