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  1. Here you are...i hate it when there's only one 4:00 game (unless it's us)....at least Pats-Bears is a good one and there not force feeding us the Cowgirls like they usually do. It looks like they're not expanding the Jags in south GA as much as they used to.....sorry to you guys in Brunswick. Enjoy and GO BIRDS!!!

    Week 14

  2. The way Ledbetter is talking, he's basically saying its all but official, we're drafting one of the Pouncey brothers (LaShawn Maurkice Pouncey to be exact). I guess that would be an ok pick, especially since McClure is nearing his end and he is the best center in the draft. But I personally dont see us passing up on Weatherspoon (provided he does make it to us), what say you guys?

    Ledbetter mock 3.0

  3. Was just about to post this as well, Kirwan is reaching here on a couple of picks here. He has a point that Tate will make a good WR, however I would be beside myself if we waste a pick on a receiver...that would be pointless pick. I will say, this is a big year coming up for Jenkins...time for him to put up or shut up. Also, there's no way Haden falls that far either.

  4. I hear you. I'm trapped in my apt with 3 feet of snow outside, another foot or 2 tomorrow. The only thing on the TV or internet is The Ain'ts and $%#$^& Sarah Palin. I'm about to go batsh## crazy.

    Well in that case...I'd just go hibernate lol..just go stuff yourself with the leftovers from last night and crawl in bed...now that sounds like a plan there!

  5. Just be real selective about your programming selections...I have purposefully stayed away from the obvious ones like ESPN and the NFL Network, the local and national news....Screw all of those for several days...

    24.....Turner Classic Movies....

    Strict No News or Sports TV Diet for the next several days......... ;)

    Oh I hear you there...NFL Network is out of the question untill next year...and I might....MIGHT...turn to ESPN come baseball season

  6. You all are pathetic. You fairweather fans have no idea how passionate we are about our team. You sit here on this pathetic board and talk **** about a community and team that has gone through the imaginable. I lived in Atlanta for 6 years and I know first hand how fairweather you guys are. ****, half of you still pull for the dog killer and wear his piece of **** jersey to your games. Speaking of which, you cant even sell out. Atlanta has been and will always be a half hearted sports town. The Saints are driven by a fanbase that is intertwined with the team, something you will never understand or experience.

    You talk about how passionate you all are...lol ok. It was your fan base that invented putting paper bags over heads. I also believe it was you all that first coined your own embarrassing..yet famous nickname "Aints". It is also a fact that the reason the superdome has multicolored seats is to disguise how empty the place is. Your right on with the Vick thing...cant argue that..and that was hard to sit through. As for you all always playing the katrina card....it was 5 YEARS AGO! I find it to be a joke that you cant even watch a Saints game or listen to an honest disscusion about them without katrina being brought up. When the Giants won it all a couple of years ago..did you hear them constantly talking about 9/11...did they constantly show the towers falling. Just because the city was hit with a natural disaster dosn't make you the best fans or the most dedicated in the league. Your nowhere in the neihborhood of the Steelers, Cowboys, Eagles (as much as i HATE them), Pats etc etc. So before you go calling yourselves the best fans in the league, go check your facts and realize where it is that you come from...because the Aints invented loosing bruh!

  7. You know...Im trying to get away from all the Aints crap...but it's not possible. I go to MLB.com and there's an article posted about it up there. I turn on WWE and well whataya know..we're in Louisiana and next thing I know..thats what they're talking about..crowd starts to chant that da.mn chant (sorry i just cant bring myself to say it) and have signs that do the same thing. There's some azz clown in the crowd with a gold devil lookin mask on to go with his Aints garb. This is like dying a slow painful death...I think I'll just go jump off a bridge..it'd be quicker.

  8. Why would you be mad if we passed on Mays, Best, Spiller, and Cody? None of those guys fit a need. Cody is a 3-4 DT, Mays is a Safety (might be able to convert to LB but not worth the shot in the first), Best and Spiller are running backs that we could use but we have Snelling, Norwood and Turner (depending on what the offseason holds) and we have bigger needs than them in the first.

    Well as I mentioned before, I know Cody isn't a need...a want more than anything. RB, again, could become an issue...it'll be interesting to see what we do with Jerious because Snelling did more than to prove himself..heck without him, we might not have even gotten back to back winning seasons. At the same time, is Jerious that game breaker we've all seen he that he can be or is he going to continue to be very injury prone...and then what do you do if a guy like Spiller or a Best falls in your lap..alot of questions there. I'm not questioning Turner at all. As far as Mays..he's just too much of a beast to pass up on if he falls..that'd be like passing up on Berry, although I think Berry is a bit better..he's the next best thing, and I think he could move to LB if givin the chance...that is a risk as you said..as it could take a while.

  9. I think this guy is reaching on alot of these picks, a bit too many stars falling past 15 and beyond. I might blow a gasket if we pass on the likes of Taylor Mays..Jahvid Best..Spiller..Mount Cody (this one is a biggy with me). RB is kinda up in in the air to me...I don't have a clue what they're going to do with Jerious. So depending on the decision they make with him..RB could become an issue. I personally love Snelling but Spiller and Best would be hard to pass up. Same goes with Mays and Cody. Safty would be set for a long time if we could somehow land Mays! I know DT is set but, if we could find someway to fit Cody in their...that would be awesome!! Now..if all four of these guys are still avaliable when we pick as he is suggesting...then somebody will earn their money lol! Now then...here it is, judge for yourself:

    Mock Draft

  10. WHY? We needed them the most last 2 weeks and they were not there. Now they show up with nothing to play for. Whatever i hope they dont get injuried AGAIN. just let Redman finish and lets look forward to next season.9-7..YUCK

    You have to keep them lose and thats what this is all about.....especially since they both have been out the last 2-3 weeks. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Redman and some of the backups were to finish this game...especially if it were to go south. Obviously you want to break the curse...and that's the goal now...but they wont do it at the possible expense of the future..all that being said....GO BIRDS, BREAK THE CURSE!!!!!

  11. Suits me. I can't stand to listen to Matt Millen and is ignorant commentary. Next to Dennis Miller, I can't think of a worse NFL "personality" than Matt Millen. I heard him the other night after the MNF game and he was arguing with Steve Young that 7 turn overs aren't that bad and things like that just happen to teams sometimes. What an idiot.

    I second that bro!! I don't know if I can stand another game with him....I don't think he even knows half the shi.t he's talking about....

  12. I unfortunately am.............going to need to shower big time after wards but I will

    Gonna have to shower afterwards hahahahaa!!! I heard that bro....just the thought of giving those baztards more to blab about makes me want to puke too....but if it helps us, ya cant help to.

  13. i don't think they are. i post on the bucs board all the time and they were only wearing throwbacks once this year.

    Ok..I didn't figure they would. I wont lie, it'd be pretty interesting to see them lol...especially the road creamsicles because those haven't been worn in forever.

  14. I know I am in the complete minority but I actually like the creamsicle jerseys of theirs. :) They are pretty goofy looking though.

    Well i tell ya it's been so long since i've seen them...I dont mind them as bad as I did, and to see them at the dome would be just priceless haha!

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