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  1. I enjoy Jeselnik because most of his jokes are about topics that if we cant joke about, we'll just cry about. I think humor, even when dark, is a powerful medicine.
  2. An early lead certainly wouldn't hurt anything. A couple early turnovers could decide this game...just have to hope they go our way.
  3. I see now this conversation is pointless. Nevermind.
  4. Yeah that show was unbelievable, I can't wait for part 2 next week. I liked how after one of their losses he said something in the coaches meeting to the effect of "We got outcoached, outplayed, and outplanned....We've got to do better" Also, that part where Mason was trash talking on the side like and Belichick cussed him out and told him to look at the scoreboard.
  5. I'm just glad we're on SNF instead of MNF...I would not want him calling this game. :ph34r:
  6. Yep. I think as far as non playoff games this is the biggest game for this franchise in a long time. It will definitely have huge implications in the way that this team and its players are perceived nationally. Not that that matters. It is not a season deciding game, it's a long season, but a loss would hurt.
  7. Yeah, I think it comes down to what people are criticizing. I'm all for being critical after a game like today, it's obvious we have issues. I hope we can correct these issues, but that doesn't stop me from seeing we seriously laid an egg out there today. I think what gets on a lot of peoples nerves is when people are criticizing and they clearly have an agenda. For instance, a lot of people have been talking about Matt Ryan's "Noodle Arm" after today's loss. Listen, there are many things you could criticize today, Ryan's decisions making, O-Line play, Tackling, etc. etc. But ARM STRENGTH???? Really?!? Nothing about todays loss and ANYTHING to do with arm strength. That is clearly someone with an agenda, and that's what gets on my nerves. But yeah, I don't see how anyone could be happy after todays beat down.
  8. This post just keeps blowing my mind on so many levels....I have no idea how to respond to it. What is it you're doing here? Logic? Is that what it's called?.....I can't remember anymore honestly. +1 No doubt, the Falcons stunk it up big time today. Maybe our expectations were too high, only time will tell. I'm not saying that we shouldn't be upset or negative, by all means after today, we have the right to be mad. That said, there have been a couple posts on here that have been ridiculous. Cam Newton already one of the best QB's in the division?.....Seriously?!?!?
  9. I'm not positive about very much after today, but I am absolutely positive that reality dictates that this thread is utterly ridiculous.
  10. Yeah, I KNOW that the Steelers are not that bad. They can't be. So, we must not be as bad as we played today....right?....right guys?
  11. Nice FG. Now let's see if the D can go get a 3 and out.
  12. Anyone have an Over/Under on how long it takes for Jay Cutler to excuse himself from the game?
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