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  1. 17TD's 12INT's and his second worst passer rating in his entire career and the worst QBR of his career. lols
  2. If that is your definition of notable then LOL
  3. Haven't read this thread, but i'm HOPING that OP is not trying to support Cam as if he has done anything notable this year.
  4. Exactly ^ Comes down to knowing your opponent. We all know Payton is definitely one of the more aggressive play callers. And you are playing away from home against a division rival. You think he is going to play for OT? Na son. Dr. Quinn goof'd on that one for sure. I just hope he learns from it. He sure hasn't so far though.
  5. Yep that was freaking stupid to decline that holding penalty. Quinn is an awesome coach, but man he makes some dumb in game calls.
  6. Goodwin has played well in some games. Dude isn't just some trash CB. He has more than proven he is a better CB than he was a WR. He simply just got rekt on that play. Quinn can't help that. Its a freaking slant route man. No way should you get torched that badly. ESPECIALLY on a 3rd down at the end of the game. Just pathetic.
  7. Lol this ^ Gonna feel like a home game for New Orleans. Fans want the team to win games, but a big part of that is having some type of home field advantage. Can't have it both ways. Atlanta fan base is garbage.
  8. I get on Quinns case all the time for some of his calls, but i don't have a big problem with kicking the fg on that one. Its not like their offense had been putting up massive points on us all game. Not Quinns fault that Goodwin got absolutely abused on a simple slant route the following drive. Embarrassing af. And pathetic af as well.
  9. Carrol had seen something in our package? Apparently he wasn't look hard enough. Dumb af to run that fake right across one of the best DT's in the league and a DT who was having a nice game against your team. Lets not act like that play was close. Grady destroyed that play.
  10. There is A LOT of crow that needs to be eaten by A LOT of posters lol.
  11. Its on both. There were PLENTY of plays we didn't execute. Off the top of my head the Julio overthrow TD earlier in the game, the Julio drop TD on the 4th and 7, Matty Ice failing to throw the ball away on a scramble where he was running around for like an hour and got sacked. That was super dumb. Was already outside the pocket.
  12. I think they will. DQ will get them around. I look at it like winning and fun go hand in hand. You can't have fun if you aren't winning. And we are doing a number of things that prevent us from winning. And that starts with coaching. To me, it seemed like they were having a lot of fun in that first quarter and half of the 2nd quarter when our defense forced two turnovers and we had a 10-0 lead.
  13. I usually get annoyed by the doomsday posts, but today it feels different. It actually feels warranted. Having said that, I think our offensive line is going to get absolutely destroyed. No run game. No time to pass. We lose by 14 minimum
  14. Yeah i never turn off the game, but I reach a point during every game where i decide that i'm not even gonna be mad if we lose because we've done so much stupid chit. Today was the 4th and 1 combined with the penalty directly after and then the pick. All could have been avoided. Just punt the ball and make them drive the field. Ah well. They'll learn some day to be smart and not just aggressive.