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  1. It really depends on where you are in South Carolina. I see that a portion of southwestern South Car. (or there abouts)is getting our game. If your not in that area then no unfortunatly. All of SC is getting Dolphins-Pats at 1:00 as well as SD-NYG at 4:00 (which everybody gets), and then as you mentioned Panthers-Saints at 4:00. It can be a weird and confusing system at times.
  2. Well here they are, I get SD-NYG when I get home from our game....not a bad game I guess but I'd rather see Panthers-Saints which is at 4 also. Also you'll notice that due to the fact that we're a 1:00 game, there's no CBS early game for most of the metro area. So here you are, enjoy and GO BIRDS!!! FOX CBS Early CBS Late
  3. Your the man native! I couldn't take much more of the Saint show
  4. Next steps for the Dome This from the AJC, read and judge for yourself. As most of you know, Doraville won't be happening. One of the ideas floated in this article is just gutting the dome and re-doing it, there were plans in place a few years ago to do that to lure this years Super Bowl. When the bid was rejected, the authority said they were still going to go ahead with it but never did...anybody know what ever happened to those plans?
  5. Aikman is usually pretty fair (to me anyways). He even gave us a vote of confidence there at the end if you didn't catch it.
  6. Wow...someone else who has sense?? Couldn't have said it better myself dude...I usually don't get on for a few days after we lose because of the garbage your seeing posted now. We didn't look good today, no question about it...today reminded alot of the game at Tampa last year in the sense that it was growing pains for everybody. I thought Smitty deciding not to go for it on 4th and 2 was the nail in the coffin myself. But as you said..lets move on, it's not like we just lost the Super Bowl lol. Let's go the big easy next Monday night and whop some AZZ!! GO BIRDS!! We'll be back, GET UP!!
  7. Should've gone for it here no question, this was the cherry on top to me...Crayton running it back was just bad karma. The defense was getting bent all da.mn day (especially the secondary), there was under 9 minutes to go and you got 2 yards to get for the first. Hand it off to Snelling...**** the way he running today, he was da.mn near a guarantee to get AT LEAST 2 yards if not more!! But whatever...it's a mute point now...
  8. The Largest fan base in the nation is by far the Steelers. You see Terrible Towels at games that aren't even Steeler games and at times events that aren't even football games. When they come to your town, literally half the crowd (or mabe even more) will be waving Terrible Towels...you will not out number them. As far as the games go, Thank god for Vikes-Steelers...we don't have to watch the Pats murder the Sucks overseas. And then it's time for us to rock the house at 4:15!!
  9. Thought the very same thing man. I actually felt like I was listening to the local San Fran broadcasters....Siragusa wasn't too bad (at times). We got disrespected all week, I think one of the guys on Around the Horn (ESPN show) actually said that not only was Matt regressing, but the whole da.mn team is too, I just busted out laughing when they said that lol!
  10. Yeah lol saw this too. Dosn't surprise me though. There were times today where one would've thought that Kenny Albert and Darryl Johnston were local niners announcers...Siragusa wasn't bad (at times). We got disrespected all week and even after the game pretty much, and thats fine...keep doubting us and see what happens, GO BIRDS!!!
  11. Being 21, I'm used to the Dome. Yes I realize that the gameday experience is shotty at times. The gulch at one point was the place to be, they had the merchandise trailer...the history trailer (simulator type thing)...they had a band roll through there etc etc. But they took all that away for some da.mn reason. As for going inside, when it's hot as he.ll it feels good to go in and cool off, when it's cold as all getout it feels good to warm up...thats just me being a victim of the dome I guess lol. It would be pretty cool to watch them outside for once though
  12. True but if early estimations are already $1 billion, my god...imagine what the final bill will be down the road
  13. Heard that bro, they day they send me a PSL request in the mail is the day DirecTV gains a customer(sunday ticket)
  14. Blank talks up need for new stadium Nothing new really, I will say it looks like what I feared is going to come true. As you will see an early estimation of the cost is $1 billion. The Cowboys stadium is going to start setting the standards for the owners, and knowing Arthur...he's going to want to at least match Jerry or top him if thats even possible. A retractable roof is fine and all, but just build a nice, normal football stadium. The Cowboys new stadium looks like a spaceship from the outside, you had girls dancing in cages...the players have to go through bars just to get to the field. They took standing room only to a whole new level with those TV's on the outside..I could go on and on here. I'll get to the point, I don't doubt that Arthur's going to want to build some elaborate gigantic stadium and I guarantee in will come PSL's. There....rant over. Now for your thoughts?
  15. Yeah same here...I'm surprised that they're showing Ravens-Pats in this area over Jets-Saints
  16. Having a bye week always sucks but, here's the games for this week. 2 early games this week, for me that means Ravens-Pats on CBS and Seahawks-Colts on FOX, and all of us are seeing the Boys and Broncos....Chargers-Steelers is a pretty good Sunday nighter as well. There ya go folks, enjoy...even though its a bye week! CBS FOX Early FOX Late
  17. Haha...who'da thunk that right? Thats unfortunate...thats what I fear the rest of the league is going to become...but thats another story for another time I guess. Just as I posted this I went to Philly's website and they have one up...I dont think they do it for every game though. I do recall Bang cartoons now that you mention it rounz, I even have it marked in the favorites section...
  18. I always loved those little cartoon movie shorts that the Bucs website used to show.....any clue whatever happened to those. The Eagles used to do it as well, I thought those were the funniest da.mn things hahaha....hate there gone!
  19. Finally...we get actual announcers....and not these bottom of the barrel wannabes. I'll never forget Vasgersian last year, that took the cake. Part of me would rather see Titans-Jets instead of Chiefs-Eagles, but I really don't care because I'll be on our game the whole time anyway lol. Gotta love the Steelers at 4 again!! Colts-Cards will be an interesting sunday nighter as well.
  20. I love how Michaels was saying..."will he be another Aikman, or another Staubach, or will he be another Danny White...who was very good but just didn't bring home a Lombardi Trophy." Speechless....
  21. I loved the crowd today personally!! It was loud as he.ll for the whole game for the most part. Overall there wasn't alot of Pantie fans there, really impressed with that, the only big group of them were at the very top of 320 (or there abouts) and it was a very small group, but again other than that...there weren't too many at all.
  22. That is correct!! Being in 331, I love it, we start up right along with them!!
  23. Wow...I hate you even brought the Niners and Rams up...those are horrible and very torturing memories
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