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  1. Disagree with the WLB competition. I love Ish, but he isn't going to be a starter at WLB. Dude is just too slow. Don't get me wrong, the dude is a football player, but he won't be our starter imo. And it would be a shock if Oluokun won either. Coming from Ivy league. He just screams ST demon more than starter. I think Riley will improve a lot.
  2. You can't trade compensatory picks.
  3. I lost it at the gif at the end l . Thats just good clean fun right there OP.
  4. Dude has similar measurables to Ridley. One of the first things I noticed is how good he accelerates. Gonna assume his route tree isn't near as accomplished as Ridleys tho. Prob just a teams guy for now. He kinda reminds me of Justin Hardy a little bit as well.
  5. He has elite acceleration which I love. Dude is going to be giving DB's nightmares on hitch routes.
  6. I liked DJ Moore much more, but I can't say he was the better prospect. Ridley clearly separates from DB's easier. I just like Moore's size better and the fact that he is a very physical guy. To me he is like a more athletic version of Golden Tate.
  7. I wouldn't if we got DJ Moore. He is a tough WR. Dude is going to be for real. I love having offensive guys who also play with toughness.
  8. Hope he is an upgrade over Marvin Hall if we are going to spend a 3rd round pick on him. Hall played well in limited snaps and is a similar style receiver as Gabriel and has a year of NFL experience and in Sark's offense. If it were me, i'd rather have a taller WR like Jones and Sanu.
  9. I think the more accurate statement would be that you can never have enough guys on the D line. Especially for as much as we rotate. I don't see us going Edge early in this draft. I would be very surprised if we addressed Edge before DT. Having said that, IDGAF if we draft 5 Edge dudes in a row. That's one thing i'll never b*tch about. Bring on the D linemen
  10. Always been a big fan of Mychal Kendricks, but our LB corp is so good right now I don't see any way we add him to the roster. Save that $ for another position I've also always really really iked Jordan Matthews. I think he can be soooo much better than his career has been so far. And he also would come cheap because of the down year and injury.
  11. I'd love to get hiim and that WR for Maryland. Both of those dudes play a violent brand of football on the offensive side of the ball. Love dudes on O who are like that.
  12. Happy Birthday ole buddy
  13. I'd rather play Minnesota. I'd much rather be going against Case Keenum than Drew Brees.
  14. I think y'all are both kinda right. Our identity is different this year, but that comes from 1) Defense playing great and 2) Offense under performing. No way an offense with Ryan, Julio, Freeman, Sanu, and Coleman should have struggled as much as they did yesterday. I'm not happy with having to rely on FG's. Thats how you lose games in the playoffs.
  15. Was wondering the same thing i feel like we always have some sort of penalty on teams. Chit is getting old.