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  1. He obviously has ties to our new HC and was a talented dude. Today he tweeted he's don'e with football as a Tennessee Titan. He has had a few run ins with Johnny Law and had injury/covid things going on this past season. I know we have a ton of UGA homers here. So what are yalls thoughts?
  2. Obviously the most important issue is WHEN he will retire. Its clearly not right now. And imo, not for the next few years. So its hard to say. But if we say he is gonna retire in 3 years after his contract is up then I say we take a look at the QB's in the draft class that year.
  3. If you have an OG in mind at #35 and a RB to get later then I'm all ears. Like I said, I do not think it is optimal to trade back into the first for a RB, but I'm open to it (preferably if we trade back from #4). If we think there is an OG available at #35 then I say take him. I will always want to take a trench player over a skill guy and its not even a question. We can go Sewell or Slater at #4 and then another O line guy at #35 and I'd still be ok with it 🤣
  4. Because our current roster doesn't have enough to provide a good enough run game. There are no guarantees. But if 2 of the 3 are gone then its well worth the risk of moving up 5 or so spots if you feel there is a significant drop off in talent. I personally don't mind what people may view as "screams desperation" as long as it fixes our run game. We traded up for a RT 2 years ago in a move that "screamed desperation" but if it fixes our O line (or if it would have) then no one would care. If the Saints woulda taken Kamara in the 1st round a few years ago and he performed like he ha
  5. Lol I mean I get that part, but why would an NFL player be working out in some basic *** gym that has that corny phrase? There better be some funny backstory to that or I'm going in on Hawkins 🤣
  6. I need some sort of context lol. How is that gonna motivate an NFL player? Weird asf
  7. There is no sweet spot imo. I think its more likely that we trade back no later than around 15 because not many people wanna move from 20 and higher for a player because it costs so much draft capital. I'm fine with moving back multiple times and acquiring picks. But I would be completely shocked if we moved back into the 20's with one trade.
  8. Most years I would be completely against trading up for a RB because as we all know, you can usually find quality RB's mid-late-UDFA. But the fact that we absolutely have to come away from this draft with a "blue chip" RB (barring adding a FA), I have no issue trading back into the 1st or if we have to just trade up to #33 to get him. Preferably in a situation where we have already traded back from #4 and have extra ammo. Just a matter of opinion. My main issue was claiming one if not all 3 would definitely be available at our pick.
  9. I don't know. I find it pretty silly to try and claim one quote of Fontenot's as "the most important quote". Especially considering that it is a pretty general statement that most GM's make when their team has just came off two garbage seasons, have little cap space. and have a brand new system coming in. To me that seems like an extremely obvious statement.
  10. But who says which running back is best? Maybe the one or two we have high grades on is completely different from other teams. And we are talking about trading back into the end of round 1. Its not like we are sacrificing our entire draft for a RB. As complex as the draft process is, I can't imagine a team going into the draft saying "lets just get one of the top 3". I'm sure no one would be mad if a team traded up a few spots just so they could secure Alvin Kamara. If you believe in a dude then you get him. And again, we would be trading up only a few spots. Not sacrificing our entire d
  11. There is definitely no way you can know who will be available at pick 35. For all you know Najee goes top 25 and someone takes one at the end of round 1 and the very beginning of round 2. And that's even if we view all 3 equally. Which we probably don't. I highly doubt we are "lets make sure we get one of the 3 top RB's". We may have significant higher grades on Najee and Etienne than Williams. So yeah if we have significant higher grades on two of the 3 and one is taken then I have zero issue moving up a few spots. Especially if we trade back from #4. I'm fine with agreeing t
  12. He is small and looks stiff. Imma say no. I don't have an issue with a small dude at all, but you gotta have a little wiggle to you. A stiff RB only works when you have some size to you in my opinion.
  13. I agree with most of that. But if we traded back from 4 and trade back up into the end of round 1 and took Harris, Williams, or Etienne I would not be upset at all. I wouldn't even be upset with it if we traded to the back end of round 1 without trading back from 4.
  14. Wow. Never knew that tbh, but it does make sense. I wonder how close we got.
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