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  1. It showed that this team needed different personnel to win a super bowl. A championship mindset would never have allowed such a heartless and gutless performance. Wasn’t even close.
  2. Obviously there’s an issue. How do we fix it now? Who gets replaced (besides Riley & Beasley)?
  3. The scary thing is that we are now nearly completely healthy on the d-line & linebackers. Safeties have little to do with stopping the run (at least initially). Yet still positive yardage.
  4. Positive yardage every play. Anybody else starting to think that Marquand isn’t the answer?
  5. NO ONE should be allowed to touch sand or even LOOK at the beach this offseason.
  6. They are terrible. Specifically: -Riley -McLain -Trufant -Alford -Pool -Richards -Neasman I’m done blaming injuries. Most of our D is now healthy and under performing.
  7. Going into the bye...who you got?
  8. I agree that our o-line has been trash with run blocking this year....but what about the last 3 years?? Even back in the glory year (2016) when they were outstanding all year and we had a pro bowl FB....we still had major trouble on 3rd or 4th & 1 far before the Super Bowl. Which is not a league wide issue. The common denominator? I’m sure as heck not blaming Mack. Freeman & Coleman are excellent outside the tackles and inside on 1st & 2nd downs. But the are AWFUL at pushing the pile.
  9. We missed it yesterday multiple times. Missed it the last 5 weeks. VERY much missed it in the Super Bowl.... A bruising power running back. One who can follow Mack and get us an easy 2 yards when needed. Doesnt need to be fast, shifty, or even that talented. Just big and trustworthy with the ball. A 3rd stringer for short yard gains. I get why we drafted Ito as an eventual replacement for Tevin...but why have we not gone for a guy like Lagarette Blount.