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  1. ATL 23 Min 21 Vikings miss 3 FG, including one as time expires.
  2. 11-5
  3. The same meme bombed on rc.net too. Right @Kevo?
  4. I thought he said that wasn't him. Am I missing something?
  5. Dude's so goofy looking, he's gotta wear a mask.
  6. Cry me a river I don't care See above k Grab a mop on your way out for them tears
  7. That hit to Ryan was an eternity late on a slide, Neal's hits are bang-bang plays at full speed. Bad comparison...
  8. Less than four hours away.
  9. Got my offer in the mailbox this morning, I did have to pay for 3 years upfront, $140 for 3 years seemed reasonable to me. Thanks again....
  10. No worries, at least you helped one of us. This was me when I realized the wife already had us signed up..
  11. The Panthers are just fine at kicker.