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  1. I think the coaches get McGary coached up at Mayfield slides in at LG. We finna maul some folks.
  2. We gon have to make a friendly wager once we find out what team Julio goes
  3. Avery ain't playing DB. 1) he can only play NB 2) he won't be effective at it anyways. Dude is 100% a ST's demon/returner or he is on PS or off the roster. In my opinion.
  4. He already is. He was last year. People are insane to think Julio is still a top 5 or even top 10 WR in my opinion. I love the guy, but facts are facts.
  5. Anyone remember gazoo's corny ahh old avatar picture with him looking like he just left the gym? 😂🤣 The White Knight of any player that has ever put on a Falcons uni.
  6. The only real concern I have is the chemistry between LG and C. Overall, O line is not that high on my worry list. I believe they are going to be just fine. I'm much more concerned with our defense.
  7. This ^ Grady is most definitely a star misc brah
  8. There are tons of options on the table and there is always a middle ground. You don' HAVE to take just a 2nd or just a 1st. You could trade for a player and even swapping picks is a possibility.
  9. I'm a huge Mariner guy. I am curious to see what the plan is for him. I thought he was blossoming into a very good 4-3 DE.
  10. This freaking post needs to be pinned so we are all on the same page as far as potential compensation.
  11. Having a dominant O line and running game. Specifically, being able to run in situtations where they know we are running and we can still execute (nursing a 4th quarter lead/short yardage situations)
  12. I mean he is an extremely good dart throw option, but highly unlikely he ever pans out imo. I'm more excited about McCarron tbh.
  13. This is the first thing that I thought of when I read the title. Grady is already a better player than Casey (even though Casey was always very underrated). I'm not worried about him at all. That NT position tho.....Iono
  14. You're coming at it from a selfish point of view. What does Julio and any great player want? 1) a SB victory 2) to be in the HOF Yes he is probably a HOF'er anyway, but a SB victory is only going to solidify that. Anyone who trades for Julio is going to be in a "win now" mode. I feel like we should give him that opportunity if someone who is more of a contender than we are (still unknown because I think we can contend immediately) wants him. And it is selfish to keep him here if he is going to end up like Larry Fitz. A WR who did everything the right way and you wish they
  15. DJ isn't moving to safety lol I guarantee that doesn't happen. Perma ban me if it does.
  16. Agreed on Avery Williams. Strongly disagreed on Tay Graham. I feel like he is going to get decent snaps even as a 5th round rookie and develop into a quality player.
  17. I think its more likely he is on the roster because he is still under contract rather than Artie seeing something in him. So I don't expect him to do anything. Dude could possibly not even make the 53.
  18. I loved our draft. I think its going to end up being one of the best ones we have had in a long time. Graham is my favorite pick. He seems like a perfect 3-4 end.
  19. I don't know how good it will be THIS season because we really don't know who is going to be playing Center or LG. We can all assume its gonna be Henny and Maypop but we don't know. Maybe Gono and Dalman end up starting. A lot of unknown, but I am more excited for the O line than I have ever been. Not to mention we got Artie now running things.
  20. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I think he has the talent to be a near double digit sack guy. Injuries definitely effected his play. That and his crap attitude. We can't predict injuries and we also don't know how his attitude was before drafting him. Whenever we released him, I was afraid Seattle would pick him up and he would start producing more.
  21. Ball tracking is a pretty underrated quality in a receiver. That is one of the main reasons why Djax is such a dangerous deep threat even at his age its cause he's an elite ball tracker and is able to maintain speed while tracking. And Darby has the added bonus of being thic and physical.
  22. Some of these dudes may have been drafted. I'm too lazy to go back and look, but in my notes I have a few dudes I wrote down: - Demetric Felon RB (good pass catcher) - Marvin Wilson DT - Jaylen Twymann DT - Ardarius Washington FS - Javian Hawkins RB - Jonathan Marshall DT - Davyion Nixon DT - Tyree Gillespie S
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