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  1. Ya Beat me to it man lol, Steelers-Bears when I get home! Thats whats up! Giants-Boys isn't a bad game I don't guess.
  2. I look for the "buy it now" feature on ebay so I don't have to screw with that bidding cr.ap. I do thank you for this website, I'll go to it from now on, thanks man! The prices are still great too, good future reference. I've been looking for a Bartkowski jersey FOREVER, I got a Deion which is pretty sweet and what I'll be wearing on sunday....my quest for Bartkowski lives.
  3. Awesome pics man, I remember seeing you from my seats. I know Taddow treated you to a good time lol!! He's a good guy, glad yall had a good time!
  4. It finally did fill up, Atlanta is always a late arriving crowd in general at just about any event. The noise was on and off, not bad overall I guess, but I'd like to get more noise the ENITRE game. As far as all the Miami fans today, yeah there was a few in my section as well.....it dosn't surprise me though becase it's just the era we live in. With the likes of stubhub, ebay, craigslist and countless other selling communities, it's gonna happen with just about any team anymore, you can tickets to any game anywhere. I will say, all the people with the Ronnie Brown jerseys on made me laugh because I know more than half of them are da.mn Auburn suckers haha..
  5. Well I guess thats they have to do.....seeing as how they have absolutely no fan base in J'Ville....
  6. Just thought i'd bump this so those of you who didn't see this can see it.
  7. Im glad somebody made this point, they were talking about this on outside the lines like last week. J'ville is gonna be the worst because they were at the center of the housing collapse. They lost like 17,000 season ticket holders, there's Cleveland as Mike here mentioned...don't forget Detroit. They said there's 12 teams that could be affected.
  8. Yep Yep! Sorry your kinda sicluded up there in Bloomington spork....now I don't know how much the ticket is (DirecTV), but have you ever thought about that?
  9. Well here are the distribution maps for your viewing pleasure. I'll be at our game, and then come home to watch the Skins-Giants, and then the Sunday nighter is Bears-Packers, not a bad slate of games. Still don't understand why the Savannah area is always subjected to the Jags games....whatever. Enjoy wherever you may be on Sunday!!! CBS FOX Early FOX Late
  10. Those are exactly my thoughts....I don't even know where to start really. I can see your point falcons4life, other than Ginn, Miami really dosn't have any receivers to speak of or worry about...but when Pennington gets on a role, look out...last year is proof of that. The next 2 is what really worry me, although Delhomme is very inconsistent...if him and Smith get hooked up early, we'll have to score 30 or 40 points to win that one. And as far as the Pats game goes....that may be a learning game.
  11. Point blank....i've always thought they were too long myself but..that debate's for another time
  12. WOW....I couldn't draw if my life depended on it....much less like that lol, good stuff man!
  13. Cool, thought it'd be cool for my new avatar too lol! Aren't you a season ticket holder?
  14. I have to say....it's hard to rank anything worse thank the Graz years....those were some puchless teams man..
  15. If this were just a few weeks into the future, we'd be in the middle of a game right now! Glad to see Rod finally signed and into camp and I'm also looking forward to tonights HOF game, always a fun game....it does get to be a bit boring after a while though lol. I was just wondering for saturdays game, is it just me or does a 4 p.m. kick-off seem a little odd for a preseason game?
  16. Just had a quick question....whats up with your avatar...cubs football?
  17. Noticed that too, pretty cool. I've heard of it, but never been there....just might have to take in a few away games in there! It's says it at CNN...but for some reason I don't remember seeing it.
  18. Got mine today as well, sec.331 row 1 reporting!
  19. You know it monk!! How sweet it is too! Even though it's right around the corner, it'll seem like an eternity. I did notice something different, the parking passes came with the tix this year, fed-ex usually brings them here before the tickets get here....(as most of you know). Not a surprising, thats called an economy move. I've always wondered why they just don't mail them with the tickets.
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