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  1. Winborn, 5-11, 230 pounds, is entering his ninth season in the NFL, competing primarily with the San Francisco 49ers from 2001-04. In 92 career games (32 starts), he has logged 407 tackles (105 solo), 10.0 sacks, three interceptions, 23 passes defensed, four forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries. He competed with the Denver Broncos for the past two seasons (2007-08) and last year saw action in all 16 games while contributing with 117 tackles (84 solo) and nine passes defensed. An accomplished special-teamer, Winborn has also posted 46 career tackles covering kicks. In 2007 he led the Denv
  2. I have an authentic in the white and it's sweet!
  3. Well it most likely will be a retractable roof. As for what I prefer, I do admit...I'm a dome victim. I would probably want a retractable roof so you get the best of both worlds. I just hope to god we don't have to go the way of PSL's!!!
  4. Here's more info on what sites are being considered. It's really nothing new that McKay said in that interview with J-Mike, however, it does state what sites they are really interested in and stuff like that. Falcons considering options for new stadium
  5. Anyways...got any thoughts on the actual subject
  6. Can we not highjack this thread...if your going to be an azz then go some place else
  7. I know...just didn't my thoughts to get lost in everbody else's
  8. I first read this in the paper this morning (AJC) and I didn't much approve. But I have had time to think about it and it does make alot of since, for several reasons. Jenkins FINALLY emerged and was the receiver I always thought he could be...lets hope he can maintain this! Harry Burst onto the scenes as well and I really think he's going to be a star for us for a long time. I do hate Laurent got injred and couldn't really compete for his job. He, for the most part anyways, didn't really fit our system due to his lack of blocking skills. But for the most part, he was just kinda the odd man ou
  9. Yeah I didn't get that either...that whole article was a little on the strange side....
  10. This is the same magazine who said we were the worst team in football and put us down for 1-15 last year.....end of thread
  11. I completley missed the second round, in that case...that would be perfect! I'll defintley go with that!
  12. I would love Jerry as well, as I said especially now. The reason I say Delmas is because the secondary last year was TERRIBLE espcially down the stretch. The Cardinals game was the frosting on the cake...and from what I read about Delmas and the more I watch him, he seems like the perfect guy, he had a HECK of a senior bowl! But I wouldn't mind Jerry either, he's a beast!
  13. Mock Draft Scroll down and click on the other picks to see others. Also it gives an explantion if you scroll over it. They say we're going to take Peria Jerry, my preference would be Louis Delmas, but I can see this alot more now especially since we're not going after a DT in free agency.
  14. And no I can't see Dawkins leaving Philly either...that city would FLIP OUT! I can't see Ray leaving Baltimore either...although it looks as if he thinks otherwise.
  15. I'd love to have Dawkins..if this was 4 or 5 years ago. No doubt that he's still one HE.LL of a player, but he's what..35 now i believe? Same goes for Ray Lewis, still one of the best (and one of my favorites) but his prime is past him. We just let Lawyer walk for this same reason. I have no doubt that where ever these guys sign, they'll be great leaders and good for the locker room, but they just don't fit what we're doing here.
  16. Saw this piece in the paper this morning. Thats a good list of players and the fact that there are 2 linebackers on the list probably indicates that Brooking is all but gone. I like them in this order: 1. Louis Delmas 2. Brandon Pettigrew 3. Brian Cushing 4. Clint Sintim 5. Peria Jerry I've stated before that the secondary was horrible for most of last year, especially down the stretch. That said, I think Delmas is a must have at if he's still there at 24. I've said before as far as the TE position is concerned, I like Peelle. But Pettigrew sounds and looks alot like a young Crumpler and Matt
  17. Ah you mean ol' Al haha! As I said before, I think if we're going to fool anybody it will be the Raiders!
  18. I see what your saying but i have o agree with some of the others. As much money as he's lost and now with the bankruptcy situation, it's hard to imagine that he'll be willing to take less money, which sucks but....what do you do. Who knows though, maybe Arthur can work something out with him.
  19. Yeah and in related news, it was good to see that Goodell took a pay cut. The rest of the league employees have taken a hit and it's good to see that he dosn't see himself any different.
  20. Rights to Vick to be traded. Well there we have it finally, we'll be able to move on. I hope he gets his life together and wish him all the best. Now for my thoughts, I think this will be a tough sell for several different reasons that are notably obvious. He carries so much baggage, not just with his off- field life but also his well known struggle to play the QB position (depending on what system he's in). I do think we'll eventually get someone to bite...Oakland is a very strong candidate because of Al. The 49ers might be (and should be) looking for a QB, Rex Ryan and the Jets have already
  21. Im sorry but....that's not even worth responding to....(even though I just did).
  22. Amen bro, and with an overall poor defense! Give us the Ravens D....wow.
  23. Oh hahaha, you're a Vick troll lol. I wish you'd of mentioned him in your original post because I wouldn't have even bothered haha, have a nice life sir!
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