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  1. Perhaps @WhenFalconsWin could provide his input.
  2. Cap **** 2.0
  3. If you check the .net receipts you'll see that I had a few seconds to spare.
  4. #tenseconds
  5. That's the old bastage.
  6. The Omega Bull is oddly absent.
  7. Not much, how are you and your beautiful wife doing?
  8. Pu$$y
  9. It's the heroin or maybe meth.
  10. That and the inevitable impeachment of Trump, and anyone that disagrees with his politics are racist. Truth bombs....
  11. USS FA will be along any moment to dispute this widely known fact.
  12. Atlanta 27 Philly 9
  13. The Rams are 4-4 at home this season, a far cry from a dominate HFA.
  14. There are no Sunday/Monday night games during week 17.