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  1. Had we not signed Gurley then I woulda been ok with Swift. I would have been ok with him in the 1st if we traded back a few spots. But with Gurley, you might as well wait for a RB in a later round if at all. As far as Wirffs, I'm probably never gonna say no to a trench player in the 1st round. Running the ball, stopping the run, and protecting money Matt is top priorities.
  2. I'd be ok with Jernigan or Denard from that list.
  3. Thanks for taking the time doing this. I used to do this back in the day during the summers. And I think a lot of people are curious about Gono as well as Lindstrom and McGary too.
  4. I was dead wrong about Sheffield. I thought he was gonna be wack. He did get beat a pretty good bit in college, but the dude impressed me last season. Even when he did give up a reception he was right there in pretty good coverage.
  5. Lol there isn't a shot in **** this happens. You can perma ban me if it does. Simmons is overrated because of his combine. Personally, I don't like the fact that he is a long strider. Sure its outstanding for 40 yard dash, but I prefer a quicker more sudden athlete at LB/Safety.
  6. I'm a big McFarland guy. He is one of my favorite prospects in this entire draft. Dude is so underrated. Let this dude carry the rock 10-15 times per game with Gurley and they'll dominate. I wouldn't be upset if we took him in the 2nd tbh.
  7. These mocks always have people drafted later than they should be. It makes it too unrealistic. I'd paste in my pants if we were able to select Henny in the 4th.
  8. Absolutely. If our defense played like it did the 2nd half of the season + Fowler and maybe Neal we will be in good shape defensively alone. And I think our run game is going to be astronomically better. With McGary and Lindstrom having a season under their belt (with injuries) and adding Gurley who I still think is gonna be a vast improvement. Especially in the redzone and short yardage situation. This is just my opinion, but I think our run game is gonna be top 5-10 in the league this year. I have very high hopes for it.
  9. Haha nope. I haven't looked up any of his numbers. He may be fast af for all I know. But from what I see, he seems like a slow reactor to everything and not agile. His frame looks like the Cunningham kid out of Vandy a few years back (who I liked), but he doesn't have near the athletic ability on tape.
  10. I was looking at a prospect list and saw Jonathan Taylor's 5'10 below Henderson. I didn't realize Henderson had that weight though. Makes me like him even less that he isn't more aggressive with that size. If he had Kazee's aggressiveness I'd be much more inclined to draft him.
  11. Just my preference, but I'd rather have a faster guy playing LB. One who can run with a TE down the seam and get the RB's coming out of the backfield. He does seem like a springy athlete though and obviously good at seeing and attacking the ball. To me, his best shot is playing ILB in an odd man front.
  12. I wouldn't cry about the pick because its a big position of need, but id prefer Terrell. He has better size and plays more aggressive.
  13. If we took a LG in the 2nd round it would make more sense to me. Unless we are high enough of on Harris that we believe he can win the LG job this year. Otherwise I'm not that comfortable with taking a replacement at center in the 2nd round of the draft.
  14. I think Cameron Brown is garbage. Dude looks so stiff and slow. He just doesn't look like a football player at all to me.
  15. Well I was hoping to hear him say something about his knee and how its a non factor, but the dude just said he has good energy and he is a clown in the locker room. Smh not even worth an article really. Either way, Gurley can still punch it in the redzone and that was with a below average offensive line so I'm not overly concerned. Not expecting him to be a 1,400 yard rusher. If he can come up big in the redzone and short yardage situations then I'll be okay with it.