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  1. Dude...if we had half the defense yall have (assuming you're a ravens fan) we'd have probably won handedly last night. Also, the difference between Flacco and Matt is, Matt is doing this with a MUCH younger team than Joe has. If Matt had the veterans around him that Joe does, there's no telling how far we could've gone, im not saying Joe isn't or won't be a good QB. With that said, I would rather have the team we have now (not being a homer here) in one of the youngest teams in the league rather than one of the oldest. Because in a couple years (or there abouts) the Ravens are going to have to rebuild, not totally but quite a bit, mainly that defense and Todd Heap isn't going to be around forever either. Now with all this being said, im not trying to hate on Flacco, it has been fun watching both of them and I wish you guys good luck in the playoffs, even though im pulling for the Steelers now lol, and a great future to both of our teams!!! GO FALCONS!
  2. Bingo..thats all i've ever asked for with this franchise. Just a good solid future to look forward to!
  3. You hit the nail on the head, our defense should be the main foucs this off-season. Our pass coverage is AWFUL, and while I hate to admit it....Brooking is done. He hasn't played worth a **** for a couple of years now and....he's done, nothing else to say on him really. Something else that has been hard to watch all year....our secondary. Houston has gotten burnt on almost every play, especially the past few weeks. Milloy is probably going to retire, while he's produced more than Keith has, he's waring down and even he's admitted so. But all in all, it was a heck of a season and quite a ride. I hate it ended with a VERY depressing 1 and done, but our future in my mind is the brightest in the league. It sucks to have to wait to head back down to the dome again but...what do ya do. Let's shake off this loss and get ready for continuation of "the process".
  4. Wow it's a small world lol. I'm rockin my new Falcons slippers as well!! I also got a Falcons pellow thats pretty comfortable!
  5. Cool, nice to know a fellow wwe fan lol! I've always loved JR, he's a classic voice and former voice of the falcons might I add.
  6. When your second tier for the XFL....thats pretty bad lol
  7. Not at all, and anybody is better than Matt Vasgersian....he's an insult to the broadcasting industry!
  8. FOX Early FOX Late CBS Early CBS Late Alot of big games sunday! The sunday nighter is a big one as well, Broncos @ Chargers for the division, should be quite a game. As most of you know, we could get a home playoff game if the panties lose in the Big Easy. So GO SAINTS (feels weird saying that) and GO BIRDS!!! Also I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope to see you guys at the Dome sunday!!!
  9. Yyou know what, I agree with that and what TJ said, Matty Ice is DA MAN!!!!!!
  10. I am so **** happy right now!!! After what we went through last year and all that crap, and to now make the playoffs with what Tom Jackson calls a "once in a generation player", I really honestly am speechless right now and bring on the Rams and whoever the heck else thats next and wants some of us!!! GO FALCONS!!!!! WOOOOOO
  11. it was just announced on the front page of the web site, we're wearing all black!
  12. Glad to hear you guys are both getting the games this week! I'll be at the game like always but it's good to see that we finally get a real nationally televised game rather than the crap they pulled when the panthers were down here and didn't even show game in alot of the southeast. Like I said, I knew these had already been posted, but i just like to post them anyways lol!
  13. Sorry these are are late and most of you probably have seen them by now. The fox map was broken like all week so I didn't want to post them untill they were all working, but here they are! CBS Early CBS Late FOX
  14. plus the steelers are my 2nd favorite team behind the falcons, so that works out well!
  15. Heck I'm sick of seeing the Cowboys more than the Giants! I've had to watch a dam Dallas game EVERY week this year!
  16. If that were the case with this game then that really surprises me because I highly doubt that they would choose Philly and NY
  17. I dont get why a small little portion of alabama dosn't get our game....
  18. Totally agreed man! The Jets will probably kill the niners but other than that, thats a great slate of games!
  19. CBS FOX Early FOX Late So for me it's our game at Nawlins at 1:00, Jets at 49ers at 4:00 and Cowboys at Steelers at 4:00, and the sunday nighter is Redskins at Ravens....again not a bad slate of games this week!
  20. Yeah I was thinking the same thing, kinda surprising that we aren't to be honest.
  21. CBS Early CBS Late FOX For me it's Colts-Browns at 1:00, Steelers-Pats at 4:15 and then our game at SD obviously at 4:05, the sunday nighter is Bears-Vikings. Not a bad slate of games!
  22. I think they should just go ahead and upset the sucs this week....that'd be fine with me!
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