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  1. Maybe Haslett should b**** slap him like Smith did
  2. When I think of the Falcons with a franchise LT I feel all warm and tingly inside
  3. Correct! whether the Oline is winning in the trenches or losing in the trenches, do the same things over and over. Come to think of it, isn't that the definition of insanity? Making the same mistakes over and over and expecting different results. That's it, MM is has been diagnosed as being insane!
  4. I've said the same thing in a couple of threads. The Oline is good enough to "impose it's will" on some teams but not all teams. You need an elite Oline to do that against the better defenses. And it has gotten harder on the Oline because the defense knows run or pass just by looking at the formation, which allows them to play much more effectively. When the Oline is losing you need to adjust the scheme so as to get the defense off balance and on there heels.
  5. You really are psychic cause you're reading my mind. Well done and a +1 for you
  6. I remember him making quite a few mistakes last year but the outcome wasn't as bad. It looks like he's making fewer mistakes this year, but the mistakes this year have been very costly. His overall play has been better this year.
  7. Everyone has seen Matt Ryan making plays and winning games. Thats not even debatable. In the Philly game, do you realize that the only two touchdowns were the result of the only two no-huddle series we ran in the game? Ryan is a playmaker
  8. F that somebody needs to have that picture put on a shirts and send them to the Bengals
  9. Oh, I know the answer to this one. He got intercepted because he didn't even attempt to catch the ball and Owens got his first career pick. Thank you T.O.
  10. The helmets hit as a result of the initial contact. Also if you watch the replay Jackson made the catch and had already tucked the ball in his left arm (tucking the ball sure seems like a football move to me). This is where is gets very tricky. He caught the ball, tucked it and was taking his second step when the contact occurred. The only thing is that it happened so fast its hard to tell the exact timing of the hit and Jacksons second step. It was so close that you can't tell in slow motion replay.
  11. I've watched every game is his NFL career and I've seen him make every throw an NFL quarterback needs to make. Open your eyes man.
  12. The defense played great football up until Philly but BVG got out coached in this one. I expect them to re-establish that type of play going forward.
  13. That's like trying to figure out the meaning of life. We may never know
  14. You got it right, more has to be done with the scheme to keep them off balanced and confused. Teams know what's coming. I also agree with the original post although #3 I would use the no-huddle often because it definitely gets defenses on their heals and gets the offense in a rhythm. MM doesn't seem to know how to call plays to get any kind of offensive rhythm.
  15. Yes, he can throw deep, or short or any other throw he needs to make.
  16. That's why it's on MM to out scheme teams that we don't match up well against.
  17. I think it's just a bad fit for the scheme we're running. It's not like the o-line is terrible or anything, though Baker isn't working out, it's not an elite line either. But elite is what you need in a scheme that constantly challenges the other teams manhood. We can do it to some teams but not all teams. Look at what Philly did to counter the fact that they knew they couldn't win the line in a match of manhood. They schemed there way around it. Unfortunately they did a great job of game planning the scheme.
  18. I agree with you 100%. MM doesn't do nearly enough to keep a defense off balance, which is what you need to do if the oline is struggling. Defenses basically know what's coming based on formation alone, I know when I'm watching a game I can call run or pass when i see the formation, so of course the opposing defense is doing the same thing. And what does MM do when the oline is struggling? The same thing he does when the oline is winning, which is generally smash mouth out of heavy run formations. That's fine if your winning in the trenches, but if your losing that battle you better find a way to get the defense off balance. In order for this offense to have that smashmouth scheme it needs an elite oline and it's only average.
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