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  1. I also agree that Tak is going to step up. I have zero doubts in his ability. And this is a big year for him. Even if he doesn't want to be here he knows that this entire season is an audition for 31 other teams. He's gonna get double digit sacks and go somewhere else next year. To the opposite, I think Fowler is gonna be very average.
  2. I agree with you on that. I do feel Terrell was definitely graded too harshly for the LSU game. I also feel that he got way too much praise for a pick 6 on a horrendous throw that any CB would make. Especially a 1st rounder. In my eyes, you shouldn't get too much praise for something that you're expected to do. And that is exactly what he did. He talked AJ up for a pick 6 that he should have made. Just because it was on a big stage like the national championship. And talked him up on a pick that he made on a grossly underthrown ball against Vandy or whoever it was. Yeah he was in good co
  3. I like positivity too when its realistic and not overexaggerated. Dude was talking up AJ Terrell a little more than he deserved in that commentary. Dude makes a play that 99% of corners make and he made it out to be the biggest deal in the world. I mean heaven forbid if I like realistic analysis.
  4. I'm not insulting the effort. I appreciate the effort. His opinion is wack tho.
  5. I don't have to make videos to say he is wack. Check his video history and some of the things that he says. Its evident the dude overhypes guys.
  6. Top Billin is wack. I appreciate the effort he puts in, but he stays over exaggerating players.
  7. This just in: Interior pressure is devastating to NFL quarterbacks Catchy title though. Wish we had JA98 on the D line to absolutely terrorize Brady all game
  8. I feel like they are unique in general. There aren't tons of prospects like that in the drafts. I didn't like Red as much as some did, but I did think he was very intriguing. I also don't like Simmons much either. But his skill set does intrigue me. For all I know, they took Simmons party because they have some scheme in mind where they can create problems for the opposing offense. Or maybe they legitimately despise Reddick...
  9. Treadwell will be a back up on the outside and Gage will continue to work out of the slot is my guess. Thats if Treadwell even stays which is not a guarantee. Dude played with two awesome receivers (Diggs and Thielen) so the notion that "playing with Julio he will be around one of the best" is stupid af to me. We will see. I'd love for him to have it all click.
  10. I'd love to bring him in as well for cheap. I just don't see the Cards giving Reddick up because with him and Simmons, they got two pretty unique chess pieces to move around.
  11. I'm not overly concerned about the D line. We have a solid group of guys. I do trust Tak and Fowler to provide a pass rush on the edges with Jarret doing his thing on the inside. I hope that MD can come in and make an immediate impact, but I'm not expecting it. I"m wayyyyy more concerned about the LB's and secondary.
  12. That still remains to be seen. We added Fowler who yes I don't think is some super talented pass rusher, but who knows. Maybe he comes in and can be a double digit sack guy. We also don't know if Tak is gonna be here next year or not. We may win a lot of games this year and his attitude completely change. He may get hurt and realize that people won't be beating down the door for his services. I have no idea. My whole point going into this draft and pretty much every other draft for the next few years is, sacrifice future picks while we have Matty and Julio at their age. I especially was
  13. Yeah for your narrative, it obviously looks really bad to use your first 4 picks on a player. But if you use 2021 first rounder it doesn't look nearly as bad. Using our 2021 first round pick would have still allowed us to keep some of our picks. I wanted to trade up for Wirfs. But I think I was definitely alone in that.
  14. You sure did. I remember having several discussions about him
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