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  1. There are TONS of Sheffield homers around here. Don't even act like there aren't lol. His college tape shows him getting beat a ton and I've even had people try to defend that. It is what it is. If the kid gets roasted then fine. Don't try to spin it. Nothing cringey about calling a spade a spade. I always keep it real. You gotta find that balance between FFS1970 and gazoo. Thats where I live.
  2. It was very questionable. There are just too many homers around here. Yes he has the tools, but his tape was iffy at best. Dude got roasted routinely in college. And now the excuse will be "its preseason" or "this wr is 6'5". I'm all for rooting for the kid, but at least keep it realistic. If he is struggling then yeah call him out on it. Don't make excuses for him. He gets to go against one of the best WR trio's in the league. I am not ruling him out, but I definitely don't support all Sheff's defenders right now. Its cringey af honestly.
  3. Its preseason going against scrubs and he is getting roasted. The love for him is way too high right now. Iono if these snaps even count as "meaningful" right now. But for the record, I am rooting for him. Please prove me wrong Scheff. And I am giving him no excuse to not be good because he has the tools AND he gets to go against Julio, Sanu, and Ridley every day in practice. No excuses.
  4. Sheff gon Sheff. You fan boys better lower your expectations for the kid some.
  5. GeorgiaBoyz is right. Duke hasn't done **** up to this point. Saying a player has "has moments" is an extremely broad thing to say. Every player in the league has had moments where maybe they made a play in a game. Duke definitely has not shown anything to suggest that he has the talent and all his issues are just mental. And the mental part of the game is more important anyways. Are you just a big time LSU guy or something? Because you defended the f**k out of Jalen Collins sorry self.
  6. Good to hear about Sheff making some plays. Hope he continues and proves me wrong about him.
  7. Absolutely not. Lets not over think this. Our defense was destroyed by injuries. Its as simple as that. And furthermore, Quinn oversees everybody and everything. Especially on defense. So if you are gonna blame anyone it is Quinn. But no one is to blame because it is based on injuries.
  8. Hooper on O Sénat on D
  9. I'm big time defense, but I think first priority should be to lock up Julio and let him finish his career here while him and Matty both have some years of dominating left. Once we lock up Julio then we can figure out the next step.
  10. Rod Coleman was the first person that came to mind Eric Weems as well
  11. Aino way McCoy comes here. You can make a case that we would be last priority on that list of teams. - Colts got tons of $ to throw at him and he is up there in age. They also had a good year last year so they could make a deep playoff run - Saints were a missed call from the SB last year - The Browns have tons of $ and have added a lot of talent to their team so they could be one of the better teams in the league. - We have very little money and just came off a 7-9 season
  12. I like the combo of Koetter and Mularkey together. I don't know how much I would like them alone. Koetter seems to be a pass game wizard and Mularkey is a run game guru. Hopefully we do more running than we do passing this year.
  13. I'm not ignoring anything. In fact, I praised him a lot in my initial post. I just pointed out that he got beat a lot in college. Which he did. I still am rooting for the guy because he is a Falcon. But yeah I wasn't a fan of the pick and I'm in a "see it to believe it" mode right now.
  14. Lol really? Now you are just arguing over semantics. Ok if you don't feel comfortable with using the term "roasted" then he got beat a lot in college. We've all watched the same tape on him. Or at least I'm hoping you watched it, but iono
  15. Too lazy to watch the plays were he was roasted, but if you are sitting here telling me he didn't get beat a lot then you obviously either a) being a homer or 2) don't know much about him. I'm not hating on the guy. I have zero motive to hate on him. He is a Falcon now and I hope he turns into a beast, but facts are facts. I always keep it real.