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  1. I think the more accurate statement would be that you can never have enough guys on the D line. Especially for as much as we rotate. I don't see us going Edge early in this draft. I would be very surprised if we addressed Edge before DT. Having said that, IDGAF if we draft 5 Edge dudes in a row. That's one thing i'll never b*tch about. Bring on the D linemen
  2. Always been a big fan of Mychal Kendricks, but our LB corp is so good right now I don't see any way we add him to the roster. Save that $ for another position I've also always really really iked Jordan Matthews. I think he can be soooo much better than his career has been so far. And he also would come cheap because of the down year and injury.
  3. I'd love to get hiim and that WR for Maryland. Both of those dudes play a violent brand of football on the offensive side of the ball. Love dudes on O who are like that.
  4. Happy Birthday ole buddy
  5. I'd rather play Minnesota. I'd much rather be going against Case Keenum than Drew Brees.
  6. I think y'all are both kinda right. Our identity is different this year, but that comes from 1) Defense playing great and 2) Offense under performing. No way an offense with Ryan, Julio, Freeman, Sanu, and Coleman should have struggled as much as they did yesterday. I'm not happy with having to rely on FG's. Thats how you lose games in the playoffs.
  7. Was wondering the same thing i feel like we always have some sort of penalty on teams. Chit is getting old.
  8. This made me cringe lol. Could you be more insecure? No one said or implied anything about being smarter than anyone else just because I believe that refs don't win or lose games. Facts are facts. There are several plays that effected the game much more than the referees. To people who try to blame it on the refs i'd say is very cowardice and a cop out. I don't think it was collusion. Who knows. It could have been. And even if it was, it did not make us incapable of winning. It would just have made it a little more difficult. - Freeman fumbles on the goal line - Ryan and Julio can't connect for a TD at the goal line - Tedd Ginn blows right past Tru - Ingram runs for like a 20 yard TD untouched Thats 28 points right there that are significant plays.
  9. If you are saying the refs had a horrible game then yes thank you captain obvious lol i think everyone would agree with that and not defend them If you are blaming the refs for the loss then you would be wrong and I would defend the refs in that debate
  10. 17TD's 12INT's and his second worst passer rating in his entire career and the worst QBR of his career. lols
  11. If that is your definition of notable then LOL
  12. Haven't read this thread, but i'm HOPING that OP is not trying to support Cam as if he has done anything notable this year.
  13. Exactly ^ Comes down to knowing your opponent. We all know Payton is definitely one of the more aggressive play callers. And you are playing away from home against a division rival. You think he is going to play for OT? Na son. Dr. Quinn goof'd on that one for sure. I just hope he learns from it. He sure hasn't so far though.
  14. Yep that was freaking stupid to decline that holding penalty. Quinn is an awesome coach, but man he makes some dumb in game calls.
  15. Goodwin has played well in some games. Dude isn't just some trash CB. He has more than proven he is a better CB than he was a WR. He simply just got rekt on that play. Quinn can't help that. Its a freaking slant route man. No way should you get torched that badly. ESPECIALLY on a 3rd down at the end of the game. Just pathetic.